Yuri on ice stamps~! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ debuting at AFA SG this weekend which is just two days away omggg!! I will be at booth C32 [location here]! and YES if there are leftovers or anything, they’ll be on my tictail after the event! (: 

D.Gray-man Fanbook , “EXITIABILIS” by Yami and @oreomine will be available at #AFASG16 Creator’s Hub booth C66!!!
34pages | B5size | Soft Cover

Guest artist (check them out in twitter! :D wonderful artists I tell you♥)
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some Yuri on Ice charms and standees to debut at AFA! there are much fewer charms bc i wanted the standees to be the main items (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) it’s my first time printing the standee bases too, and i know it looks a little simple but there’re small details like skate marks on the ice if you look closely, lol! (๑´ㅂ`๑)


I had a BLAST on the 2nd day at AFASG!! Came as a solo frisk and left with an amazing undertale gang! Thank you so much for finding me hahaha. I was only planning on going as frisk once, but i might do it again for the third day! :DD

Many have asked about my sweater and where i got it from. It is custom printed! If you can find a place where they do full print shirts/sweaters, then you’re set! :D you have to provide the design of course, which i did mine by color picking from frisk’s sprite.

YOI standee preview~
Lately I really not enough sleep because worried about AFASG .. Rushing down to printing center do extra printing for 10 count, YOI poster and gift card. ´д` ;.. Cutting 200 set of stickers *bless my hand* (;´Д`A (I really worried later a lot of left over stock ORZ) packing until late night…. My room totally like a mess.. Sorry for not taking preorder. I am worried about how I carry my stock to event (;´Д`A
**LAST CALL** online oversea pre-order closed on 25 NOV
Please use this link: http://minorujoeling.tictail.com
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Hello friends!! I was busy preparing for afasg and stuff…. just finished packing merch! Here’s a new sticker set: karasuno bakery set!! Find them at ch36 at afasg ;3rd

I did mention that Yuri on Ice was one of my main 3 themes, so here’s the rest of the items available!! \o/ + A6/A4 prints preview in my previous post. I forgot to put in here aaa

Meanwhile, preorders are open for people overseas >> http://chuinny.storenvy.com
While stamps for local/overseas >> https://goo.gl/forms/8fKMomEnmhTN2Das1 (Makkachin added!!)

Thank you for the support!! \o/💕💕

Hunter x Hunter Clear charms debuting at AFASG!! :D :D :D 
I’m off a late start for this series, but never too late!! I thank my friend and people who recommended/requested this series CAUSE I LOVE IT!!! Feel free to talk HxH with me, but don’t go across the Spider Troupe arc for now - no spoilers please ; 7 ; !!!