“Ha, you French! You make me scream with laughter!”
“I am glad… but also Belgian.”

Isak and Even look like a relatively chill couple when they are around their friends. They don’t go overboard with the whole PDA thing. And to some walking by, they would look just like five friends hanging out if they’d ignore the occasional heart-eyes those two throw at each other or the fond! laughter that is heard when one of them tells such a bad joke that even Magnus is like ??? It’s not even funny??

But Even is still Even and he loves showing his adoration for Isak through flirty comments at the oddest of times. So when all the boys are at the café, Mahdi will try to pick his coffee and flinch, hissing ‘damn that’s hot!’ and Even will just put his arm around Isak’s shoulder and sigh ‘yes, he really is…’ while smirking at him with those you’re the most adorable human being on earth eyes.

And Isak will playfully shove Even’s arm off and mutter ‘that was so lame, Even. Oh my god’ but his blush that will burst on his cheeks and the shy smile that he will throw at his boyfriend will give away how pleased and happy the comment made him.

Problems with liking Gakuho.

1. He has centipedes.

2. He’s married.

3. He’s probably a fossil compared to you.

4. He likes breaking rubiks cube  when he can actually solve it in a milisecond-  HE WILL SCREW YOU DO YOU NOT GET IT?!

5. The only time he is free is –Wait, nevermind I said that.

6. Aries? Do I need an explanation????

7. If I can’t call him daddy, you don’t either.

8. He has an attractive son. 

-Sincerely, Gakushuu.

Gakushuu: Whoa, I actually wrote this…

Gakushuu: *actually faxes them*