so um all you folks asking if I’m gonna do another mp100 doodle comic well


working on it


i really like the first one to be quite honest

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8 years ago? EIGHT YEARS AGO??!?!? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought she had kidnapped him 5 years ago not 8. So this new information it’s kinda disturbing me because he was what? 13/14 years old when she starting drugging him ??!!?? SAERAN WAS A KID. HE WAS A KID WTF.
But she just snapped when Sally died, RIGHT?

And look how he was thinking of his brother!! How lonely and desperate he was. I CANT DEAL WITH THIS.

the paedophile jokes directed to vik really need to stop. like i get it funny jokes in cah about vik liking 12 yr olds because he plays minecraft hah hah hilarious. but to see disgusting jokes about the subject with him tagged in it just disgusts me.
like you can see when in like cah theres a gross card directed to him he gets like lowkey uncomfortable and then i just see people tweeting him that??? like?? wyd?
the jokes arent even funny or creative anymore its getting so old.
and apparently someone asked him at upload “how many kids he has in his basement” like i get it on like tumblr you can make your shit jokes but to ask that when youre there what the actual fuck?? like you dont say that to people wtf
like boohoo a vik stan ranting!1!1!!1 but like seriously think about it, how would you feel if you got that shit every day?

what do, when your brain starts replaying the most embarrassing and stupid moments of your life thus far

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So, in light of the holiday season, I will open myself for small, Christmas blurbs (NSFW rated ONLY if the title wasn’t obvious) in regards to how you’d want to spend the holiday with your favorite Assassin and or Templar.

  1. Give me a comment to work off of, and I’ll respond as that character you mention, and or I’ll write a small snippet (like I’ve been doing) in regards to your sensual holiday daydream. Reminder: I can only do characters from ACII, AC II: Brotherhood, ACIII, AC: Black Flag, AC: Rogue, AC: Unity, and AC: Syndicate.

  2. You can be signed in or not, but chances are, if I see you signed in, and I recognize you as being a supporter, I will write it without restraint.

  3. I won’t be writing to everyone that sends me an idea. I have artwork pieces to focus on and some other things as well for this holiday. I cannot do what I did with those love letters and work for months to get these done. ♥ I do hope you understand. If I feel I have enough in my inbox, I will close it at a certain time.

  4. Fetishes have to be asked about before I can write to them, but the ones I’ve written to so far are: bondage, BDSM, daddy kink, oral, anal, and public sex.

  5. Choose only ONE character, please. I don’t think I can handle more than one this round. xD

  6. Gay/Lesbian scenarios are fine with me—just tell me you want the same sex situation for it.

  7. If I don’t choose you, know your request was still beautiful and divine. I just couldn’t get to it, or I lacked an idea. ♥

  8. This will be brief at best—about a page long or whatever I have in mind~! C:

Thank you all again for your lovely support. It means a lot to me~

~Oreana Galena

I Missed You ( Yoongi x Reader)

Hi there loves, I feel so bad I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I promise big things are in the works! Im just super swamped with adult responsibilities , and I work two jobs (all in the name of get money for BTS). But i just wanted to post real quick before I clock out for the night. As always let us know what you think! We love hearing from you guys! ~ Lia 

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Yoongi came home and loudly dropped his bags to the floor.

“Y/n!!! Y/n!” He shouted , the bass in his voice resonating through out the house.

You come from out your room and lean in the door frame . You cross your arms across your chest defensively and raise an eyebrow.

“Yeah?” You question.

He walks across the room closing the world of a gap between the two of you, finally stopping right in front of you . “Y/n…” he reaches his arms out to you , and you hesitate.. could you really trust him after all that he said ? But it was him… your body craved his embrace after the long lonely night, finally you give in and fall into his arms . He tightly encloses you in a tender embrace , pressing one hand on the back of your head , while you loose yourself in his firm chest and warmth.

“Y/n … I'm… I’m so sorry for all the awful things I said … for hurting you! I don’t ever want to fight like that again. .. promise me we’ll never fight like that again.”

“I promise babe” you say into his chest.

He pulls you away from him, and holding your head in his hands he leans down to kiss your forehead, then your nose and finally your lips. The later , lasting longer then the previous. Finally you pull away, and look up into his dark eyes , as he slowly moves one hand to your waist , gently pressing your body against the door frame. He lightly licks his lips looking down at you , “I missed my little wifey so much last night … let me show how much.”

Quickly he bends down and lifts you up , putting your back against the wall , you wrap your legs around his waist for support. You giggle as he quickly places more kisses on your face, and then slowly places a kiss on your neck and then another slow , well placed kiss. And then dragging his tongue lightly from that spot to your collar bone , and softly sucking on the skin there while you pull on his hair.

He finally stops agonizing your senses are and presses his face into your chest and exhaling deeply.

“What’s wrong hun?” You pout a little at the stopping of affection.

“.. this will never do..”

“What won’t do?”

“We need a bed .. so I can fully show you how sorry I am , how much I missed you.” He says leaning up to whisper in your ear. He lets you down, once you’re firmly on your feet he plants a kiss on your lips and leads you to the bed. He pushes you on your back and pulls you by your hips closer to his body and the edge of the bed.

“Are you ready to see how much a missed you ?” He says I’m a low growl that vibrates through your body to your very core. 


I finally beat it!!! It only took me watching the video tape seven times and suffering immensely=)

So the other day I majorly failed. I was walking across this tennis court to get to one of my classes and the tennis court was covered in a thin coats of ice. Pictured here are the two places where I majorly biffed it, literally two steps away from each other.