charlotteearney I was a bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding (hence the outfit) but there were two bars, one they’d rented for the wedding and one they hadn’t.
I was sitting with my fam to escape the wedding madness in the other bar and who walks in but Alex bloody turner AKA my number 1 teen crush.
So we asked to get a photo with him and I wasn’t over it for at least a month after.
The best part of the story is when I posted it on Facebook and a classmate commented like ‘your boyfriend looks so much like Alex Turner!’

Christmas Gift

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: my cousin - “Christmas cause tis the season ya know??”

The reader has something for Tom!

Warnings: Fluff :,) Overall cuteness!

Word Count: 3,000

“See you later Mrs. Holland, enjoy your Holiday with Tom! I’ll contact you as soon as I get the results”

“Enjoy your time with your family as well, see you in two weeks” you wave goodbye as you close the door. Tessa sat next to your feet waiting for you to walk. Once you lock the door you turn around and head towards the kitchen.

    Nikki was coming over in the afternoon because you needed to talk to her about something. So while you waited, you decided to make a cup of tea and relax outside with Tessa. Tom was away for filming and would be home this weekend for Christmas. You were extremely excited because you haven’t seen him in a couple weeks. Tessa probably missed him the most but you made sure to keep her busy so she wasn’t lonely.

    The ringing pulls you away from your thoughts of Tom. A twinge in your heart making you miss him even more. Lifting your phone up you see it’s Tom trying to FaceTime you. Your smile returning to your face you answer it to see it connecting. His face appears on the screen, a smile on his handsome face. 

    A little damp curl hung down onto his forehead. His hair was growing back after his recent cut he had. Most of his fans didn’t like his hair short but you thought it suited him just as much as his curls once did. Tom occasionally mentions he misses his curls but then likes the simplicity of his short hair. 

“There’s my gorgeous wife, how have you been love?”

“Still unpacking most of our stuff from the wedding… I didn’t realize we got so many things for our kitchen” your eyes move over to the pile of gift boxes by the kitchen. His laughter brings your attention back to the screen. The prominent dimple when he smiles is out making you smile. It was your favorite thing to see. You loved it when he smiled.

“I’ve missed you terribly these past few weeks, why do honeymoons have to be so short” you pout as you set the phone down. When the two of you got back from the honeymoon he left the next day for filming.

“Well I’ll be home this weekend love, I can’t wait for you to open up the gift I got you” filling up the tea kettle you see Tess jump up and rest her paws on the counter. Her face trying to see over the counter. She could hear Tom’s voice coming from the counter.

“Ther’s my girl!” Tessa’s tail starts wagging quickly, the sight completely adorable. Grabbing a mug you set it down once the kettle starts whistling. Gripping the counter due to the room seems to spin. A groan left your lips as you leaned against the counter. You were afraid you’ve come down with the flu or something. 

“you ‘lright darling?”

“Oh, y-yeah I’m alright just kind of exhausted lately is all… I had a doctor come to the house because I couldn’t get up and I didn’t want to be a bother to your parents” you explain pouring the hot water into your Spider-Man mug. The smell of peppermint tea made you let out a satisfied breath.

   The two of you talked as you sat outside. Every so often Tessa would bring you her favorite toy and you would throw it out into the yard. Holding the phone up a bit you sit up to reach for your tea. Tom tells you about his latest stunt he’s been working on. You listen and sip on the tea, music from your Google home played in the background.

    Today became relaxing as the two of you chatted. At one point he had to go to the makeup trailer for some fake blood. He leaves the frame for a quick second while he gets into his chat.

   A knock makes you turn your body to see Nikki behind the sliding glass doors. Tom comes back into view and sees his mum on the screen now. Closing the door behind her you hand her the phone so she and Tom could chat for a bit. Nikki teases Tom saying she knows something he doesn’t know, hinting at one of his gifts she got him.

“Shit, uh sorry mum I have to go. I just saw the time and I have to be on set! I love the two of you and can’t wait to see everyone this weekend” waving goodbye he hangs up the phone making the screen return to the home one. Nikki hands your phone back to you followed by a 'thank you’ as you grab it.

“No wonder where Paddy gets that language from” a chuckle leaves Nikki as she adjusts herself on the outside couch. Setting your empty mug down you look out into the yard watching Tessa run back and forth. Her happy smile on her face making you instantly happy. “When do you find out your results love?” looking over you see Nikki with a quirked brow. Explaining to her you say the results come in at the end of the week when Tom comes home. The two of you have been talking about how you’ve been feeling lately.

     Nikki, a woman of four boys is insisting that you’re pregnant but you just think you have a severe stomach bug. Either a stomach bug or the flu but you didn’t think you could be pregnant. It was too soon for you to be pregnant. Tom is too busy with a current movie to be focused on a baby. Your thought was ruining his career as well by having a baby if that were the case.

 "It better be a girl, there are too many boys in this family" Nikki laughs and you couldn’t help but laugh as well at her statement. She then goes on about how she wants a granddaughter to take adorable photos of. With her stating that you could imagine the photos she would take. Knowing Tom he would make sure she had Spider-Man things. Then Harrison would give her Batman things to wear. 

“I haven’t even told Tom about it” you let out a small sigh looking down at your wedding ring. The light reflects off the diamond sending a small ray to the couch cushion.

 "He doesn’t know you’ve been sick lately?“"No, I’ve just kept it to myself besides today because he would have seen the bill charged to the account for the doctor” the explanation seemed to make up for it as she nodded giving you a small smile. As she stands up she says I should tell Tom when I find out the results. Leaning down Nikki gives you a hug and a kiss on your forehead

“Thank you for telling me, I’m surprised by the news as well… Merry Christmas” once you hang up you put your phone away. Turning around you see Harry behind you. Harrison was right behind him holding his phone out, probably on his Instagram.

“When is Tom going to come in?” Harry asks as he plays with his new camera. He raises it snapping a quick photo of you. Pushing him slightly he laughs looking over at Sam and Paddy fighting over something in the living room. His finger slides up to push his blind mouse looking glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“He’s supposed to be home in an hour, I’m heading to the airport soon to bring him over here” ruffling Harry’s curls you take your keys off the hook and head towards the door. Making sure you have anything before you leave Dom comes up to you by the doorway.

“I know you haven’t told him how you’ve felt lately but he de-”

“I got something planned so don’t worry” giving him a smile you turn the handle pulling the door open. Once you open the door you see Tom with his bags along with a huge smile plastered on his face.

“Surprise! I’m home before Christmas!” Tom pulls your shocked body into his. Your eyes widened as he squeezes you tightly. Hugging him back you rest your cheek against his chest. The smell of his cologne easing your nerves like it normally does.

  Tom comes in after giving you a chaste loving kiss. Sam and Harry bring in his bags while he gives everyone else hugs. Thoughts swarmed in your head as you set your bag back down. Keys jingling inside the bag once it hits the ground. Turning around you head towards where everyone else was. Paddy is attacking Tom in a hug, the smile on Paddy’s face warmed your heart. The sight absolutely pure and sweet.

  The day went on as the family mingled and ate the food Nikki, Dom and Sam cooked. Sam was passing out plates handing you one as he passed by. A waft of something made you halt to a stop.  Covering your mouth you back out of the kitchen to try and breathe it out. Tom looked at you from across the kitchen island. A concerned look was etched into his features.

  Waving over at him with a smile you try and look fine. Nausea startled swirling in your stomach making you groan in defeat. You hated feeling sick because you were immobile while you recovered. That is not what you wanted to do since Tom would be home for a few days before going back for filming. Taking a deep breath in you walk back to the kitchen.

      As you reached for a spoon that was stuck in a dish your hand is stopped. Following the hand so see the familiar watch. You knew it was Tom because you got him that for his birthday this year. He was holding a plate and told you he put one together for you while you were out of the kitchen. Looking at his other hand he was holding out a glass of wine for you. 

    You set down the plate you had on the counter to free your hands. Taking the plate and glass you kiss his cheek as the two of you head towards the table. Nikki looked over at you then to the glass filled with what smelled like Merlot. Setting the plate and glass down you sit down in the chair Tom pulls out for you. Thanking him he takes his seat right next to yours. 

“Are you sure you should be drinking that lo-”“Mum, she can drink what she wants. You’d be surprised how much she does at home” Tom’s statement makes you nervously laugh as you poke your broccoli with the fork. Dom changes the topic about asking Paddy if he’s excited to open his gifts. Of course, Paddy excitedly replied about the big box that had his name on it.      

     You desperately wanted to drink the whole bottle but you couldn’t. Eating the foods on the plate that didn’t make your mouth dry. Practically avoiding the dry foods on your plate. Harrison asks Tom when he needs to be at the airport. The two of them were going to be leaving together in a few days. Conversations become a blur as you zoned out. Bringing a piece of food to your mouth and putting it in and chewing slowly. 

   Looking over you see Tom’s custom wedding band you had made. Your eyes moved up to see him with a concerned look on his face. The look matching the one from earlier when you left the kitchen.

“Love, is everything 'lright? You look pa-”

“Presentssss can we go open them now?” Paddy’s excited voice tears your attention away from Tom. Harry takes Paddy’s plate taking it to the kitchen. He then proceeds to take his place next to Paddy near the tree.

   Nikki takes Dom’s plate after he finishes. Sam told Paddy to wait till we were all finished and to just play on his IPad till then. Tom comments on how you haven’t finished your wine. Before you could answer Nikki walks by picking up your glass. She then finishes the glass of wine making Dom raise a brow at her actions.

“I forgot to tell Tom, love, her medication can’t be mixed with wine no wonder why she hasn’t touched it” once Tom looks away from her she sends you a wink. Guilt continued to grow inside you because now Nikki was lying to her own son.

   Rising from your seat you take your plate to the bin and empty the remaining remnants of food. Setting it in the sink you turn the water on to start washing the plate. Moving to the side you reach for something till arms wrap around your waist. A smile appearing on your face when Tom kisses your cheek repeatedly. Giggles leave your lips as he held you tight to him.

“We can worry about that later, c'mon love lets get together over in the living room”

   Tom takes your now dry hands leading you towards the living room. Paddy had passed out everyone’s gifts setting them down in specific spots. Of course, yours and Tom’s gifts were next to each other. Even when the two of you dated you two always sat next to each other. It was almost out of habit now that you two were close to each other.

  The hour passed by as we all opened our gifts. Tom reaches for the envelope you gave him moments ago. Nikki thanks Paddy for her painted frame that he made for her. A picture of him and Nikki together from the wedding. Tom gets everyone’s attention once he sees the warning on the front of the letter. Nikki leans down and whispers something into Harry’s ear.

   Reaching into his pocket Harry pulls out his phone holding it up. Sam looks at his twin with confusion but looks back over to Tom. Of course, Tom asked what was going on. Telling him you wanted it recorded. Kissing his cheek you see him flip the page to your letter. He read it out loud because Dom told him to.

Dear Tom,

    I’m writing this to you because I’m not the best with words. I’ve seen you grow as an actor, as a person and as a boyfriend and now as my husband. You have been my rock through everything I have experienced. There’s going to be one more person in your life that will need your love and affection. No, I’m not talking about Tessa bear. I know when we got married we never planned for parenthood. Tessa has been our child for the years we’ve been together. There’s going to one more person in your life that is going to change your world for the better…

    So, Tom, I wanted you to open this in front of your family to announce that there will be a new addition to the Holland family in nine months. I know you’ll be an amazing father, you have the heart of gold and the heart of Spider-Man who’s always there for everyone and protects your loved ones the best you can. Knowing that, I know you will be an amazing father Tom

Love ,

Mrs. Holland and Baby Holl-” Tom turned his head to look at you, his eyes brimming with tears. A huge smile brightens the straight face he had when he was reading the letter. Grabbing the letter you turn the page to show the ultrasound you had the other day. You’ve been pregnant even before your wedding, that was what your doctor told you.

“I-I’m going to be a dad” his hand rests lightly on your stomach as Sam and Harry shout excitedly. Paddy looking in complete shock while Dom jumps up and down. Even though they had their hunch the confirmation sure had to be music to their ears.

This is a beautiful gift darling, we created something together that I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life.. There is no way our baby could ruin my career. They can only make me a stronger person and knowing we were able to create a life gives me so much joy and of course they will have to love Spider-Man” you couldn’t help but laugh at what he just said at the end of his sweet statement.

“Of course, I wouldn’t have a doubt in my mind you would teach them to love Spider-Man… I love you so much Tom” Capturing his lips with yours he cups your cheek with his hand. The warmth of his skin soothing.  A camera flash goes off making you turn to the side. Harry had a big smile on his face as Sam had Harry’s camera that’s flash was up.

“IT BETTER BE A GIRL!” Paddy blurts out making everyone burst into laughter. Looking around to see the smiles on everyone’s faces made your heart flutter with happiness.

This moment was perfect, and being with Tom made it a million times better. He truly is a blessing.

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(SPOILER)So this is why I’m emotionally a mess by it.

I’m on my phone so can’t do a read more so you’ve been warned.


So there are going to be different endings. I don’t have time to go though and play again cause I have work but I went off my first save file knowing I made better choices in my other ones. Saw that Rachel can meet Sera so that leaves me to believe a lot of the game is there for me to discover.

So it leaves you with these rather emotionally triggering options to either tell Rachel everything and have her father be painted as the fuck up he is, or to hide the truth. Once you go though that the last part of the game is tons of end credits. Which legit made me geek out. I was crying happy tears seeing a few cut scenes with them.

Then there was the really fucking adorable photo booth scene then… the cut to Rachel’s phone. In the dark room. With 17 missed calls from Chloe.

I broke off a piece of my 350 dollar gaming chair. For a game that is the prequel to a game based off of time traveling powers, I really hoped they would have left some things for us to be . . Hopeful for specially with the Farewell episode incoming.

But no. They remind you that this is a prequel in what is the hardest slap to the face I feel like I’ve ever gotten. They remind you that no matter how much you re-fell in love with Chloe Price and learned to love Rachel Amber that it all ends the same in the end. That none of your choices and the feeling you had to want to protect Rachel won’t matter.

This is why I’m fairly triggered right now. I’m saving the rest of my judgement once I get to replay though with better choices.