Am I bigger than this?

I move through the streets like flood water
Consuming everything in my path
I feel it all
15 minutes of swallowing the streets
And I’m at the gates of a high school
It’s three stories tall but it feels like a kids playhouse
I have to bend my limbs into abstract angles in order to fit inside
It’s too small too small
And there are too many
My mother once told me we are bigger than our bodies
We stretch out into the air the sea the trees
We’re in everything and everything is in us
So if I am so big why do I feel so small?
How come I don’t fit?
Did something go wrong in my mother’s belly?
Does the world not want me?
I look at the big white walls of the gym
And I wish I could write all over them
In a fat black marker
because that’s all that’s going round my head
that’s all I want to say
it’s that or nothing
What else am I supposed to say
When the world is so massive
So distant
So hard to reach
But so easy to feel


he makes me want to scream