Kaneki’s thoughts of Hide and their interactions! From “Reading Alone”  Tokyo Ghoul 3rd Novel, Story 2 translated by @augustras


“… he saw his loose-screwed and cheerful friend, Nagachika Hideyoshi.”

“ Hide was cheerful and loved social interaction, the kind of person who couldn’t stay still for a second.”

“ Hide seemed at first glance like a sloppy person, but he was very enthusiastic when it came to things he felt strongly about and would gather even this little sliver of information.”

“ Kaneki couldn’t help but smile at Hide’s meticulousness,”

U-Um, this weekend, Nagachika-kun and I, we’re going to go—” (HE CALLS HIM NAGACHIKA-KUN!)

Hide openly displayed his likes and dislikes

Like a spoiled child, Hide was unable contain himself, and so the two of them entered a nearby coffee shop

Given no choice, Kaneki ordered for himself a cup of regular coffee and for Hide a cappuccino. (hE ORDER FOR HIDE!!)

“ Just as Hide was squinting to carefully read the lyric…  downed it in one breath, and continued looking at the lyrics book.”

Although Hide acted like this, he was actually very good at English. He said it was only because he liked songs in other languages but couldn’t understand the lyrics that he started learning English, but it was also because he was interested in it.

As always, Hide did things in his own way.

Kaneki smiled, saying, “Yeah, yeah.” Hide pouted like he wanted to protest, (he POUTED)

Hide spoke openly like he was making a joke and Kaneki gave a small smile.

Seeing Kaneki’s upset appearance and erratic gaze, Hide suddenly grabbed Kaneki’s shoulder. (cRYING)

Hide scratched his head anxiously and shouted his name with more force, “Kaneki!”

In response to Hide’s unnaturally serious expression, the feelings Kaneki tried to suppress poured out.

“…I got it!” And Hide resolutely nodded his head. If he was understanding and accepting Kaneki’s words, these words were a little inappropriate. The strength in these words seemed to break through Kaneki’s anxiety.

Hide kicked up a fuss that felt a little exaggerated, interrogating his aunt.

Like he was praying, Hide clasped his two hands together and kept asking…

Having smoothly settled this, Hide unselfconsciously struck a victory pose. (MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD)

He gave him this option with an “isn’t it obvious” expression.

Hide, full of confidence, smiled and said, “Hurry, let’s go!” and started running. Kaneki, too, clenched his fist and chased after him, while feeling his voice had reached Hide clearly.

Kaneki and Hide shared a look.

Just as Kaneki was feeling a bit relieved to return the magazines to Hide, Hide did not spare them a glance, and began very vigorously searching the area of books where the magazines were found. (i AM SCREAMING!!)

“I used to have a talent for treasure hunting after all!” Hide said proudly, his face full of cheer. Kaneki’s entire body loosened in relief, slumping to the ground, and he thanked Hide: “Thank you, Hide.” Hide, as if to share in the achievement with Kaneki, crouched down with a smile.

“What are you being so formal for? We’re friends after all!” Hide summed up everything with those words. Kaneki bit tightly on his lips, trying to hold back an aching feeling in his nose. “Yeah,” he said with a nod.

Hide always came up with some good ideas.

Kaneki shot down Hide’s grand expectations, but no human being could stop Hide anymore.

Unable to match the optimistic Hide, who was merry the entire journey, Kaneki’s face was a little stiff.

As if infected by Hide’s carefree smile, a smile appeared on Kaneki’s face as well.


When (Supporting) Characters Are Modelled After Real Skaters

PAPADAKIS/CIZERON (Trophee de France Drawing) - Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron are two-time World Ice Dance Champions from France. They currently hold the world record score for the free dance. The character drawings for the Trophee de France intro in episode 4 is thought to have been modelled after their 2014-2015 season free dance costumes; they also happened to win their first World title that year. Check it out here!

MICHAEL CHRISTIAN MARTINEZ (Phichit Chulanont) - Michael Christian Martinez is the first skater from Southeast Asia and from a tropical country to qualify for the Olympics and the only athlete to represent the Philippines at the 2014 Winter Olympics. He trains in both the Philippines and the U.S. Phichit is thought to be based on him due to his Southeast Asian heritage and looks. Also, while he is from a country where figure skating is not yet established, he is still internationally competitive on the elite level. Check out his Olympic debut here!

ASHLEY WAGNER (Mila Babicheva) - A practice outfit is worth a thousand words–or at least a character that looks like you! On the left is YOI character Mila B. in her practice outfit in her home base. On the right is the fiery three-time U.S. Champion and 2016 World silver medalist Ashley Wagner in her practice outfit at the 2015-2016 Grand Prix final practices. Check out her World silver medal-winning free skate here!

PASQUALE CAMERLENGO (Celestino Cialdini) - Pasquale Camerlengo is an Italian former competitive ice dancer who is now a coach and choreographer. In the anime, Celestino Cialdini works as a coach in Detroit. In real life, Camerlengo works as a coach at the Detroit Skating Club and collaborates with wife and former World champion ice dancer, Anjelika Krylova. Two of my favorite programs were choreographed by him: Daisuke Takahashi’s “Blues For Klook” and Akiko Suzuki’s “O.”

DUHAMEL/RADFORD (Skate Canada Drawing) - Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford are two-time World Pair Skating Champions from Canada. The character drawings for the Skate Canada intro in episode 4 is thought to have been modeled after their 2014-2015 season free skate costumes; they also happened to win their first World title that year. Check it out here!

The actual 2016-2017 ISU Grand Prix series is going on right now! Want to learn more about figure skating in general? Go to @soyouwanttowatchfs! They’re a super great resource if you like to read and then ask questions. :)

Other Worldly (Part 9)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 2,980

Summary: Sam and Dean take you out to a bar and you get a lot of attention

Warnings: Drinking, swears, forceful ‘flirting’, kissing

Tags: @garveygirl139 @fandomcrazedhuman @kyleewinchester @thequeenofgood @juliakidx @sadanddeadwinchester @celinejfong @marylovessherlockandioan @dragontearsandunicornfears @destiny14444 @hannahlramos @bexnightowl (If you want to be tagged in future updates, let me know!)

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“You did not say Dean was coming,” You hissed, pulling Sam to the side. You two were walking in the garage later that day, your new dress flowing just above the knees. Sam had insisted you wear it, practically forced you to and already, you were regretting it.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal,” Sam responded, shrugging and ducking into the passenger seat next to his brother. Dean already had the car running and after a few inner diva moments contemplating stomping off and changing into sweats, you finally got in the stupid car.

Internally, you apologized to Baby but still put on a grumpy face. This was not how you had envisioned tonight going at all. You had wanted it to just be a quiet night with Sam, drinking a few beers and trying to cheer yourself up outside the silent bunker. But now, you’d be on edge the entire time, hyper aware of every move he made and self conscious about your own moves.

It took about a half hour to get there, Dean blasting old classics the entire time, a couple you recognized but dared not sing along. Instead, you opted to quietly hum the tune and hoped that the boys didn’t notice.

Finally, you pulled up to a small but packed bar, people flowing easily in and out with no line. Sam opened your door and helped you out. By the time you had straightened your skirt, Dean was halfway to the door.

You sighed and resigned yourself that you wouldn’t even bother him tonight, just pretend he wasn’t there at all. You smiled up at Sam and he gave you a small smile back, leading the way inside.

It was almost comical how quickly people’s head’s turned as you walked through behind Sam. You thought that kind of stuff only happened in tv shows. But still, as you walked, eyes followed, scanning with hungry eyes. 

What was weird is that it was mostly men, although you saw at least three other girls visibly change their body positions to get a better look, but you thought Dean was the one men were attracted to, not Sam.

“Do you normally get this response when you go places?” You whispered, turning to move past a waitress. You thought you felt a tug on your skirt but dismissed it quickly.

Sam glanced around the room for a couple moments like he hadn’t even realized people were staring. Then, he looked to you with an amused smirk. “They’re not looking at me.”

Regretfully, it took you way longer to realize what he meant than it should have. “Oh.” Was all you said finally, looking around the small restaurant with a new perspective. They were looking at you. 

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