Lemme just talk about Targets diversity and acceptance. A black man. A Hispanic man. A white child. A two-man relationship raising a healthy baby boy with love. I’m so glad that target doesn’t give a fuck about social “norms” and came to the game with no fucks about who it offends or if they lose business. Its beautiful. It’s different. Its brilliant. I’m all for it. My boyfriend works for target and they’re a really to their employees too. Yay target!

Attention Neko atsume fans!

You’ve heard of neko atsume, you’ve might of heard of Boku to Wanko, Get ready for Hamster Collection!

If you like hamsters then you should try out this game since it is similar to neko atsume and also the logo is similar too

And also here is some screenshots from it from the app stores to see what it looks like

It is also a bit different then neko atsume like for example

  • You can pet them
  • of course different looks
  • different company
  • over 3000 unique actions
  • Hamsters change in day to night
  • And other cool stuff too!

if you want a link for it here it is

Google Play:

App Store:

I recommend it if you don’t really like it, but i want u to try it!

-Mod snowball


Sometimes, you don’t get the whole story from one side. When these ads are placed on a corner, they challenge the viewers preconceived ideas about animals. However, when they walk around the corner, the full extent of the ad can be seen.
This image was based off an image campaign created by Depaul. If you like the concept, please share the image by reblogging it! (full disclosure: The more viral I can get the image, the better my mark is)


40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think
Many people complain about advertisements as an obnoxious way for companies to invade our everyday lives and cram their products down our throats, but that’s not all that advertisements are good for. The advertisements on this list are excellent examples of effective advertising strategies for social issue campaigns that let their voices be heard.

A well-made advertisement is designed to grab your attention and to remain in your memory long after you’ve left it behind, and that is exactly what many of these social causes need. Getting people to think and worry about various social and environmental issues (or even simply getting them to be aware of them) is important for raising public supporting and affecting meaningful changes. A few of these ads are, in fact, commercial ads, but it’s still nice that they champion socially or environmentally aware causes/products.

Just like with commercial advertisements, having just the facts is not enough. They are important, but the ad must also appeal to the observer’s emotions. Many studies have indicated that emotion can have a powerful effect on memory formation, ensuring that memories with emotion will last longer than those without.

Picture 1: Torture Victims Are People Just Like You And Me
by Advertising Agency: Advico Y&R, Zurich, Switzerland

Picture 2: Child Soldiers: It’s Not Happening Here, But It’s Happening Now
by Creative/Art director Pius Walker, Amnesty International, Switzerland.

Picture 3: Save Paper – Save The Planet
by Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark

Picture 4: See how easy feeding the hungry can be?
by Advertising Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Johannesburg, South Africa

Picture 5: Neglected Children Are Made To Feel Invisible. Stop Child Abuse Now
“To dramatize the issue of neglect, we placed mannequins dressed as children behind billposters. When the inevitable happened, we revealed a second message.” (Australian Childhood Foundation, JWT Melbourne)

Picture 6: For The Homeless, Every Day Is A Struggle
Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia