"Surge of confidence” North Central High School names transgender prom king
When Alan Belmont was named Prom King at North Central High School this weekend, he knew he was likely making school history.

“They announced my name, and the crowd cheered so loud and it warmed my heart so much. The whole night was full of people cheering me on so seeing that they voted for something so big was incredible,” Belmont said, celebrating with his date and girlfriend…

The high school junior came out as transgender his sophomore year of high school.”

Fact: Bisexual people have always been here, and not only that, but we have thrived. We have been poets, playwrights, rock stars, millionaires, artists, emperors, mythic heroes, activists, even revered as gods. 

(I’m not kidding! As one of example of each: Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Freddie Mercury, Angelina Jolie, Frida Kahlo, Alexander the Great, Hercules, Brenda Howard, Zeus.)

  • Lizzie: I have a date.
  • Darcy: Who is it? What's his name?
  • Lizzie: His name is not important. What's important is- he's better than you in every conceivable way.
  • Darcy: Damn, Lizzie, that could be anybody!

Some Intersex Pride icons, based off of the OLI flag, by me!

Please feel free to take these and use them wherever/however to spread the word that Intersex people are golden, that our bodies are good bodies, and that we are precious!