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You've mentioned before how you dislike the way CC handles her fandom. Some shit went down recently and, not stir anything up, I thought you might be interested: itsleightaylor (.) tumblr (.) com/post/120294245992/very-long-post-warning-theyre-talking-about-me

I am! Feel free to stir things up with me. I mean, the worst that could happen is that I’ll rant about it in a tumblr post. Here’s the link in case anyone else is interested.

I didn’t know about it, but as usual when CC is involved, I’m not really surprised.

I’m not surprised that she denies having ever been actively bullying people. I’ve noted not so long ago that every archive of her misbehavior from her days in fandom were being suspiciously taken down (and a while after I reblogged that post, one of the links there also went down). She’s literally forcing every evidence of her behavior under the rug, and the fact that it’s working actually kind of scares me. And it makes me wonder what kind of assets she actually has behind her, and whether that could be connected to her books getting a second adaptation after the movie bombed. But that’s a discussion for another time.

I’m not surprised that she denies any connection with (or knowledge of) bullies among her fans. That’s been her strategy since before she got published.

I’m not surprised that she’s portraying someone who apparently only made one negative post about her as if they were a liar and a hateful monster. (And I am forced to wonder how she’d call my blog, then, where I’m pretty sure I’ve said several times that I do hate her).

I’m not surprised that she blocks everyone who disagrees with her. As a matter of fact, a tumblr friend of mine just got blocked for daring to tell Clare that she was fetishizing Malec’s relationship in the snippet from her latest Shadowhunter Academy story. If a bit of (very reasonably-worded and constructive) criticism gets you blocked, of course this would too.

I don’t really know what I, or anyone else, can do about it, except keep talking about it, and keep people aware as much as we can possibly do it. I mean, any more direct approach (i.e. going to talk straight to the fandom/to Clare herself) results in a direct attack/block combo, so it wouldn’t be very constructive.

Cassandra Clare is a horrible person. Don’t forget it.

“We are the granddaughters”

We are the granddaughters of women whose husbands you lynched
Who lived each day knowing that “No Irish Need Apply”
Who wore yellow stars
Or sat in the back of the bus

We are the granddaughters of women whose sisters you raped
Whose mothers you hit
Who heard your catcalls
And stayed silent

We are the granddaughters of women who taught their children to speak
Whose daughters stood up and shouted
Who gave us our eyes and our ears
And our voices

We are the granddaughters of women you called witches
And most of us have been called worse
But if you think you can stop us with your words
With your fists and your fire

Then know this:
We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn
And we will survive this too
We will survive you. 

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there was a fic awhile ago on archive of our own where Clarke and the grounder army stormed mount weather and Clarke finds bellamy in one of the cages. the title was a play on "it's worth the risk" i think

Could It Be:

I want it to be you (worth the risk) by dust_and_gold

Summary: Post 2x9 Clarke, racked with guilt after Bellamy is captured and tortured inside Mt. Weather, teams up with the Grounders, takes back the Mountain, and rescues her people. But it’s Clarke alone who finds and rescues Bellamy. 

this is the 21,000 post

it would have technically been way bigger than that but you have no idea how much i deleted in my archive forever ago

i deleted like all the embarrassing early stuff just because i wasn’t gonna have that

or at least most of the early embarrassing stuff

3 documentary analysis’s

All this mayhem- is about Ben and Tas Pappas who manage to take the skateboarding scene of the 90’s in America. Their wild personalities create havoc for them and the people around them as drugs and violence quickly take hold of their lives and things begin to spiral out of control for the two brothers. The reason this film is a documentary is because firstly it contains archive footage that gives us more information on the brothers and their earlier lives. There are many interviews in this documentary too, from one of the brothers and friends of them and people involved in the brothers too. These interviews are almost continuously done throughout the documentary and are played simultaneously with the archive footage. As the events of the documentary took place a decade or more ago archive footage dominates the documentary.

Blackfish is a documentary exploring the controversial treatment of the killer whales at the world famous sea world. The film contains many interviews with past sea world employees. These interviews are about how they were oblivious to the mistreatment of these animals and how the company sea world tried to cover up the deaths of the employees who fell victim to the wrath of the abused mistreated killer whales. The documentary also contains a lot of archive footage, this footage can be really emotional as some of it does show mistreatment of the animals. It is also really informative because it gives us a sense of what things were like in sea world for the whales and the trainers. There is also some voice over in this film, this can inform the audience of events that have happened in sea world. These voiceovers were usually accompanied by archive footage of the subject that they were talking about.

Louis Theroux documentary on the Westborough Baptist Church is a participatory styled documentary. This means that Theroux is in front of the camera doing the vox pops and interviews with members of the church always getting their views and asking questions challenging their controversial beliefs. The documentary also contains voiceovers from Louis usually talking about his contact with the church and situations with them. This type of documentary is very informative as you feel like your always in the same room as Louis literally on the ‘front line’ getting first hand footage of these people and their church. This documentary could also be considered biased as Louis throughout the documentary cleverly slates the church but rightly so.

new in: summer essentials

As you’re reading this, I’m in Tennessee for my summer internship training. I posted about this, a year ago (wow, major archives) and I’m back again this summer. It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it? 

In the first post of this 3-post series, I discussed the products that I’m wanting for summer (which is still true) and in today’s post I’m sharing with you products that I have recently bought for summer that I am in love with. Now, it probably doesn’t seem like much to the average person and you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about two striped tops, but trust me, these tops are golden. These two Madewell tops are breathable and loose which is perfect for breezy summer days. Madewell’s quality is so amazing, too. Fun fact: this is my first time purchasing clothes from the store and I fell in love with the quality when I was trying these on. The shirts are weight-y but not too heavy for a hot summer day. They are amazing for throwing on with boyfriend or skinny jeans and maybe a midi length skirt. 

onward to the best part of this post…

These shoes! I scored these Italian leather shoes from TJ Maxx for $15. It’s like they were waiting for me to pick them up and take them home. There they were… the only ones left on the clearance shelf and were loudly calling my name. I love the almost industrial/un-finished look of them. They’re simple, but modern and will add a little ‘something’ to a plain outfit. I also love how the front of the sandal rises a little higher than normal; it’s an unexpected change from the regular flat sandals that I wear. 

Welp, this post has gotten long enough for only three items of clothing (#oops!). Stay tuned for the last post in my ‘summer fashion essentials’ series where I’ll show you how to style some of my essentials. 

you can find similar options of my summer essentials here!

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There's a picture (a screen cap, by the looks of it) you posted over a year ago (I think the archive said December 2013?) of Harry, Barbara, and Katarina with a sort of blue spacey background and it had a Dailymotion link with it. The link doesn't work anymore, unfortunately, and I was wondering what it was from?

It was from the After Party the BBC held after the 50th Anniversary where they talked about old companions.

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