OpenStack and MongoDB's AGPL license

You are in for a treat of very complicated legalese:

I would urge you to avoid creating a dependency between Openstack code and any AGPL project, including MongoDB. MongoDB is licensed in a very strange manner that is prone to creating unintended licensing mistakes (a lawyer’s dream). Indeed, MongoDB itself presents Apache licensed drivers – and thus technically, users of those drivers are not impacted by the AGPL terms. MongoDB Inc. is in the unique position to license their drivers this way (although they appear to violate the AGPL license) since MongoDB is not going to sue themselves for their own violation. However, others in the community create MongoDB drivers are licensing those drivers under the Apache and MIT licenses – which does pose a problem.

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  • FOSDEM 2013 - AGPLv3 Panel Discussion
  • Bradley Kuhn & Karen Sandler
  • Free as in Freedom

Episode 0x3F: FOSDEM 2013 - AGPLv3 Panel Discussion


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Karen and Bradley listen to and discuss The panel discussion on the GNU Affero General Public License from FOSDEM 2013.

This show was released on Wednesday 17 July 2013; its running time is 01:28:47.

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This is the Panel Discussion: GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 from FOSDEM 2013. The speakers, in the order their voices are heard, are Tom Marble (introduction),Richard Fontana (moderator)Bradley M. KuhnEileen Evans, and Christopher Allan Webber.

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3D Repo Runs MongoDB

If you’re an architectural or engineering firm, you’ve undoubtedly confronted the difficulty of managing and collaborating on 3D assets like CAD drawings.  The act of sharing massive files is hard but feasible, but it is significantly complicated by the inability to determine that you’re using the latest version.  For the CAD-inclined, there’s hope. Jozef Dobos, a doctoral student at University College London (UCL), has applied the geospatial indexing capabilities of MongoDB a version control system for 3D assets called 3D Repo.  Sponsored by Arup Foresight, the built environment innovation division of Arup Group Limited, a global design and business consulting firm with offices in over 30 countries, 3D Repo leverages the flexibility of MongoDB’s data model, not to mention its geospatial capabilities, to make collaboration on 3D assets easy.

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