tbh just watch me getting  “adam parrish lived in an apartment above the office of st. agnes catholic church, a fortuitous combination that focused most of the objects of ronan’s worship into one downtown block.” tattooed on my ass honestly NOTHING will ever be such a good quote why do we even continue writing when nothing will ever equal this as a form of literary expression

Spent the whole day fidgeting, making weird noises and walking/jumping/hopping around because I couldn’t focus on anything and I was PAINFULLY BORED.

Managed to write notes for my exam tomorrow but I don’t know what they say because I had so many things in the back ground to distract me so I could attempt to write.

My hand was doing the writing and my brain was vaguely focusing on EVERYTHING AND NOTHING. Took me 12 hours to do 3 hours work…

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bring me to life | stefan/klaus


It had taken him years – four to be exact – to find the witch who could do the spell he sought. Klaus had trekked through the jungles of Brazil in search of a plant that supposedly held some mystical power. He had scoured mountainsides in Europe looking for the rarest of herbs, and he had devastated villages in the Congo in search of one particular strain of blood that held a mutated gene – the one last remaining remnant of a tribe of shamans who had once possessed the power to reanimate the dead.

He had gone to war with vampires across the globe, slaughtered countless werewolves who had gotten in his way, and brought an end to more than one witch who told him his search was going to be impossible.

Nothing was impossible or off limits if it meant bringing Stefan back. There was nothing Klaus wouldn’t consider – nothing he wouldn’t do – to right the wrong that had taken him from the world.

It should have been Damon, and even Damon agreed – an agreement that helped stay the hybrid’s hand…helped keep Damon’s head on his shoulders.

He sat in the corner eyeing the Bulgarian witch with about as much trust as he afforded anyone. She had come highly recommended, but he was leaving nothing to chance; already she had been threatened within an inch of her life, so he was hedging his bets that she would do as told.

The ingredients he had gathered were mixed in a bowl, a bright green flame shooting from the mortar as she chanted over them. He recognized the words – Aramaic, and a testament to how old the spell was – but the rest was lost on him. Klaus’ body was present, his reflexes taut and ready to fight, but his mind was years away…

Chicago – where it all began.

If only he’d told Stefan how he felt then, how the blood drenched nights and the coy glances that he’d hidden by sarcasm and flippancy actually meant more than he even realized. It would have been painfully obvious to Elijah, but Rebekah had been blinded by her own silly romantic notions to realize her brother was in love. Stefan had taken part of Klaus with him when he fled Chicago, a part that Klaus himself hadn’t realized he let go.

It had been Damon, ironically enough, that made Klaus realize the truth. The second the words, “Stefan’s gone,” left his mouth, the pain slamming through Klaus’ rib cage had been all the proof he needed – all the abject misery and agony rushing in at once showed him what he’d been too afraid to admit then.

“Tis done, Mr. Mikaelson. Now we wait.” Her voice was heavily accented, pulling Klaus from his thoughts. He blinked rapidly, clearing his mind, but there was nothing new in the room…and most definitely not Stefan Salvatore returned from the dead.

“It takes time,” she said quickly, already attempting to save her own life. “And he will return confused, but he will return to you a vampire. That was the condition the spirits put upon the spell. He was a bastardization of nature, and he will return as such. You will find him among the dead…in the place he drew his last breath.”

Klaus was on a plane to Mystic Falls two hours later, and running at supernatural speed through the wood toward the mausoleum less than half a day after that. “Stefan! Stefan!” He was calling out even before the structure came into view. Sliding to a halt in the doorway, he let out a shaky breath – unsure what to do next. “Stefan. It’s me. Klaus. Are you alright, mate?”

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Im adding this here because everyone should know this it was so cute, he said he wanted to stage dive and everyone was like YES DO IT and like motioning him to do it and he was so giddy and i think someone mentioned him and insurance lol but he was like noooo and then everyone kept being like DO IT!!!!! and screaming and then he ACTUALLY DID. No one, truly no one, believed he actually would!