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Baeksoo ficrec.

(♥) is my favorite.

-  Talk shows on mute (♥) | pg-13 | 2k  | with broken!hansoo

until now, kyungsoo has only liked singing.

     thoughts:  MUST READ. have no idea why i love this headcanons so much. i keep coming back to read this :(( my all-time fave.

-  YOURS + MINE®   |  NC-17 | 7.8k 

Kyungsoo visits Baekhyun, Lu Han and Jongin’s sex shop to buy a gift for his friend and ends up with more than that.

-  (You and I) Two of a mind  (♥)  | PG-13 | 4.4k 

When Baekhyun’s laptop’s storage space gives away, Baekhyun decides to store pictures of Kyungsoo in his heart, instead.

     thoughts: one of the cutest fics. fanboy!Baekhyun is adorable.

-  Darling of Mine  | pg | 1k 

 Chanyeol occasionally hears Baekhyun explaining his relationship with Kyungsoo as a love-hate relationship. “Without the love,” Kyungsoo always adds at the end.

-  Touch (♥) | R

No matter what the first touch is – a brush of fingers, a bump of shoulders, a slight touch on the waist – Kyungsoo always flinches away.

thoughts: short but perfect. it gives me feels bc of this moment.

-  Tally Up, Tally Down (♥) | pg-13 

In which Baekhyun and Kyungsoo like to pull dumb pranks on each other.

     thoughts: so CUTE .Kyungsoo is so dumb. i like the kaisoo here too.

-  Fry me to the Moon  | G | 1.4k

Kyungsoo is a cashier at Burger King. Baekhyun is a frequent late-night customer.

-  A Minor Observation: I C Major Potential in You and I  | PG 

In which Baekhyun is a piano player at a family restaurant with a questionable repertoire and Kyungsoo just wants to eat his dinner in peace.

-  Countdown  (♥)  | pg-13  | 1.2k 

Kyungsoo’s legs must’ve hurt after spending hours in endless dance, just to keep Baekhyun interested in what romance was.

     thoughts: BEAUTIFUL. this just broke my heart into pieces. 

-  tin can telephones (♥) | pg | 2.3k 

kyungsoo and baekhyun are hit or miss. the laryngitis helps.

     thoughts: it’s really sad (?)  in some way. 

-  without you very well  | pg-13 | 1.6k 

Joonmyun has the decency to look slightly ashamed but he gives Jongin an encouraging push in the direction of where Baekhyun has a clump of Kyungsoo’s hair snarled in his fist and Kyungsoo is trying to twist Baekhyun’s arm behind his back at an unnatural angle, “Kyungsoo’s less likely to break one of your bones than mine.”

-  When you smile, Sun shines (♥) | pg | 5.5k 

It all started when Baekhyun left his notebook behind and Kyungsoo read his poem.

-  Strings attached (♥) | pg-13 | 2.8k 

Red strings don’t come with instructions, you can just follow them wherever they may take you.

-   Please don’t leave me here | nc-17 | 3.6k 

Maybe it’s that they’re both unable to give each other what they want. That doesn’t stop Baekhyun from trying.

-  Love-hate relationship | pg-13 | 2.6k

for Kyungsoo, what makes killing worthwhile is not the people.

-  doesn’t remind me of anything | pg-13 | 2.3k

in the scheme of things, baekhyun really only cares about his boyfriend and a working air conditioner.

-  Penny For Your Thoughts (♥) | pg-15 | 14k

Kyungsoo had been harbouring a secret crush on Baekhyun for the last four years. Only coming to terms with the fact that it might be more than an extended high school infatuation when he’d spent last Christmas Eve crying lonely, drunken tears in Joonmyun’s bathtub. Baekhyun however, came strolling into Kyungsoo’s dorm declaring that he was in love not even a week after Chanyeol had moved in with him.

-  Got Game | nc-17 | 11k 

Baekhyun has a big mouth, and occasionally, good ideas.

-  a little taste of heaven (♥) | nc-17 | 25k | fem!baek

there is no place for the complexities of other emotions apart from lust and desire in a strip club. unfortunately, someone did not get the memo.

     thoughts: how to find someone like Kyungsoo? perfect.

-  Does this song make me look fat? (♥) | pg-13 | 2.6k

Kyungsoo attempts to create the soundtrack of his life. Baekhyun sings each and every single song in the list. 

     thoughts: absolutely perfect.

-  On air fights, Off air fights 

Kyungsoo has the radio show. Baekhyun is a saboteur. This time it’s going to take more than an apology to make Kyungsoo forgive him.

-  El Dorado (♥) | nc-17 | 7k | ot3!baekyeolsoo

El Dorado is a place for second chances

-  Shut up and let me pay the rent

People who own the stage always have ulterior motives.

- What happens in Vegas | 4.8k | ot3!baekhansoo

In which three boys embark on a poorly-planned road trip – armed with nothing more than a car, a stolen credit card, Lu Han’s driving skills, Kyungsoo’s sarcasm and Baekhyun’s wit.

total: 24 fics. 

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