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Prob doesn't mean anything but when Sam went to get into van at airport the blonde woman who met him opened van door. S got caught with fans so she almost closed door. He went to get in again and more fans came so she almost closed door again. Wonder why she didn't just leave door open????

Hiding a certain Irish brunette duh

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Hello again, Sleuth! Why do you think the directors of the Netflix show chose to exclude the smoke around Sir’s face? When reading the Miserable Mill, that was one of my favourite parts (The first being Olaf as Shirley, which disturbed me a little). It would have been cool to see Sir always having the cloud of smoke surrounding his face.

Yeah, this has been debated around the fandom and I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a definitive answer on that adaptational choice. It’s easy to imagine reasons they wouldn’t translate this detail onto screen, however:

  • Too much smoke (even fake stage smoke) would damage the actor’s eyes (and lungs) after a while. This is also why Emilia Clarke doesn’t wear purple contacts as Daenerys Targaryen or why Daniel Radcliffe didn’t wear green contacts as Harry Potter.
  • The director was afraid Sir would be less memorable and engaging if the audience couldn’t see his face.
  • They got through the trouble of casting a great actor as Sir and didn’t want his work on facial expressions to go to waste.
  • The production team tried to add the smoke through CGI but it just looked tacky and outlandish.

If you come across an interview or official statement where this decision is explained, feel free to share!

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and again, why they need to ask, after a son, a girlfriend and after seven years? and again... why all this long answer, why don't laught it of and say "oh no! is not real, we love and support each other, but we are just friends! in the most easy way... and again why? a rumor that don't go away, is not a rumor. idem for the "conspiracy" and dick watpad can suck my dick.


i was so happy to become apart of this community where hate seemed to be nonexistent and even the smallest voices got interaction and love from everyone - but i scroll down my dash and find out that @sincerlyyme is getting hate over having the characters /drop/ their band instruments ???

i’ve seen much worse, but the fact that people went out of their way to tell them to quit writing and calling them nasty things is horrible?? it literally makes me sick to my stomach ??

as someone who has distanced themselves from a community plagued by hate and harm, this reminds me of an old toxicity that i never want to experience ever again. hence why i feel the need to write this.

don’t harass content creators. yeah, maybe it was a mistake, and you should never drop your instrument in real life. but it’s fiction. it’s not real. the authors and artists who create this piece that you chose to read or look at don’t owe you anything. and harassing them is certainly not a good way to get your complaints across.

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2 seconds into the liveblog and Tumblr was filled with broganes posts again. just... why. let the she!th ship sail without being babies about it, we won't say anything to you screaming about lance looking at keith for 2 seconds & #klconfirmed.

it’s cuz they afraid

  • Runner: Why haven’t I seen it?
  • Hoosier: Why do you wanna see it?
  • Runner: He’s my best friend!
  • Hoosier: Again, why do you wanna see it?
  • Runner: What if Lucky has an accident? What if he’s horribly disfigured and I have to identify him, and all that remains are his private parts? I’m standing there and I’m saying “Sorry, I can’t help you because no, I haven’t seen my best friend’s penis,” and boom, he’s buried in a mass grave.
  • Hoosier: Again, why do you wanna see it?

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Leo, I'm sorry to bother you with this but I'm semi worried rn. You've stated over and over again why sheith could be the representation they said they'd put in, but 2 of the main points you've stated have been nullified in a way: a) apparently pidge and allura do comfort keith/bond over losing their family with him thus establishing a familial tone.b) Lauren stated in an interview that she thinks the only thing incompatible about kl/ance is the ship name. I love voltron regardless of ships but.

Oh its okay, it’s no bother! 

1) Hmmm,, well this is kinda hard to talk about given that I haven’t watched the episode myself. I think it’s understandable that Allura and Pidge would relate back to Keith though to try and make him feel better, you know? In the sense of “Hey, I know where you’re coming from, I’ve lost people too.” All of Team Voltron treats one another like family, and they’ve all lost members of their previous family, so I think the comparison is unavoidable. That being said, I think the narrative of Shiro’s disappearance from Kerberos and his relationship with Keith was still treated much differently from Matt and Pidge’s. And we know a bunch of the staff supports sheith, which I don’t think they would if sheith was only meant to be seen in a brotherly context. Overall, staff has treated Shiro and Keith’s dynamic completely different from Pidge and Matt’s 

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he cheated on me with 3 girls, he sent me death threats after I broke up with him (I still don’t know whether he was joking or not but I sure as hell wasn’t gonna stick around to find out. I was 16 ffs), and now he’s messaging me like “hey remember me? we used to hang out I miss you, you’re such a cool person, can we be friends again? idk why we stopped talking! haha” FUCK OFF 

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could i kindly request moments when namjoon has broken gender roles 'cause i love him and i wanna love him even more

namjoon has broken gender roles several times, not only by openly debunking and stating the fact that wearing ‘feminine’ clothes or colours is just a made up concept and continuing to wear those clothes despite ridicule but also by openly being a feminist.

first, lets look at the time he openly debunked the idea of clothes being classified masculine or feminine

and he wasn’t embarrassed at all and has since then continued to wear skirts in photoshoots as well as #kimdailys and in everyday life.

whenever he’s told that pink is a feminine color and even got made fun of for wearing makeup (4things show, which i think everyone should watch, it opens up a lot of things about namjoon) or wearing pink clothes (hellish weekly idol), he continued to do so without being embarrassed or stopping himself from wearing pink and he’s worn makeup (obviously) and donned pink lots of times regardless.

and i don’t have to remind you all of when he had pink hair.

“Hello, this is Rap Monster, aka PinkMon because I love pink, thank you very much.”

now to feminism. in this interview namjoon said:

The interviewer commented, “Some rappers express hip hop by dissing others, demeaning women, or harsh cursing,” and Rap Monster revealed his point of view. He said, “The hip hop culture can be very open, but if you look at it another way, it’s a closed culture that only those within it could understand.”

Rap Monster continued, “The public needs to respect that culture in part, but I think that the demeaning of women needs to be subdued.”

And this post:

which you can read more about right here, where he said a lot about his thoughts on feminism.