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How does anyone ship dipper ad bill? There's nothing cute about them together there's nothing that indicates them ever having anything it's so random and makes no sense plz explain


Well i personally love the idea of an handsome demon w\ a cute human in general, but for Bill and Dipper i really think that under specific circumstances, where maybe Bill loose his sickness, they could get along very well
I mean…. They both are smart, they love knowledge, DIPPER IN SO INTO SUPERNATURAL AND
And well Bill is a demon who can tell him so much ahah
I don’t like them in an abusive relationship. I honestly like it when they’re joking, they smile and are happy together

We just… Suppose? Like “What if….?”

So… Yeah
We love to see our little precious stars happy together and i don’t think we deserve so much hate for that xD

((small brackets on underage))
I’ll be honest. I don’t have problem with underage.
I make Dipper with 18/19 yo just because i understand that someone can be annoyed by that and i personally love every single person who follow me or just take even a secon for see one of my art and i don’t want to make them sad
I personally find that even with the original Dipper the relationship could be cute (obviusly the smut have to be…………. under control ahah)
I’m not supporting pedophilia or things like that, simply my own relationship was underage for five years (now i’m 18). My boy have seven years more than me, and when he confessed i have 13 yo
Am i damaged? Sad? Nope xD
You know even in an underage relationship there’d be love and respect ahah
We love each other and i understand that i was very lucky to found someone older, with more experience and responsable because many times i found myself alone 
not everytime adults (like parents, teachers ecc…) can help you
But he can
He was an adult by my side who save me EVERY SINGLE TIME
Underage is not everytime bad, but prejudices are (he was pointed as the pedo guy and i was the whore (because……… idk?????? If a older boy fall in love with you it means you are a whore?????? Ok???????)) and we suffer a lot for them
So try to be a better person and distinguish right from wrong in a real way

Healing [Collab]

Group: BTS
Pairing : Bxngtansmut x Jamlessvanny Yoongi (suga) x reader
Genre: smut. fluffy
Warnings: Explicit contents

We had a lot of fun writing this piece. Personally, it’s the first time I do a collaboration and I’m so honored to have worked with such a cutie. I hope we can do more things together in the future (like a new chapter for this ff).
Please, let us know what you think of our work and Enjoy … your smut ahah
we love you cuties! 

The cheers of the public were so warm… You could never forget that feeling. It was the first time ever you perform in Asia with your band and their excitement made you insanely happy. You were new on the business back then, you have just released your first album and it became extremely popular worldwide in just a couple weeks. You could not believe it, one day you were in your garage having fun with your best friends, just making what you love most, write music and the next day you are performing in a Korean talk show the same day as BTS, your favorite kpop group! It’s a crazy world in which we live in. You felt all the eyes on you, and you were blushing, it was so new to you, but since you were the only girl of the group you always received an especial attention.

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Wrestling is weird, because you start off in the biz thinking like, “man, I sure do I hope I get some bookings and stuff”. You hope that you’ll just get on some level where wrestlers you’ve watched and enjoyed for years will be like “Oh yeah, I know who that guy is.”

Then, suddenly, you’re on first-name basis with some of your heroes and you sit on a couch together at someone’s house before you crash and they’re like, “you’re hysterical, man, I’m gonna follow you on Twitter”, and you’re like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HWAHT AHAHFH AHAHW I YOU’RE ONE OF MY BUT WE AIN’T EVEN HAHAHAHA THIS IS AWESOME.

But you gotta just be like, “oh, cool man, yeah, because we’re… I mean, I guess, friends, right?”

But you can’t even say that. You just have to sit there like