i was looking through undertale sprites to edit and i noticed something about muffet’s sprites

when you compare her sprites to some of the other sprites




a whole lot skinner than a bunch of the other sprites (and no i am not accusing toby fox of fatphobia)

look at how big her legs are in this pic

theyre barely a pixel big

i mean she is skinnier than papyrus

who is a freaking skeleton

and i thought “huh, why would muffet be skinnier than a lot of the other characters? she runs a bake sale, she would be making a lot of money from that”

but then i realized “she runs a bake sale”

in the game muffet runs a bake sale to raise proceeds to help spiders

and she is really dedicated to her bake sale, even attacking you because you didn’t buy anything from her

so what if she’s so skinny because she is dedicating everything to her cause?

what if she’s so busy making food for others that she hardly thinks of making any for herself? what if she puts every coin that she gets into her funds for bake sale food and the funds for the spiders? what if muffet is neglecting herself because she is throwing everything she has into her cause, barely thinking about herself?

i don’t know whether to call this a headcanon or a theory but its got me screwed up




happy wednesday! here’s part six of eight of the in your atmosphere holiday drabbles. this has been the one i’ve been most looking forward to! welcome to the next step for heva! once again, you’ve all been the absolute best and i am sending loads and loads of hugs your way. thank you, thank you, thank you. merry christmas eve eve, sugarplums! <3

green and red knit caps - december 2023

“Harry!” Eva called out, her voice echoing throughout the flat. He was finishing up breakfast in the kitchen, putting their toast and eggs on plates before he abandoned the island in their kitchen. “Harry!” she called again when she received no response.


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what if aaron and robert had a kid

and neither of them have any idea what theyre doing so robert tries to deal with it all business like and he buys dozens of baby books and reads them all in two days while aarons just ohmygodbabywhat and tries to baby proof everything and they bicker like crazy because so many nappies and lack of sleep and ‘no thats not how you burp him’ and ‘what are you doing he doesnt like bananas’ now roberts miffed at aaron because he snickered at him when he gagged while he was changing a nappy and before they know it the baby is walking and babbling words and suddenly theyre in a contest to see who can get the baby to call them ‘daddy’ first and robert is a total dork about it and tries to video everything that the baby does while aaron just watches them both with a sweet little smile on his face because theyre idiots and they have no idea what theyre doing but it doesnt matter because finally after everything theyre together and aaron knows that theyre going to be the best dads in the world - and that their baby will never have to grow up like he did

This is so amazing and even though this probably seems like a small number to celebrate for some people, for me this means the world so thank you so much!!!! I’ll be honest, I don’t talk to any of you guys much but I hope that changes because everyone in this fandom means so much to me <3 <3 <3

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FIC UPDATE: your mom called, you left your game at home ch12
hollstein softball au
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 11/?
Fandom: Carmilla (Web Series)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Laura Hollis/Carmilla Karnstein
Characters: Laura Hollis, Carmilla Karnstein, Danny Lawrence, Ell (Carmilla Web Series), LaFontaine (Carmilla Web Series), Lola Perry, Wilson Kirsch
Additional Tags: Softball AU, side zeta society, carmell if you squint hard enough

in which laura maybe spills some feelings, some cliche hollstein stargazing happens, laura asks carmilla something, and maybe they’re finally starting to get somewhere. finally. maybe.