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Un'altra italiana fan della batfam😍, muoio. Adoro la tua arte, è troppo forte💜. Poi come disegni Dick da piccolo è troppo puccioso. Ma adoro soprattutto come disegni Damian, è il mio Robin preferito😊

Ah! Grazie mille!! <3 Damian è mio tesoro, io amo. Mio patatino! Ecco, un regalo per te:

Buona giornata, bella!

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How would the nordics act with a s/o who love to make them handmade gifts? Like, they buy gifts for anyone they like but make handmade gifts only to their lover? Your blog is my favourite, btw, your portrayal of the characters are amazing!!

Ah!! Thank you <3. We appreciate that! Hope you enjoy!!

Norway: “This is kind of you..”
Lukas would appreciate any gift from his s/o, but it being handmade would only make it better. He’d cherish it much more than something that was store bought, and always make sure to use/look at whatever they had made for him. Not to mention, he’d sometimes make them small gifts to return the favor.

Iceland: “You did this for me..?”
Anytime Emil gets any gift he tends to get embarrassed and all flustered, especially if those gifts happened to be homemade. He’d tell his s/o time after time that he didn’t need any gifts, and that they didn’t have to make anything for him….but he’d appreciate it anytime he got something from them.

Finland: “Aw! You thought about me!”
Tino would adore anything his s/o makes for him, and would remind them all the time how lucky he is to have them. Though, he’d always try to return the favor by making them their favorite sweets/snacks, just so they get something in return.  

Sweden:”…I made something for you as well….”
Berwald is someone who loves to craft things..whether it’s stained glass, carving a statuette, or crafting with clay. He would always make his s/o homemade gifts as well, so he would appreciate and know all the hard work that went into each and every gift. He’d try and thank them as often as he could.

Denmark: “Oh this is so super sweet! Thank you! You are totally the best!”
Matthias would love the handmade gifts! He would cherish them and keep them safe in his room. He would always try to make them gifts in return, though if it is a big gift…he would have to suck it up and ask Berwald for help.

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Hi! This might seem like a weird ask but I saw your meta on Levi's choice with the serum and you explained it so eloquently that I had to ask you this since I've only just recently got introduced to snk , but anyway why was Levi so devoted to Erwin after apparently hating him and wanting to kill him during acwnr? I never understood what made Levi's feelings change so radically in regards to Erwin and it's part of what makes Eruri so intriguing to me. Hope this doesn't bother you too much!

Hi nonny! I’m glad you enjoyed the serum meta! And welcome to the fandom! It’s a good place to be, if you ask me. <3

Ah, ACWNR. This is a tough one, nonny. I had this discussion a few months ago, and I could link you to it, but I’d prefer to start from the beginning with this one for you.

The thing we need to understand first is that ACWNR has three incarnations: the OVA, manga, and visual novel. From my understanding, Isayama had the most involvement in the visual novel, and is thus–according to the fandom–the one to take as “canon” (I’m a bad eruri, and still haven’t read the whole thing, whoops). The visual novel and the manga are the most similar, where the OVA changes a few things–in particular the final scene between Erwin and Levi.

Whether this is fact or not, I think it’s important to also come at this realizing that manga and anime have their separate canons and you should not mix the two when you are strictly trying to analyze the content. As an author and artist, i take inspiration from both, but for the sake of this discussion, we will be looking at them as separate canons.

Now, with all of that preface out of the way, I will make a very simple statement: I totally understand why you are confused! ACWNR is “problematic” in the sense that if you don’t look at it critically, you can very easily fail to see the intricacies of these characters, their development, and their relationship.

Boiled down, ACWNR is a story about powerplay. We have Erwin who is trying to get information about Lovof who is trying to embezzle money from the Survey Corps (or some shit–sorry this is one part of the story that I rolled my eyes at and don’t give a shit about), and Levi who was hired (blackmailed) by Lovof to get the papers back from Erwin. The story is the dance between Erwin and Levi trying to outsmart the other to obtain their goals. In the process, Levi loses his friends and his will, but is pulled back down by Erwin who grounds him and gives him a reason to keep fighting. 

That’s it.

Haha, no, there’s a bit more to this. Let’s go back to that word “problematic”. One of the things that’s stressed between Erwin and Levi is that they are equals–this is something that is pointed out by Isayama himself, and you can see it within canon as well. However, if you look at ACWNR, you may suspect that Erwin is in a position of power over Levi. And, well, technically, he is. Being a squad leader, he ranks higher than Levi. Later, he is commander, and still ranks higher than Levi. He reveals that he knows more at the end–that he knows why Levi joined the Survey Corps, that he was three steps ahead of him, and that Lofov has already been taken care of. Erwin, in so many senses of the word, had manipulated the situation–manipulated Levi and his friends–and won.

Ok, that sounds shitty. Erwin sure is an asshole. If they were supposed to end up being friends or whatever, that’s kind of a shitty thing to do, right?

But wait… Levi was trying to do the same thing.

I think when people look at ACWNR, they forget to look critically at Levi too. It’s easy to see how heartless Erwin may come off in the story, but Levi is just as bad. We’re talking about a man that essentially ran a crime ring in the underground. He’s not an idiot. He knew what he was getting into–he was trying to manipulate and outplay Erwin just as much as Erwin was doing to him. 

It’s a story about powerplay.

Manipulation is a tactical strategy that they both tried to use. But there can only be one winner, and Erwin “won”. It was unfortunate that it came at the cost of Levi’s friends. And this is where I want you to focus on the manga and NOT the anime. Erwin comes off a callous and uncaring in the anime–brushing off Isabel and Furlan’s deaths as if they are nothing. Just another loss. Get up Levi. We have more fighting to do. And for some reason, that’s enough for Levi to follow Erwin? No. I agree. It makes no sense.

Let’s look at the manga.

These two pages sum up Eruri for me. Right here, you see exactly what Erwin is all about. You see who Levi is. You see the Ackerbond born here.

You see Levi’s compassion for his friends–his family–and the cracks in his composure. A man broken. A man without anything to fight for now. A man without a dream.

You see Erwin’s determination–his dream–his need to protect humanity. He doesn’t blame Levi. He blames the titans. If there were no titans, there’d be no walls, no underground, no fear. It’s not an individuals fault for this–it’s the titans.

Erwin wants to find the answers. He wants to put a stop to this. We don’t yet know his father’s dream, but it never quite matters if his dream is “selfish” if it helps to serve the greater good. Levi sees this. He’s slapped into reality and sees this man can see the skies and the freedom that comes with it. He can live outside of the underground and the walls and in the open air like his friends and him always dreamed of. Erwin has the answers. Erwin can free humanity.

Levi can help.

Levi makes his choice. He’s not making a deal with Erwin like he did in the underground to become part of the Survey Corps. He is choosing to stay and fight, because Erwin has shown him what is possible if they fight together. Erwin offered him the respect, and Levi returned it with his service.

I hope that answers it a bit for you, nonny. I realize that got a bit long. Haha. Thanks again for the question!

As the 2017 winds down, I wanted to do something special since I’ve made a follower milestone. I’ll do something extra special in January, but I didn’t want to leave the year without posting a big thank you. This year has been a ride, so thank you to all my followers who’ve stuck with me through my url changes (bless you all!), my multifandom messiness, and my spiral into Still Star Crossed and Killjoys. Also, big shout out to supporting my edits, seeing those notes really helped me through the toughest times! I’m definitely taking a lot of love with me into the new year. 

A very special thank you to all the blogs below who made my dash fun, beautiful, informative, and inspiring. I love you all! 

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Excuse Me, Is This Seat Taken? (Nyx x Fem!Reader SFW)

Moosh talks: I found this cute little piece in my folders and thought I would re-post this before bed as well <3 Ah Nyx, you’re gorgeous! 8)

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Excuse Me, Is This Seat Taken? (Nyx x Fem!Reader SFW)

You were running late for work, as per usual, and you hated yourself for your misjudgement. Early that morning, you had woken up at around five in the morning, feeling entirely impressed with yourself. Wow, you had thought happily, I woke up without the help of an alarm clock- that’s pretty impressive! But then, you’d immediately dropped back into La-la Land and ended up over-sleeping.


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tumblr: nothing bad should be romanticized ever!!!
tumblr: here’s a mafia!au pastel moodboard with Steve Rogers being a mafia boss and his cute gf Bucky as his hitman, set in Palermo <3333333 baciamo le mani ah!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
tumblr: anyway if you ship a 28 year old with a 32 year old UR LITERALLY A PAEDAEOHPLE KILL URSELF

For someone who struggles with anxiety, social anxiety, depression and has panic attacks quite often, I want to applaud the holby writers, David and Rosie for writing and acting out such accurate panic attacks. Me and my other friend who also suffers from panic attacks were talking about it and it made us both cry. Also, the way Lofty was comforting him was so respectful and so beautiful and that little hand holding at the end, ah <3.

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Hi. Please could you do HC about Sonny interactions with his family? Thank you so much for being you and so talented <3

Omg thank you so much! <3 AH. Let’s do this! Uncle Sonny away! 

Originally posted by poipoi1912

  • Sonny didn’t get much time to visit his family when he was in law school,  between the night classes at Fordham (Booyah), and his work as a detective, it’s a miracle he got some sleep at night. 
  • He learned to value his time with his family a lot more after that. 
  • Sonny is the ultimate uncle, I mean come on, “Uncle Sonny!” is the cry he lives for every time he goes down to Staten Island. 
  • His mother always has his favorites cooking on the stove even before he walks in the door. 
  • His mother always captures him with her tight hugs and a million kisses, while his father claps him on the back. 
  • His nieces run to his legs, clinging to them, until he hoists them up, carrying them both, one hanging from his neck while the other rested in his arms. 
  • His sisters continually teased him the whole trip about getting an S/O, or whether he had one yet, to which Sonny never answered. 
  • “Who’re dating now, Sonny?” “Come on, what’s her name? What’s she like?” “Are you gonna ever introduce her to us?” 
  • Of course, they just wanted their brother to be happy, even if that meant setting up each time he came down. 
  • An invitation to dinner with any of their S/Os was a double date waiting to happen. 
  • If any of his sisters had any infants, he would spend half his time holding and doting on his little niece or nephew: feeding them, rocking them, and holding them. 
  • Sonny was always protective of his sisters, though he readily admitted they were crazy, and that didn’t change each time he came home and found one of them had found a new S/O. 
  • And though he loved his family, he did find the ever lacking privacy still just as frustrating, as each time he doing anything remotely private, there would be someone bursting in the door. 
  • But it wouldn’t be home without it, would it? 
  • And he was home after all. 

171225: the ramyeon story

(up10tion’s group chat, appropriately named ‘kindergarten’.)

ddongyeollie (xiao): are there any pretties with ramyeon? <3 <3 <3 <3
fairytale hyung (wei): buy it and come back
gyujin: lol

gyujin, posting the convo on 10tion talk: up10tion doesn’t have any pretties like that…

(sunyoul, prob in a private chat with xiao)

sunyoul: have some
sunyoul: come to our room

sunyoul on 10tion talk: that pretty is me

gyujin: ah, pretty yengie <3
(yengie = cute way of saying yeinnie)

tag urself im gyujin calling sunyoul “pretty yengie <3″

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ripp grunt for the headcanon meme?

Ah, Ripp <3 Probably no secret he is one of my favourite sims! A lot of my headcanons/characterisations of him come from @strangetomato. I’ll talk specifically about Pleasantview Plus Ripp here. 

I definitely play him as having a lot of rejection & abandonment issues in relation to his mother leaving, rocky relationships with Tank and Buzz, also to a small extent Ophelia/Johnny, he often felt left out when they were growing up. 

Ophelia was definitely his first love and he still holds a candle. He’s still close to Ophelia and Johnny (who has always has some feelings for) but kinda keeps them at arms length.

Tends towards a lot of casual relationships rather than any deeper, committed ones. Despite this Ripp falls in love extremely easily and is is love with every single one of his partners, lol.

I don’t really think of him as poly, though, at least not in the long term. I have played him in poly relationships in other hoods and enjoyed it but this version of him I think is probably too insecure to have a healthy poly relationship & having lots of partners is more something he does because he’s scared of getting too attached. 

Would like nothing more than a long term exclusive partner but sets himself up to fail by always going after unavailable people (Lilith, Chloe, Roxie - it’s not a coincidence the girls he asked to go steady or considered proposing to were all in relationships, lmao!) and kinda sabotages himself. 

Bisexual but kinda insecure about it. He doesn’t admit it out loud but he’s scared of disappointing his father further. 

Uh… aside from endlessly detailed romance/sexuality/relationship headcanons! Ripp isn’t an especially good guitarist but has a lot of stage presence! He’d like to continue making music when he graduates but he’s not sure if it’d work out. 

He has a really competitive streak and can’t stand losing! 

Swears like a sailor, cracks a lot of jokes, and can be kind of rude. It’s usually unintentional. 

Dustin Broke is probably his best friend, and he’s very protective of him in the same way he always was with Johnny. They bond a lot over their shitty teen years, romantic troubles, and love of their younger siblings. 

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Yo, yo, yo what's up? I like your art, it's cute. Any headcanons on what Soundwave likes to do for fun on the Nemesis (if he ever did have time)? Good luck with the blog my friend! <3

Nothing much just trying to calm down my overexcited heart. Thank you! <3 Ah Soundwave the character that’s internal personality is 90% headcanons gotta love em.

✦ Soundwave third in command the listener. I like to imagine whenever he does a quick check of the security cameras or when he is watching through Laserbeak he pulls pranks when he has time. 

✦ Setting off the alarm only in the room one or two Vehicons are in. Turning it off when they rush outside the room to try and figure out what the problem is. Using the alarm system as basically an airhorn. 

✦ On more rare occasions when he is able to surprise one of the named cons he saves their reaction for later. If it is amusing enough he shares it with Megatron. I just want you to imagine how embarrassed you would feel if you got pranked and the leader of the Decepticons laughed at you. 

✦ If he has a good chunk of time to burn he’ll send notifications to people. “You are needed in room A27″ they go there and the room in empty. “You are needed in room D105″ great time to go to the other side of the ship. Just leading the crew members on watching as they get more frustrated. They can’t NOT go what if the next one turns out to be a real notice. 

✦ Starscream ending up yelling in an empty room after one such prank. Safe to say it never worked on him again and every notification he gets he groans remembering. 

Bonus: If he is on a mission away from the Nemesis and he sees a cat it will be pet at least once before leaving. This includes wild cats.