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What's your top 3 bellarke scenes so far in all the show?


You know….when I first saw this, I thought it might be impossible. But actually….I think if I cheat slightly by having a top 4, I can do this pretty speedily. And, to give you an example of how much this list does NOT encapsulate all that I love about Bellarke, the 2x05 hug ain’t even on there!!!!! 3x02 ain’t even on there!!!! The List ain’t even on there!!!!!!!!!!!!

But before we get to my actual top 4, I have to mention two scenes that didn’t quite make the cut but are super duper close and might sneak in if you asked me on a different day.

HONORARY MENTION ONE: 1x08 Day Trip - Bellarke, sitting by a tree…

ICONIC. I know, I know…how is it not top 3? Well, the simple explanation is that THIS SHIP IS JUST TOO DAMN GOOD.

BUT this scene is essential to everything about Bellarke. The bond they formed in the moment carries through every moment since. There’s a reason that Bob (literally always) throws back ot it. It’s special.

HONORARY MENTION TWO: 2x16 Blood Must Have Blood Pt. II - Knock Knock Knockin’

This scene destroyed me. We’d had so little Bellarke in 2B, we’d just seen them reunited and so much better for it, the music, the length of the scene and how it built, and then the throwback to 1x08, and the hug and the kiss and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m weeping again.

In terms of BIG scenes between Bellarke this was the winner up until a sneaky sneak episode stole its crown…

Okay so…

4. 2x15 Perverse Instantiation Pt. I - Start. With. Bellamy. Blake.

I know, I know. It was a small moment. But good lord, it packs a punch. More than any other scene (so far) I think this moment reveals just how essential Bellamy is to Clarke. ALIEs first instinct is to use him to break Clarke, over her own mother. She only resorts to using Abby when Bellamy is no longer available.

Can we stop and think about that for a second?

AND NOW AHHHHHHHH. Fucking hell. That shit is just….HOW CAN ANYONE DOUBT OR DENY?

And then you add the ACTING and the editing as we fade from Clarke into Bellamy resolving to climb that tower to save her?

Just fuck me up.

3. 1x03 Earth Kills - My Beginning

I was more than ready to ship Bellake in 1x02 to be honest, but it was 1x03 when I fell deep (quite early in comparison to many, I think?). When Clarke steps in to kill Atom, and Bellamy watches her become his murder princess? I die over it every time.

This scene established something very important for me, and that was that Bellarke were not like other ships. The fact that we had Bellamy showing softness, while Clarke was steel. The chemistry. The way he watched her and you could just feel him re evaluating her.

There are so many beats in S1 that establish a new stage in their relationship. This was the first BIG one IMO. And it lead to ‘get Clarke whatever she needs’ which is basically Bellamy’s life mantra.

2. 2x16 Blood Must Have Blood Pt II - TOGETHER

Again, a short scene but HOLY COW it’s so important.

It’s important in the moment because it’s just so huge and so beautiful, and the way it is shot is so perfect. But it’s also huge for the entirety of their relationship. It reflects where they have come from, and it informs what they have become.

This moment has been called back to in so many ways. Heartbreak in 3x05, reconciliation in 3x13, quietly but HUGELY in 3x16, and again in S4.

Part of the beauty of Bellarke is in themes that carry throughout seasons. Together is iconic at this point.


This scene is a masterpiece. Every single inch of it. The writing was SPOT ON. Everything each of them said was so on point I thought it had been pulled from my brain. The acting was devastating. It was given SO MUCH TIME.

Honestly, I’ve spoken about this scene so much and also I need to dash. So why don’t we all just die over my forever favourite angst vid in solidarity.

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have there been any developments since you sent this?? are yall gonna date or anything??

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AHHHHHHH OMGGGGGGGG YOU ARE SO FUCKING CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE . LIKE OVER 9 FUCKING THOUSAND .... YOU ARE A FULL 75393947531600642177986325665553 OUT OF 10. *yells out of window to passing by cars* (she's so fucking cute)


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5 things I like about you: 1) Your passion in holding others up, like with the 'ugly duckling' post and all the times you've told your gf how amazing they are. People are lucky to have you there for them. 2) Your characters; they're so interesting and easy to become invested in. 3) From your drabbles I've seen, you're a very talented writer as well. 4) Your art is amazing; I love it so much! 5) The humor you put into many of your posts. I've laughed many times, so thank you <3

// Ahhhh



Holy shit that is so nice of you to say! I’m really glad you enjoy my characters and my art!! It’s also nice to hear that my writing is enjoyable because I’m actually pretty self conscious about it. I’m also really glad I’ve been able to make you laugh (my life basically revolves around comedy)

And honestly, if theres any way for me to lift someones spirit, I’ll do it. All the muns here are amazing, hardworking and talented and they deserve to be told so!

thank you for sending me this! I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk lately so its really nice to hear!

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I read all the lams fics you recommended and LOVED THEM (including yours it was so great and well written omg) and was wondering if you had any more fics to rec

(this is the original fic rec if anyone was curious)

i don’t know if you’re looking for just lams but i’m gonna go ahead and take this opportunity to rec all the random fics i love because more people should read them ok:

  • you say i got a touch so good (34k, jefferson/burr) - “Jefferson hires Burr for companionship. Burr refuses to get emotionally involved.” the premise for this seems weird like, jefferson and bur?????? but DAMN it was good it was so good i enjoyed it immensely, really solid writing, interesting plot, great characterisation (nsfw)
  • we’re okay (ongoing series, alexander/eliza/john) - “There is hunger in both Alexander and Eliza, but they show it to John very differently. Alex aches to suffer. Eliza aches to please.” beautiful explorative fic of elams relationship where john is the master and alexander and eliza are his kittens. i read that back and the sentence sounded weird but it’s a contracted relationship basically and it’s gorgeous: trans hamilton, and i especially adore the writing style in this, it’s simply sublime (nsfw)
  • quietly yours (wip, hamilton/jefferson) “Hamilton spent a quiet, intimate Christmas at Monticello, but he has since returned to the capital in the hopes of pushing more financial legislation through Congress. Left behind in Virginia, Jefferson writes letters urging his love and political rival to take a break.” gorgeous epistolary where alexander and thomas write letters to each other in separation, slightly angsty in that way long distance relationships are, and i’m excited to see where it goes
  • talk to me please, don’t have much to believe in (ongoing series, hamilton/laurens) “John used to think heartbreak was silent. But it’s not. It’s the loudest thing he’s ever heard.” a look at the fallout of the affair alexander has with maria, modern day, where he’s originally dating john. it eventually develops into a great friendship between john and maria. this really hurt me, and the latest fic in the series looks like it’s going to seriously angsty too
  • somethings (ongoing series, hamilton/jefferson) “Hamilton is stubborn and prideful and knows what he wants, pushes and pushes until it’s given to him.” hhhhh this is one of my favourite writers, and this series is mind-meltingly wonderful, i simply adore it. it was originally just gonna be like your usual hatesex but the author’s gone down the developing relationship route and it’s fantastic and addictive (nsfw beyond belief)
  • i’ve really got my heart out on my sleeve (ongoing series, laurens/lafayette) “Lafayette came to New York to model professionally, instead, he modelled nude for visual arts students, and met a sweet southern boy with a temper.” this is The Most Beautiful series i’ve ever read, i thirst for laflaurens content, and this is wonderful at providing. there’s a great inclusion of laurens’ struggling relationship with his father, i adore lafayette’s conversations with henry laurens, the whole thing is just fantastically healthy and they talk all the time and i just. melt. inside. wow. there’s also a hint of developing hamilton/jefferson relationship too which i know the author is going to explore so yay! (nsfw)
  • if loving you’s a crime (45k, jefferson/madison) “I love it when people say “we’re partners.” Are we dating? Are we friends? Are we committing crimes together? (The answer is yes to all three.)” ahhhhhhhh i ADORE this holy shit it’s an ART HEIST AU they literally steal paintings it’s fucking incredible and the slow slow slow development of their relationship made me want to scream into a pillow, it was so wonderful, i can’t recommend this enough
  • the icarus division (65k, hamilton/washington) “"I swear to God, we ought to be called the Icarus Division of the White House, always flying too close to one disaster or another.” “In fairness, we’ve got ‘Wing’ right in the name."” a GREAT white house au based on the west wing but you don’t need any knowledge of the west wing for this to make sense. fantastic slow burn, just enough drama to keep it interesting, lovely and healthy and just plain great
  • how you’ll remember me (complete series, alexander/eliza) “They name their last child Philip, again.” a heartbreakingly sad exploration of the fallout of philip’s death and everything that happens after. the writing in this is absolutely beautiful, so slow and agonising, i can feel the pain so clearly.
  • bleed for me (2k, hamilton/laurens) “He shouldn’t find this sexy. Well, he shouldn’t find John sexy, but that was another matter entirely. Wounds were supposed to be grotesque, blood sickening, bruises unsettling. But they weren’t. Instead they lit sparks inside him.” i had a lot of fun reading this, warnings for nsfw and blood/pain kink, read the tags for more info
  • a heart made of wood (ongoing series, hamilton/washington) “They’re a perfectly matched set, like the way wolves’ teeth line up with one another.” BEAUTIFULLY SADISTIC, i adored this but be warned it could be pretty hard for some people to read, read the tags (massively nsfw)
  • wine and dine (17k, hamilton/laurens) “How many disastrous blind dates do you have to go on before you inevitably fall in love with the waiter that stays behind and talks to you after every one? Alexander was pretty sure this wasn’t Herc’s original plan.” ahhhh i had a tonne of fun reading this, bad blind dates and sympathetic waiter john with just enough miscommunication to make things interesting
  • the moments when you’re in so deep it feels easier to just swim down (4k, hamilton/lafayette/laurens/mulligan) “His friends are dating each other. That would be cool, except Alexander is madly in love with them, too, so it kind of spoils the whole thing. or, 5 times alex tries to get over his crushes and the 1 time he doesn’t have to” this made me ACHE, i loved this so so so much, i’m screaming i can’t believe how dumb alexander is, i want to lie down and moan into the carpet
  • after (17k, part of an ongoing series, alexander/eliza/john) “They built a life together, the three of them, brick by brick by brick. And Alexander had taken a sledgehammer to it. What was left? He and Eliza inhabit the ruins. He fears the day that won’t be enough for her, and she’ll take their children away to live somewhere the very walls don’t remind them of what they’ve lost.” ohhhh my god, a beautifully painful and heartbreaking fic that spans the fallout of alexander’s affair with maria and how it affects eliza and john, his long-time partners. a very realistic view of what i think could actually happen to a poly relationship, it’s so so great and fantastically characterised. great eliza + john relationship, they support and love each other, and there’s the added pain of alexander dropping the pamphlet during eliza’s pregnancy meaning she and john have to go through it alone
  • down for the count (10k, hamilton/burr) “Once upon a time ago, Aaron Burr was a promising ballet dancer, until an accident promises he’ll never dance professionally again. Enter, Alexander Hamilton – the loud, aggravating, mess of a man who has two weeks to learn how to dance before his wedding.” exactly what it says on the tin, a wonderful dance au with just enough miscommunication to make it angsty and ridiculous, i loved it
  • i will stay upon your shoreland (18k, hamilton/laurens) “John Laurens accidentally captures a selkie. At least, he thinks he’s the one doing the capturing.” ahhHHHHHhhh i loved this, it was silly and fun, the perfect fantasy fic. a little bit of miscommunication and folklore, lots of walking on the beach, i really enjoyed this
  • working out (4k, hamilton/lafayette/laurens) “As they gathered up their bags, Alex and Laf continued to razz each other. John followed, pulled along gently by their banter, buoyed by the simple thought: he was wanted.” GREAT filth, john gets wrecked, what more could you want (very nsfw)

i think that’s it for now! sorry that it’s so jumbled up, i just trawled through my ao3 history and picked my favourites. i hope you give something a try that you maybe previously wouldn’t have; i promise you each and every one of these fics are fantastic and come with high recommendations!