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Bell anon again: why do you think that the bells appear to symbolise Zuko's bad tendencies?

Because we hear it whenever Zuko wears the Blue Spirit mask. When he wears the mask, he’s either trying to capture Aang, doing something related to capturing Aang, or stealing.

Eventually, the bells die off, and is replaced by the tsungi horn/Iroh’s theme. 

A lot of the ship wars in the Doctor Who fandom would disappear if they would only realise that The Doctor is poly (and pretty much *have* to be with the way they live their life, never in a direct line so one of their lovers is alive one day and dead the next and then alive again the next one.

Why can’t The Doctor be in love with Rose, River, Clara, Jack, etc… all at once? Their love for one doesn’t diminish their love for another.

This has been a PSA.


Hey guys, remember by Underground!Erol au? Well, looks like after so many years I got back around to drawing stuff for it again. Featuring good ol’ undergrounder Erol in his racing disguise, featuring a certain commander who I’ve finally actually a) properly drawn and b) actually slapped some color’s onto for once.

Might pick up doing stuff for the au again, why? Because I still adore it so much and just I fondly look back over the time said au took over the fandom for a short while and got people rambling and throwing their two cents in.


(Tyler x reader) PART 2


Beep. Beep. Beep.

You rolled over in your bed and rubbed your eyes, you could hear rain beating against the window, you looked outside and seen exactly that, heavy rain dancing on your window pane. You turned your attention back to your phone. Who the fuck was messaging you at 7 in the morning?

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: are you awake yet?

GetMyNoose_It'sSunday: um, yeah I am now, what have you been waiting for me or something?

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: of course not I’m a very busy man, just because we aren’t touring doesn’t mean we aren’t busy

GetMyNoose_It'sSunday: omg with this again, really? Why don’t you just admit your not Tyler

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: because i’d be lying, why don’t YOU just believe I’m Tyler

GetMyNoose_It'sSunday: because why would Tyler want to talk to me? I’m literally nobody

How insane did this guy think you were? It probably wasn’t even a guy, it’s most likely a 13 year old girl with nothing better to do. Tyler Joseph would never take time out of his busy life to talk to you…..why would he?

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: It’s an honor to talk to my fans, I never really get the chance to, at least with a hidden identity I can talk to them honestly and get to know them for who they are. I feel like sometimes fans I meet in real life kind of change their personality to impress me or something if that makes sense. On here no one knows me from the next guy, except you, I wanted you to know I’m tyler, I like talking to you, you’re down to earth, and most certainly not “nobody”

You read the message carefully, honestly it sounded like something Tyler would say but that still didn’t convince you. I mean what are the chances Tyler Joseph would really be talking to you? It just wasn’t plausible.

GetMyNoose_It'sSunday: well…thanks, ya know I almost want to beleive you'reTyler but I just can’t, it just doesn’t make sense, I’m sorry. In any case, Tyler or not, you seem like a caring person

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: well thank you, I have to go now though, me and Josh have some stuff to work on, bye (Y/N)

GetMyNoose_It'sSunday: *sigh* bye “Tyler”


Tyler’s P.O.V

I could feel Josh looking over my shoulder as I read (Y/N)’s reply.

You’re talking to her again?” he asked sitting next to me. The tone in his voice sounded almost annoyed.

“Yeah, what about it?” I said back. Josh simply rolled his eyes.

“Ty you gotta be careful man, you don’t even know if she’s real, you could be talking to a 50 year old man for all you know” Josh responded. He had a point, but there was just something about (Y/N) . you knew she wasn’t lying about who she was.

“She’s the one that doesn’t beleive who I am” I said back. Josh’s face looked shocked.

“You told her you’re Tyler?? Why would you do that?! Do you know how dangerous that is? I hope you aren’t giving out too much information ” Josh replied shaking his head.

“Don’t worry Josh. It’s nothing like you think it is, she’s a good person, and I don’t think she’d do anything to put us in danger or spread our information. Not that I gave her any information to spread.” I answered.

“I certainly hope so….” Josh replied walking away.

“C'mon we got some work to do” he added gesturing for me to follow him. He was right, we didn’t have time to argue about this, we had work to do.


(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

You were walking home from your favorite pizza place as it started to rain. It was Saturday so you didn’t have to work tonight, you were lucky enough to have weekends off. Honestly, you were looking for another job, as much as you didn’t want to leave “guitar center” it just didn’t pay enough and if you ever wanted to go back to school and get out of this pile of shit apartment you needed money.

You pulled your keys out of your pocket and unlocked your apartment. You took off your wet shoes and shook the rain off of your jacket. You had been thinking about “fake Tyler” all day. What if it really was Tyler? You shook the thought out of your mind. It couldn’t be Tyler. You heard a beeping noise coming from your pocket.

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: are you      (Y/N)?

GetMyNoose_It'sSunday: uh yeah? Obviously lol, are you drunk or something?

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: stop messaging Tyler.

GetMyNoose_It'sSunday: ummm ? Ok I’m confused..

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: leave Tyler alone.

Tylernol_4_my_migrane: you don’t want to make me mad.

GetMyNoose_It'sSunday: who is this?

Error: message could not be sent @Tylernol_4_my_migrane has deactivated their account.

I had no internet connection yesterday, so I’ll just write what I remember

the nox

oh hey, remember how Daniel got them in trouble, killed actually, again? Why, objectively, was he allowed to stay on the team?

Sam: We better plan the attack very carefully

Everyone but Teal’c, because he’s awesome: *ends up dead* 

the Nox are dumb. Literally nothing prevented them, after realizing that the humans are stubborn af, from saying “yo we’re really advanced and don’t need or want your help. Thanks for being judgy though” but of course the episode wouldn’t happen then

brief candle

why does everyone think that everyone, who are not their people, knows what their traditions are and expect people, who are not their people, to follow them?

the stargate wiki says that Kynthia is Jack’s second wife, but she is absolutely NOT. And while I don’t really blame her, mostly because she accepts her responsibility, and while is sad that Jack won’t stay with her, also accepts it without any tears or nagging or anything else like a possible pregnancy

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Could I request an imagine with the reader meets the Autobots and they ask for help in the war and she tells them all the reasons that's a bad idea? Please and thanks.

-“why would I help you I like living”
-“I’m confused”
-“why, again, did u ask me for help I can barely get through taking out my hair/combing out my hair without my arms hurting like the feet of a thousand slaves”
-Cade Yeager being xtra as hell, giving you speeches about bravery and shit
-“ok so can we get to fighting now or nah”
-alternately, San witwicky being his usual white boy self, annoying, astounded by your beauty, the usual
-Optimus seems to think you can fight off the deceptions but girl like you can barely order your meal from chick fil a
-that fine chocolate man in dark of the moon (I’m really sorry I’m such a fake fan I forgot his name) is super smitten with you and immediately asks you out after you know the world almost ends
-the media trying to downplay your accomplishments and help in saving the world because the media can’t stand a poc being in the spotlight or given all the credit
-bumblebee def likes you better than Sam if we being honest
-“do I have to?!?”

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Please more flower shop au, I'm way too invested @ this point

Part 14

“You – you know flower language,” Edward faltered, pulling at the collar of his shirt – of course Étienne would know flower language, why wouldn’t he – why would the universe decide to give him a break for once – why couldn’t they just have a regular dinner, the three of them together where they could get to know one another with calm, but then again, why had he decided to make a flower arrangement – the center piece of his table – one that was filled with the real intentions of this little dinner date?

“Ah, yes, I do – well, probably not as much as the both of you, but I picked it up when I was in Amsterdam; I was working for a tattoo artist over there and she told me that it was a good skill to have; especially with how many people want flower tattoos, it’s always best to let them know what the flower – and sometimes the arrangement of flowers they want – can mean; the last thing you want is to end up with a tattoo meant to represent the love you have for your significant other but the flowers you chose mean infidelity and hatred and believe me, I’ve seen that happen a fair share of times.”

Calvin was impressed and pleased that Étienne seemed to take his work so seriously, he admired that in people, and if he was honest, it was probably one of the many reasons he had fallen for Edward – Edward, on the other hand, was obviously equally impressed, but now he found himself with mixed feelings about Étienne potentially knowing what the arrangement could mean; sure some flowers had more than one meaning, but he could only hope that if anything, they weren’t coming on too strongly.



Living in uni halls aka there has not been a single night in which people are not Screaming, there are 20 strangers in my kitchen guess I’ll never eat again, Why would I want to go out to this horrible club with my flatmates we aren’t friends we just happen to share a kitchen, my heater works only when it decides it wants to, I have two tutorials tomorrow, please stop singing,,,,,