tbh just watch me getting  “adam parrish lived in an apartment above the office of st. agnes catholic church, a fortuitous combination that focused most of the objects of ronan’s worship into one downtown block.” tattooed on my ass honestly NOTHING will ever be such a good quote why do we even continue writing when nothing will ever equal this as a form of literary expression

Mayor Willow of Fay! 🌱


🌻 short brown hair ~ but changes all the time
🐛 twin star hair pin
👓 silver frames
🍄 mushroom denim overall dress
🌿 black peter pan collar shirt
💦 yellow rain boots

more info :

⛅ likes long swims in the ocean
🌠 likes change in the town
🌲 best friends with bob and hazel
🌙 eats too many oranges