My Catalogue for AFASG 2017! I’ll be at Booth 38 together with my friend! ( We are at the corner xD ) Hope to see you there! :D

The free sanrio pin is limited to the first 28 set of the bundle (Sequel book and My Cat Yuri book) sold at the event. Do come early if you do not want to miss it. :)

*Do note that if you bought 1 book initially and come back again on another time or day to buy the other book, the sanrio pin will not be given as they are not bought together. It’s hard for me to remember everyone’s faces hence this rule. So please take note, Thanks! ^^ *

Also for people who preordered the Haikyuu Kids Pairing charm, the printer printed them as 6cm instead of 5cm, so you will be receiving them in a bigger size at the same price ~ ^^




So yeap here’s the lovely announcement that yess the con that I’ve been burning my ass off for the past two months + the sneaks from my previous posts.
I’ll be partaking in is AFASG! So if by chance any of ya all are in the vicinity or coming by, it would be my greatest pleasure to meet ya! I will be sharing a booth with my friends & here’s the catalogue of prints that I will be releasing for sale.

Moving forward from the whole chaos, I’ve decided to just release my mchanzo piece as well because truly I invested way too much into this piece. 

I wasn’t joking either when I said I nearly tore my arm for it. Literally visited the doctor for medications because I was trying to be superhuman with it ontop of my internship stuff if ya all still rmb the period I almost had to stop drawing. I was working 7 days a week nonstop drawing for god knows how many hours until I lost my grip. Heck, even my eyesight shot up. Hence I had no option but to stop intensive drawing and jus stick with doodlings till I got better. It was one very low point for me but I really wanted to give my full worth & till now I still don’t regret it. Except now this whole situation is just leaving me so empty as it is the same with the other contributors/artists/writers who got hit really hard.

 Please give them your maximum supports! 

But hey you know I’m not gonna just let one dreadful setback drag me back into a hole of negativity. I’m done with setbacks and shit, heck I just want to not stop and keep moving forward. - like our fave frogboy says: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!” 

I’ll be at AFASG next weekend 24-26th Nov at booth 6 with my usual boothmates parfait and moogle!! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ Looks like Creator’s Hub will be a separate island this year with 2 entrances and one exit?? HAHA duno how that will work out, but we are somewhere between an entrance and the exit~ (idk if we can share the map yet, probably not haha) To answer some questions–nope, i won’t be opening con reservations, and secondly, i usually bring 100% of my merch on the first day, so i don’t have a separate stock for each of the 3 days 8′D Feel free to send any other questions my way, i’ll try my best to answer them in these next hectic days~!

Really looking forward to the event this year, can’t wait to see everyone again!! MUCH LOVE, see y’all there~!! \(*^¬^*)/


the holidays are commiinnggg~! ^^ i made these wooden x’mas charms to debut at AFASG this weekend, but a few people who have ordered from me online recently might have gotten one in their package too as a surprise fufufu! :3c

i was thinking of doing a YOI-only giveaway with these as one of the choices for prizes, alongside another regular giveaway (both on my twitter), but more on that later! 8DD


‪Find us at AFASG Creator’s Hub 02 !! Here’s a rough guide as to how to find @siezelle and myself :D‬

‪My catalogue will be up tmr!!! along with shop reopening hopefully :“)‬ ALSO, I sent out all stamp preorder emails, so make sure to reply to it so I know it’s been seen! I have 2 people from GameStart that did not provide a number to contact, so if you did preorder something, please PM me. Thank you!! :D

Doujinshi cover done!<33 (might add minor edits)

In this book, we’re featuring our beloved writer @captain-erwinmerica  with a specially made fic. Now that the cover is done, I hope I can finish this doujin before I go to Japan for Yuri!!! on Concert with friends! Some possibility I might come to AFASG this year, though I couldn’t promise yet.

thank you for lots of supports I’ve received until now, I need to work harder to finish this doujin asap<3

For those of you who have waited for this book, Pre-orders will open around by the end of October, so stay tuned!


D.Gray-Man double sided Stained Glass Effect standees! 15cm tall, will have stained glass effect if shine light behind standee.
Took an age to get nice photos of light passing thru the standee, probably used like, 2-3 different light sources, HAHAHAHA!

Available for Comic Fiesta, AFASG, and online orders, stock just got more limited as three has broken legs, so left less than 30 available atm afsghkl.

I am at no.79 for AFASG!

Yes, can pm my FB page Dark Kun to preorder.
Yes, it’s Allen in front and Nea ThrashNoah Campbell at the back.
Yes, I accept payment via bank transfer for Malaysia, and PayPal for overseas orders.
Yes, you need prepare your own torchlight((wat ww