TBT: On this day- October 5th- in 2011, FX debuted ‘American Horror Story’. It revitalized iconic actress Jessica Lange’s career and introduced (most of) the world to Evan Peters.

American Horror Story Preference- How You Know They Love You

Jimmy shows he loves you by acting silly and really comfortable around you.
When he’s around most other people it’s like he has a mask on but while he’s around you he’s so comfortable like nothing can get him down, not his hands, not his past, nothing. 

James trusts you and sees you as an equal and thats how you know he loves you.
You’re just as mad as him and sometimes he’s even a little intimated, and turned on at the same time. 

Tate trusts you and can tell you anything and that’s how he shows his love.
He tells you everything and trusts you with anything and he really shows that any chance he gets.

American Horror Story confession

The amount of AHS fans who romanticize Tate, James, and Kai because they are attracted to Evan is disgusting. Evan is a great actor and a great person and the characters are interesting, but they’re evil people. In Murder House, his character Tate was a psychopath who murdered 19 people, set his mom’s boyfriend on fire, raped his girlfriend’s mom, and psychologically abused and assaulted others. In Hotel, his character James was a serial killer who loved torturing people. And in Cult, his character Kai is a racist and homophobic cult leader. And we’re only two episodes into Cult. We have no idea how horrible Kai is going to end up being. Some would consider his Coven character, Kyle, a bad person because he killed his mom and Madison but I wouldn’t really consider him evil. His mom had been sexually abusing him and even after he died and Zoe and Madison resurrected him, she tried to do it again and he snapped and beat her to death. Madison was an evil person who refused to resurrect Zoe because she wanted Kyle all to herself which caused him to snap and strangle her to death. He really was a good person but once he was killed and then resurrected, he had moments of uncontrollable violence. Tate, James, and Kai were just plain evil people. Yes, even Tate. Stop excusing the bad stuff the character did just because of his love for Violet.

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