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I raise you one further: Jasnah as an Aes Sedai

OH MY GOD. this ask gives me a lot of Thoughts

  • First of all, I think Jasnah would LOVE being an Aes Sedai. She can dedicate herself to scholarly pursuits without feeling pressured into getting married, since she obviously has some hangups regarding the institution of marriage (though we don’t yet know what those hangups are), so for her being an Aes Sedai is an escape for that kind of thing
  • but what Ajah would Jasnah become a member of?? well, I’m torn, to be honest:
  • she might be attracted to the Green Ajah, because they’re the ‘battle Ajah’ and dedicated to fighting in Tarmon Gai’don. like, all that is at the ‘core’ of their mission, but at the same time i think she would dislike the association with Warders, so if she was Green Ajah she would be the one and only without Warders
  • i rule her out as Red Ajah. she doesn’t hate men like the majority of them seem to, and the fact that Jasnah herself has a power that is scrutinized suspiciously, i think it would be morally reprehensible to her to take something similar away from someone
  • she’s adept at politics and ‘causes’, so i can imagine her as Blue or Gray Ajah too.
  • Brown Ajah is kind of the scholarly Ajah, but at the same time they have a weird mindset sometimes where they accumulate knowledge without necessarily using it, and we know that Jasnah thinks knowledge acquired should be applied.
  • you know what, i think regardless of Ajah Jasnah would end up turning the expectations of how a member of that Ajah ‘should’ behave on its head
  • she’s definitely ‘logical’, but i don’t think she’s dispassionate to the point where she’d find her home in the White Ajah
  • i would definitely rule her out of the Yellow Ajah. she does not suit them at all lmao
  • i think she would choose the Brown Ajah then, and would analyze histories and would be sort of like Verin in that she’s kind of all over the place with current events
  • she’s definitely the sort of Aes Sedai that thinks presentation is everything
  • at the same time, she’s probably extremely critical of her ‘sisters’, and of the Amyrlin in particular, and isn’t afraid to speak out against them, though i’m sure she’d do it in a respectful way, in private, since, again, she’d be wary of appearances
  • however, i think she would also be more mindful of other people’s opinions and viewpoints and conflicting actions than Aes Sedai in general tend to be. she might tell you what she thinks and advise you on how to proceed, but if you do the opposite (and if the outcome isn’t too egregiously awful), she’ll shrug and maybe tell you ‘i told you so’, but she won’t be excessively annoyed or putout or attempt to take over
  • she has her eyes fixed on the End Times. but she won’t try to control the Dragon Reborn. i dunno, but to me i feel like she has more…perspective than a lot of the other Aes Sedai in Wheel of Time. she’ll certainly work to prevent the apocalypse, but she won’t force her will on someone
  • of course, she’s very interested in the meanings of the prophecies surrounding the End Times
  • of course, this goes back to hating feeling controlled by the patriarchy, so she won’t do the same to someone else
  • Black Ajah disgust her. she’s very moral and though she doesn’t believe in the Creator - though, to be fair, the Creator is not exactly involved in things nowadays - she loathes the Shadow/the Dark One

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I'm having a hard time finding any indepth info on aromatase excess syndrome (AES) - just Wikipedia and some academic articles. Usually I only see it referenced (as a 'condition that can cause these symptoms' for instance), not directly talked about. Do you have any info on AES specifically (particularly in 'women').

Since AES is so rare, it can be hard to come across information, so I’ll say everything here that I can find.

Aromatase excess syndrome is caused by a gain-of-function mutation in the aromatase gene. A gain-of-function mutation means that, instead of losing its function, the gene develops a new function. Aromatase itself is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen (this process is called “aromatization”). So in AES, the enzyme is more powerful and converts more testosterone than is typical.

Not all cases of AES present with higher levels of estrogen on a blood test, so the diagnosis is confirmed by looking for mutations in the aromatase gene.

Aromatase excess syndrome is a cause of precocious puberty, or puberty that starts earlier than normal.

The main characteristic of AES is gynaecomastia before or around the start of puberty. We usually think of “gynaecomastia” as “male breast growth”, but it’s actually any breast growth that isn’t expected, and this includes people with XX chromosomes in some situations, for example, in precocious puberty. So for any chromosomal sex, gynaecomastia is the main characteristic of AES, and in people with XX chromosomes and ovaries who would produce relatively high amounts of estrogen anyway, it can result in excessive breast growth, or macromastia.

Another common trait is that the bones mature faster. Estrogen hormones are central to bone maturation, so with an excess of estrogen, the bones will mature at a quicker rate which causes the growth plates to close early on. People with AES will have less time to grow before the growth plates close, resulting in a shorter height.

In people with testes, AES often causes low sperm count, and in people with a uterus, the uterus might be larger than normal. Periods start earlier and are irregular, but some people with XX chromosomes, ovaries, etc. will show no signs. Fertility is possible and AES can be passed down from generation to generation.

This is the general information on AES, if you need me to answer any more questions about something specific regarding AES I certainly can, just let me know if you need anything else.