Redbubble Update!

It has been quite some time since I’ve put anything new into the bubble, but with Halloween being here and Redbubble having a 20% off sale at the moment, why not add some seasonal goodies! Some works have been taken down as a means to make room for some new stuff! I’ve gone and made a few items into shirts and added a bit more than this to the gallery! 

The shop will be updated from time to time as new projects and paintings come out, so make sure you hit that follow button on the shop to get notified right away! Anything related to the incubus/demon works will be temporary and will only stay up until the end of November! Grab ‘em while you can! SHOP LINK HERE.

As always, thank you all very much for your support and undying love! I appreciate everyone single one of you that has taken the time to like, reblog, send me asks and IM’s to see how I’m doing! It’s been such a good ride and hopefully, I continue to create content at your leisure!

Lovers’ Crime

Link to Ao3: Here

Characters: Kureto Hiiragi and Guren Ichinose ( Look inside for more minor characters

Fandom: Owari No Seraph / Seraph of the End

Pairings: Main Pairing- Kuregure ( look inside for side pairings

Warnings: Blood, Gore, Assault, Implied Rape, Implied Sexual Content, Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Assault, Mutual Pining

Rating: Teen and Up Audience

Word Count: 6392

Notes: Forgive me I’m bad at summaries, but this is my first multi-chap fic that i’m going to start! And I hope you like it! 


- Be my equal. Fight by my side –

- And we will bring justice to those who wrong you –

- Those were the words that had captured his heart –

Link to Ao3: Here