AHS Aslyum

Imagine #5: Kit Walker

Steam came off the water in gentle waves. Kit looked visibly sick, refusing to step any closer. “I…” he swallowed. “I don’t think this is such a good idea…” You bit your lip, understanding where his terror was coming from; the asylum had done a number on him. Not even baths were relaxing anymore. You stripped, stepping gently into the tub and leaning back.
“Give me your hand, Kit. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to get all the way in. Just baby steps, alright?” He nodded at your gentle words, allowing your soft hand to take his calloused one. You lowered your hands gently into the water, lacing your fingers with his. “There…” You spoke softly, as though trying to console a frightened animal. Which, you supposed, Kit was. Especially with his big doe eyes. “Not so bad, right?” He shook his head and, soon afterward, had joined you in the bath. You leaned back against his soapy chest, fingertips drawing lazy circles on the back of his hand.


Requested by trevorphilipstownley

Sister Mary Eunice entered your office in a very… revealing outfit. You’ve noticed something different about the usual timid nun but now the change was becoming drastic.

You gulped at the sigh of her. You’ve always had feelings for the beautiful blonde but kept it to yourself. You both worked at the asylum and you needed to be professional, you couldn’t worry about some silly little crush but seeing in this outfit made your mind race.

“Should you be wearing that?” You asked unsure of what else you could possibly say with seeming like a total fool.

“No” she replied, smirking and sitting on your lap “do you like it?”.

Letting out a shaky breath you nodded.
“Yeah I do”.