I had a BLAST on the 2nd day at AFASG!! Came as a solo frisk and left with an amazing undertale gang! Thank you so much for finding me hahaha. I was only planning on going as frisk once, but i might do it again for the third day! :DD

Many have asked about my sweater and where i got it from. It is custom printed! If you can find a place where they do full print shirts/sweaters, then you’re set! :D you have to provide the design of course, which i did mine by color picking from frisk’s sprite.

Finally cosplayed undertaker in AFASG day 3. Really love this photo a lot. Much thanks to friends who motivated me to revive this plan. It’s fun cosing him and I am looking forward to the upcoming shoot heh
Undertaker CN Meganelover
Photography by Van Lim Photography #kuroshitsuji #afasg #undertaker #cosplay

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One of the highlights when I was boothing at AFASG last weekend; I met a Saeki cosplayer there!!

To be honest, I had never expected to meet a Gokuto Jihen cosplayer there, as its hard just to meet someone who knows about the game/manga to begin with…

This had really made my day. 

(To the cosplayer: if you ever see this post, please let me know who you are ;u; )

Update: the cosplayer’s Xun Takoyaki! :D