Whether you’re David Beckham, a worldwide soccer phenom or superstar of your subdivision, you’re done with all the confusing small print, complicated offers and other so-called deals filled with fluff. The time to shake up the wireless industry is long overdue. Introducing All-In Wireless, only from Sprint. Now, get unlimited talk, text, high-speed data while on the Sprint network and a new smartphone with Sprint Lease, #AllIn, just $80/month.

Watch David’s new commercial for Sprint. 


Drink driving ad I created for my Film Diploma

Kim Sunggyu a business man who fell in love at first sight with a culinary student in his last year, Nam Woohyun. When the love grew stronger, they decided to bless their love by bounding themselves in a pure knot of marriage. They adopted 5 children, Dongwoo (9 yrs old), Howon (8), Sungyeol (6), Myungsoo(5), and Sungjong(3). But life didn’t stop there, ahead of them waited a BIG responsibility, parenting. That’s when things became more interesting and complicated.

Author: Shock_Shock

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