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I've started watching star trek (cos of you and the other converted people) adn I JUST *fist clench* LOVE SPOCK SO MUCH!! I LOVE HIM!! I would lay down my life for the space man,,, help, sorry I'm wierd I had do tell someone


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tbh 90% of the time i have no idea exactly what it is youre blogging about, i just know that youre yelling abt something and that whenever its something good it always makes me happy. your so enthusiastic and just straight up ecstatic abt the good thing its just good vibes everywhere. so i guess the long adn short of it is i hope ur happy +your fandoms/ships have good things happen +i also rly like your blog so yeah! good vibes @ you bruh

This is the nicest message I’ve ever gotten and all of it is true. I may be quite negative with my anxiety sometimes but it really is these fandoms that keep me going. I just get so emotional over stories. I know that every other post I make says “I’m dying” or “I’m screaming” or “I’m yelling” or “I’m crying” but this is because it’s actually true. I usually am so pumped up about things and good stories that I’m constantly thriving on the beautiful ideas they give me.

Now if only I could understand why I read primarily angst and hurt/comfort fics. ..