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I LOVE GUREN LOE I REALLY LOVE HIM, HE DID BAD STUFF BUT HE ALSO DID GOOD STUFF AND I LOVE HIM. als i forgot to tell you that a two weeks ago it was my birthday. whoops.


i love him too he deserves so much more in life. he did everything in the name of what he thinks it’s right, and nobody really supports him because in a ruined world it’s pretty much fight or flight right? and if you flee you die, so the decisions and options for you are pretty limited and guren acts on what is the best. AND NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS. I CRI :’’’3
"You Know They're Gonna Think You're Lovers, Right?" - Chapter 28 - neglectedrainbow - Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 28 of “You Know They’re Gonna Think You’re Lovers, Right?”

Normally, Evan is breaking.

This Evan, though… Jared thinks this Evan may already be broken.

The only Tragic Thing abut her is her love life - Part Three (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Part Three 

Fandom: Harry Potter, Marauders Era

Pairing: Reader x Remus Lupin

Warnings: Fluff and implied smut I guess??? 

(This is the last part I can do because I really have nothing else to write about this…)

Word Count:1.2k 

Part One

Part Two

After a bit of arguing you finally convinced the Marauders and Lily to leave you and Remus alone and the second they left the room Remus grabbed his wand putting a spell on the door so the two of you wouldn’t be interrupted again.

“Remus I just want stay in bed all day” You whined, your voice being quiet since you just woke up.

“Y/N we can’t stay in bed all day but another hour won’t hurt”

You smiled sleepily and nuzzled your head into his chest as he placed a kiss atop your head.

You closed your eyes trying to avoid the sunlight poking through the curtains.

You and Remus had silly conversation, talking about when you were younger and your favorite things. Remus admitted he used to watch you a lot in potions, but you were so oblivious to it that you never caught him, the thought of this made your heart feel all warm.

So much had changed for you in the past week and you couldn’t be more happy you confessed this to him “I’m so happy to have actual friends now it makes every day so much better” Remus didn’t respond so you removed your head from his chest and looked into his eyes “Rem what’s wrong” he looked away from your eyes “We aren’t, I mean were not just friends Y/N are we? I mean that’s not what you want is it?” you kissed him in response, the kiss ended up being more intense than you intended, you pulled away “does that answer your question?” Remus smiled and kissed you again.

You went back to dumb conversations and you were still wearing Remus’ shirt, meaning he was still shirtless with nothing but your hair and the bed sheet covering his chest. You started tracing circles on his chest and then you traced over his scars.

He tensed up a bit from the touch and you looked at him but he wasn’t present, his eyes showed he was somewhere else and this instantly brought a bit of fear into your heart. When Remus talked about his childhood he never mentioned the source of these scars and you gained enough courage to ask him about them

“Hey Rem?” he zoned back in and looked at you “Mum” he responded lazily “How did, uh how did you get these scars?” you questioned as you continued to run your small fingertips over them.

Remus shifted and sort of made a space between the two of you, you wanted to pull him back towards you but you felt he needed the space.

When he didn’t answer you questioned further “Remus did someone do this to you? Wait are you an Animagi or something because I Know Sirius is.” Remus questioned “wait how do you know that about Sirius” You just laughed and recalled the memory from a couple days ago “Remember the other night when Sirius snuck some fire whiskey, on a Wednesday night might I add and I helped him get back to your guy’s room?” Remus looked at you and nodded so you continued “well as I was helping him up the stairs he said, his exact words “these stairs would be much easier for my dog self, I could do two steps at a time” he was too drunk for me to question him then but the next day I asked him about it and he just told me”. Remus sighed, he felt a bit more relaxed knowing your opinion of Sirius had faltered at his secret but Remus’ was much worse.

Remus simply nodded again but he didn’t seem to be upset so you decided to ask him again “Remus? Are you gonna answer me? I won’t make fun of you or judge you I promise” as you said these words to him you grabbed his hand and started rubbing your thumb lightly over the top of it.

Remus didn’t want to tell you this secret so early on but he also didn’t want to start your relationship on lies, he wasn’t sure how to tell you. “Y/N look, I understand if you don’t want to be with me once I tell you this, but the way you look at me now, with those soft kind eyes, I don’t want to change that.” You pulled him close to you now and ran your fingers through his hair. “Oh Remus I promise I won’t leave”.

The moment was dreading on too long for him so he decided to get it over with “the scars are from me, and well from Sirius partly too, and the rest of the marauders. Y/N I’m not an Animagi, I’m much worse, I’m a monster and I “you cut him of remembering your conversation from last night, everything just clicked, the reason why he was called moony and why he got so happy last night when you talked nicely about werewolves, it’s because he was one. “Remus I understand now you don’t have to say it if you don’t want to” Remus had a tear threatening to escape his eyes “ No Y/N I’m a werewolf it’s who I am and I can’t escape it , I can’t hide from the word” you hugged him tighter “Remus I’m not going to leave you because of something you can’t control, it’s okay”

Remus relaxed into your embrace and sighed “ but what if I hurt you?” you just smirked a little and looked at him “ I can defend myself, anyways you did the complete opposite of hurting me last night” you rubbed your hand up his chest “Y/N I just told you my biggest secret and your thinking about sex” you put your hands up in defense “ I can’t help it you look so cute with your sleepy bed head laying in front of me shirtless” Remus chuckled and sarcastically said “Yeah and all my wonderful scars” you wiggled a little to get yourself lower on the bed and kissed one of his scars “there’s nothing wrong with your scars , I will kiss each one if that will make you feel better”

Remus pulled you back up to his face “or you could just kiss me?” you obliged happily kissing him and wrapping your hands around neck until you pulled away “Remus that hour is almost up” Remus just shushed you with another kiss “I take back what I said earlier, another two hours wont hurt us, which gives us another hour to do whatever you’d like” You kissed him again deepening the kiss “I’m gonna call you moony now that I know the meaning behind it”  Remus flipped you over so he was on top and grinded into you “No you’re not!” you just laughed and let out a fake moan “oh Moony, Please!”. Remus silenced you with a kiss “Now if you don’t want your love life to become a tragedy again you won’t call me that anymore Y/N”. You just giggled “Ooh he’s got a bite and a bark to match”.