Got7 reacting to their lovers baby photos.

Jaebum: He’d really carefully look at every baby photo of you and point out how cute you were to your mother. When you’d be alone, he’d tease you with it, mentioning your chubby cheeks to you. 

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Mark: He’d flick through every page of your baby book slowly and smile to himself. Afterwards he’d ask you if you’re kids are going to be just ask cute as their mother. 

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Jackson: God this guy He’d choo at every photo you show to him and tell you how cute you were and teasingly ask you what happened. He would want to see more baby photos as soon as you finish your first album.

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Youngjae: He’d absolutely adore your baby photos. He wouldn’t say a word as he looks at every photo of yours. He’d tell you that he knew that you’ve always been adorable. 

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Jinyoung: He’d flip through the album with a smirk on his face, not saying anything at first. When he’d get to your bathing photos, he’d burst out into laughter and point at your baby bum. 

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BamBam: He’d be amazed by your cute chubby cheeks and love every single baby photo of you. When you wouldn’t look, he’d sneakily take a picture of your nude photos to use against you whenever you’re fighting.

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Yugyeom: He’d appreciate you sharing your baby photos with you in the first place and wouldn’t try to tease you with them. He’d probably congratulate your mother on having such a wonderful baby and then afterwards tell you aswell~

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