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do you mind making some more lance hcs?? I've read all of the other ones like 3 times.

anon that’s a lot of headcanons to be reading lmao.. i don’t shut up about my Blue Boy. This is half headcanon/half character analysis lmao.


  • Lance has a boatload of insecurities, but I don’t think he has depression. (Time to project) What happens is that his ADHD causes him to hyperfocus on his mistakes to the point that he gets trapped in his Hell Brain, stuck in this bad cycle where he constantly berates himself and inflates his personal fears. But he’s normally able to manage because he has a huge support network- his bigass family.
  • There are definitely little kids in Lance’s family, and being around kids who love you is so nice?? Whenever Lance starts feeling weighed down, he plays with his baby siblings/cousins/neighbors and lets their enthusiasm feed his until everyone is bouncing off the walls and being ushered outside. I’ve probably said this before, but Lance was Born to be an uncle.
  • Anyway, Lance is used to being surrounded by people he has a deep connection with who truly care about him and love him. So at the Garrison, when he was far away from his family, he struggled a little bit but ultimately supplemented his human contact quota by befriending pretty much everyone. If he knows that people like him, then he can like himself.
  • Which is why in space he’s kind of… deflating. Because he’s surrounded by people who have rebuffed him before, and it’s hard not to internalize that, ya feel?? Like:
    • Pidge refused to do anything with Hunk & Lance when they were all at the Garrison, which is fair bc she was in Deep Cover, but Lance obvi didn’t know this so he was honestly kind of hurt? 
      • All his attempts at friendship and bonding were coldly shut down the moment they left his mouth. Lance spent many a sleepless nights wondering what was wrong with him, what aspect of his personality made Pidge hate him on sight. 
      • It… sucks to know that no matter what you do, someone will remain distant, especially if you’re used to making friends. Lance is a fixer, but how can you fix something if you only know part of the problem?
    • Keith straight up forgot who Lance was. And you know that Lance had really built-up their relationship in his mind. Even if it’s because Lance claims they ‘hated’ each other, it’s clear that Lance considered Keith special in that he was a goal to beat/overcome, and he clearly assumed Keith viewed him the same way. So when they reunited and Keith didn’t recognize him… Ouch
      • It hurts to realize that you’ve put way more into a relationship than someone else, but it especially sucks if they never even noticed you in the first place. 
      • Also, lots of resentment issues thanks to the Garrison constantly comparing Lance to Keith. Bastards.
    • Shiro is Lance’s hero, but Shiro is such… a jackass to Lance gsdhkjgd I’m so mad about how Shiro has been treating Lance as the show progresses. 
      • Shiro kind of… assumes that they’re equals, which normally is fine, but Shiro physically pushes/shoves Lance around, ignores his opinions, and tells him to knock it off whenever Lance acts like himself. 
      • And between close friends, that behavior can be ‘acceptable’, but again: Lance looks up to Shiro. So this treatment.. I can only see Lance negatively internalizing it. How good of a teammate can you be if your hero only ever treats you as a joke?
    • And Allura… it’s clear she’s really not interested in Lance’s flirting. Which would be fine, but it’s kind of been their entire relationship so far (mainly because of Bad Writing), so when Allura rejects Lance’s bad pick-up line she kind of rejects any connection at all, including friendship.
      • Like, you can argue that this is Lance’s fault for constantly hitting on her, but Allura’s natural response to Lance is either Carefully Maintained Neutrality or clear exasperation.
      • That’s not exactly… a warm welcome, so I could see Lance slowly just starting to avoid her. Because it SUCKS to enter someone’s line of view and immediately see their smile drop a fraction. It sucks to know that someone immediately has their guard up the moment you try to talk to them. It sucks to feel like you’ve sabotaged any chances before you even knew you had them. It sucks to realize that you, and your personality, made someone feel this way, and that you are the problem. From there, you learn it’s better to just… stay away, and stay quiet.
  • TLDR Lance is really only comfortable comfortable around Hunk and Coran. And the Space Mice, provided they don’t rat him out to Allura.
  • Lance internalizes a lot of stuff lmao. He reacts by overcompensating; when he feels hurt or out of his depth, he amps up his ego, he goes all out with the flirting, he uses bravado to cover up any cracks in his armor. 
    • (If you keep making them laugh, then they’re too busy to laugh at you.)
  • Lance is his own worst enemy. If someone yells at him and calls him a failure, he can get righteously angry and ignore what they said or crack a joke to ease the tension. He can deflect. It’s when he’s alone, when he has time to think, that he begins to place more pressure on himself.
    • You know how people can become paralyzed by their perfectionism? They’re so worried about getting the end product perfect that they can’t even start the process. That’s Lance, to some extent.
  • He prunes his own self/image. If he can’t get something right, he cuts it out of his personality. He doesn’t cling to it. He gets rid of anything he thinks makes him a failure, anything that shows that he’s useless. All those branches, traits, imperfections- they’re snipped away. And what he’s left with, he clings to. This is his absolute. This is his foundation. These are the tenants he builds himself up from. He’s the ladies man. He’s the sharpshooter. He’s the funny one. This is what makes Lance McClain worthwhile.
  • So when that foundation gets rocked… it’s bad. And normally, he can spring back, because he has his support network. But right now he’s billions of light years away from home, stuck with a team that only seems to like him 70% of the time.

adhd keith headcanons because I sure do love self projecting:

- kovalin/allura/shiro, giving really important instructions: does everyone understand?

keith externally: yeah!

keith internally: what the hell and fuck did they just say???

- sometimes it’s really nice that lance also has adhd and pidge has autism because they can relate to each other on things it’s like comforting solidarity

-but other times,, hhhhh

for instance:

lance is tappin away at the table with his pencil and keith is just sitting there on the Verge Of Tears

pidge enjoys tedious and repetitive tasks (building a computer, programming, etc) so whenever they have to do something like that pidge is filled with !!!!!!! and keith is filled with. rage

- lance: uuuuh keith, dude, you’re like gushing blood right now???

keith: what

- the reason keith doesn’t talk a lot is because people used to call him annoying for talking so much, so he only really talks a bunch when he gets to know people

- the whole team (except for shiro) is fucking Thrown the first time keith chatters at them and they just sort of stare at him and shiro isn’t there to like do anything so he thinks he’s done something wrong until pidge and lance get really excited with him

- keith trying to read some long ass piece of text: I can’t fucking read this

pidge: *solemnly nods her head*

- when he was flying the black lion he would give the team the same instruction like ten times just because he forgot he already gave it to them

- keith, laying on pidges bed: god yesterday lance gave me a flower from the planet we were on on the last mission. a flower pidge a flower

pidge, digging through the junk on her floor to find something: I know you told me this morning

- keith, at 3am: FUCK I forgot to eat dinner

- sometimes if it’s just not the right day Everything will make him angry

- both lance and keith were always called “such bright young kids” but as they got older and their adhd got worse they slowly lost those titles even though they’re both still just as smart. that’s why keith Always has to be proving himself to everyone and lance hates it when people don’t take him seriously. they commiserate

- shiro: keith you’ve been training for 6 hours you need to rest and eat

keith: okay really I’ve only been training for 5 hours because there was a solid hour in there where I just stared at the wall

- keith to himself whenever he’s about to do something impulsive: honestly you’re being such an impulsive bitch right now :///

- the reason keith said he didnt know lance at the beginning of the show was because he forgot for like 5 minutes and was too embarrassed to say he remembered later

- keiths adhd makes it easier for him to get irritated, and then he hyperfocuses on that irritation, and then his lack of impulse control due to his adhd makes him act on it: ie that time he held his sword to that olkari king guys throat

- did I mention keith has no impulse control?

- sometimes keith will literally say out loud “what was I thinking about?”

- sometimes if he’s going to like get food or clean his armor and he thinks of something he wants to do back where he originally was he’ll literally stop what he’s doing and go to do it just so he won’t forget

- he’s read the names of multiply planets, aliens, civilizations, etc wrong and it has. caused some issues

- when lance and keith get together n they’re sharin a bed lance will wake up to keith just staring wide awake at the ceiling and he’s like “can’t sleep? :-(” and keith is like “yeah my heart will go on and the wii sports music are both playing in loop in my head”

- keith will hyperfocus on mistakes he made in battle or things he said that didn’t come out right, etc and he’ll just lay in bed and think about them for hours

- he could forget about something for 5 months and then suddenly remember that one weird thing he said to lance that one time and be stuck in the loop again

- keith did that whole conspiracy board thing back in his shack in 3 hours at 4am just cuz he was hyperfocusing so hard

hhhhh that’s all I have i love my adhd boy!!!

sh/aldins don’t interact

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Hey why do you think Lance has ADHD? I'm really curious because I have it

  • that scene in episode 1 where iverson was shitting on him and by the end of it lance seems like he’s gonna cry? yah, iverson definitely triggered his rsd there
  • his outbursts
  • he has difficulty following instructions
  • obviously him being easily distracted is a trait
  • he’s able to work well under pressure
  • when they’re all gathered in the room sendak was being kept in in crystal venom, he was in constant motion
  • his impulsiveness
  • he has mood swings
  • i dont like s2 bc it made him hyperactive adhd stereotypes when in s1 i, and a few others, thought that he was more inattentive type coded, but him being all hyped up over mermaids counts as evidence to me bc i like the hc that they’re his hyperfixation lol
  • the list goes on, he has adhd and i love my adhd son
some adhd lance hc’s

made by someone who’s got adhd and who loves lance. go figure!!!!

  • lance is a combination adhd type who leans more towards inattentive than hyperactive, but does have his moments!
  • teachers would be confused because he’s a bright kid who has a lot of potential but always turns his homework in late or not at all.
    • it’s the mix of procrastination, executive dysfunction, and fear that the assignment isn’t good enough.
  • stims by using his legs. does the leggy bounce™, leg shake™, the bicycle in the air™, stretches™, etc.
    • some bitch ass teacher: lance can you stay still for a second? you’re distracting the class.
      lance, who shakes his leg even more: just saying, but the only one who doesn’t seem really focused on the lecture is you.
  • knows other people perceive him as being dumb or annoying because of his symptoms. even if he pretends otherwise. 
  • some neurotypical: ooo shiny! a squirrel! haha, i’m so adhd and random.
    lance: you’re like the worst type of person.
  • when the rsd hits and he feels the suffocating feelings that come with it
    • happens when he least expects it to. (i.e. in episode 4 where he talked about his mom)
    • the emotions gets him really fast. sometimes he’ll start crying without meaning to, or end up getting so angry in a flash and then acting like nothing ever happened.
    • will usually isolate himself in order to not ‘burden’ anyone with it.
  • lance would frustrate cry if he was stuck on an assignment that should’ve taken only half an hour, but he’s on hour three, it’s past midnight, and he can’t read.
    • every time the teachers say that there’s no reason for anyone to not finish their homework, lance looks into the camera like he’s in the office. 
  • hyperfixates. a lot. anything regarding the ocean, space, flying, adventure, the great unknown are some of his known hyperfixations. 
  • has a hard time sleeping because his brain won’t stop. just never stops. 
  • also has a tendency to have bad memory/comprehension issues
    • will ask for things to be repeated because sometimes he literally cannot understand or even remember what the other person said
    • allura: lance, please pay attention while we’re giving the instruction for the plan. this is important.
      lance: i know, my bad. i was just looking at keith’s hair and noticed that his hair curls around his ears.
      keith: what?
      lance: you have my full attention, princess!

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do you have any thoughts or head canons about adhd lance?

All I Do Is Think About ADHD Lance 24/7, 7 Days A Week, All Year Long. Anyway here goes.

  • Lance: [mockingly] “We need to focus.”
    • That’s a canon line like… ADHD Lance is real lmao
  • He tries his best to follow verbal directions, he really does, but it’s.. His short-term memory is honestly so fucked to hell lmao. Things just get switched around the moment someone says them.
    • Blue takes to recording things sort of?? Like Shiro and Allura will divvy out tasks at the beginning of a mission, and once Lance is in the cockpit Blue will pull up a miniscreen that has all his duties typed out for him. So he can read them and then know what he needs to do, all in the correct order.
    • When he completes an objective, he gets a checkmark!
  • Lance: I know I’m supposed to take my meds on a strict schedule but what if I… did Not do that… lol
    Hunk: Lance, that sounds like a really bad idea
    Lance: Nah it’ll be fine
    • Lance, thirty minutes later: Hunk, if you have ever loved me, you will kill me.
      Hunk: (rubbing Lance’s back) I know it’s bad, but it’ll pass
  • During his downtime, Lance can usually be found wearing Pidge’s headphones. He doesn’t even have any music playing, he just likes how they muffle out most sound. 
    • Noise-cancelling headphones kind of freak him out, he needs a pair that strikes that perfect balance of Blocking Out Most Noise while simultaneously allowing him to register stimuli.
  • Pidge eventually makes him a pair of blue headphones and Lance spends the rest of the day like :’)
  • He zones out very easily, so he tends to keep a timer on his person, just so he can be aware of.. himself, I guess. He hates losing track of time, because Lance is a very big ‘live in the moment’ kind of guy, so it’s frustrating when he misses out on life because of his ADHD.
  • Lance always needs some kind of background noise, just to keep him from being anxious. When he’s stressed but really needs to focus, he literally just listens to static/white background noise. It’s super helpful actually, I really recommend it.
  • Allura: Paladins, your training session for the day will be spent meditating (Lance gets up) on the bond between you and your- Lance?
    • Lance: (halfway out the door) lmao have fun guys!
  • Sometimes his brain just goes into hyperdrive so Lance will go to the training room and either run around until he gets tired or go on the Altean equivalent of a treadmill and pound out a few miles.
  • His ADHD ties into a lot of his insecurities. Lance has a big family, which means that everyone kind of has to be loud in order to be heard. So his hyperactiveness didn’t really stand out until he hit middle school, which was when he was finally diagnosed.
    • Lance is a smart kid, but he always feels like he’s two steps behind everyone else because of his ADHD. It slows him down, almost, even as it sends his mind into overtime. And that niggles away at him. 
    • A big problem is that Lance doesn’t really know his own limits… or he does, but he refuses to acknowledge them. He’s constantly comparing himself and his abilities against other people (Keith) and becomes frustrated when he can’t ‘keep up’ when in reality… They’re racing on two completely different tracks. He just refuses to accept that.

more ADHD keith headcanons because everyone seemed to love the last ones!:

- keith Hates feeling like there’s nothing for him to do. partly because of his rsd and partly because if he’s not doing something he gets all fidgety. that’s why he left for the blade when shiro came back

- if keith’s morning routine is messed up in The Slightest he’ll forget to take his meds and it’s. Bad

- whenever something makes him happy he has to find an empty room and just laugh and happy scream about it

- keith hella hyperfocused on getting shiro back (both times) and all y'all know it

- those weird fanny packs he has are actually just filled with little things he can fidget with

- whenever keith and lance do something together (cough making out cough) they’ll both forget how long they’ve spent and shiro gets concerned and has to check on them

- keith can’t read for absolute shit

- keith, a bitch with no concept of time: that was like an hour ago

hunk: dude that was literally 15 minutes ago

- speaking hunk, he gets concerned that keith always fuckin forgets to eat and basically lives off of space ramen so hunk teaches him how to cook and keith actually really likes it because it gives him something to do with his hands!!!

- keith loves to learn but retaining new information is. cursed

pidge and hunk will like teach him about stuff and he’ll be like “this is really interesting but I didn’t hear a word you just said”

- the reason he loves hand to hand combat so much is it’s basically all based on impulse, a good outlet for anger, and it involves no sitting and waiting

- he is,, a touch starved boy but also…. a very touch Sensitive boy

- once keith forgot to get his prescription filled and was off his meds for like two days and literally cleaned the whole house in like two hours and shiro came home like “thanks but what the fuck”

- he’s. a big ol anger boy

- keith and lance both have different kinds of adhd and they both Know that there are different kinds but they learn from each other about what the differences are

- keith: anyway what was I saying

- allura,, is constantly enabling keiths lack of impulse control and they bond over doing stupid shit together

- rsd and hyperfocusing makes dysphoria. so much worse :( all the people in his life who rejected him for being trans and the way trans people are treated in society makes him Hate Himself sometimes and hyperfocuses on it as well as all the little things he doesn’t like about his body

- keith, in the middle of battle, literally fighting a galra soldier: *infomercial for a vacuum he saw when he was 9 and 3am playing over and over in his head*

- once he watched all of star wars back to back and didn’t even realize it had essentially taken two days

- he literally relies entirely on autocorrect

- if keith is trying to think of something and someone talks he’ll just put his hand over their mouth

- if he forgets a word mid sentence he’ll get. so mad and spend like 5 minutes trying to remember it and then forget what he was talking about

sh/aldins dont interact

keith: pidge have u ever noticed how big lance’s pockets are,,, i bet theyre filled with secrets……

lance: actually theyre just filled with stim toys,,, *lays all his stim toys out on the table*

keith: o: holy shit

lance: u can use some of them if u want :)

keith: !!!!!!!! :D!!

Pidge:Why do you sleep with my headphones on? The rooms are soundproof.

Lance:Oh their because i cant stand that loud ringing noise when your in a silent room

Pidge:What ringing noise?

Lance: hardy haw haw, you know what once i mean. The loud one thats always there when its too quiet.

Pidge: Lance… are you ADHD by any chance?

Lance: yeah why?

Pidge: because not everyone hears that ringing, its sensory issue and we dont hear it.

Keith: i do… wait its not normal?

Lance: Apparently not! i need to rethink my whole world view now thanks Pidge!

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Hh this week is so bad for focusing its almost the end of school?? Why do we have to work?? Anyways can u do some ADHD lance headcanons if its not too much of an inconvinience thank

bro I’m still basking in my summer I’ve been on break for like a month now. I love being a graduated senior

  • Lance can’t leave anything alone lol.
    • Bug bites? Scratch ‘em.
    • Friend looking down? Bother them until they tell you what’s up.
    • Button?
  • He’s a SKINNY BOY because of his meds. Very lanky. That’s why his jacket has so many pockets in it; he likes to pack snacks like he’s a paranoid squirrel in the middle of a Canadian winter.
  • Lance was GOD TIER in his Creative Writing class because his brain is able to conjure up the most off-the-wall entertaining metaphors so his writing was always fun to read.
    • He’s not too hot at poetry though, but he’s trying.
  • Lance in every math class: Why are they teaching us this?? It’s not like we’ll ever use it.
    • Lance, five minutes later, staring at vectors or some shit flashing across his windshield as he dive bombs during a simulation: Aw, man. 
  • Don’t get me wrong though, he’s still good at math. There’s something comforting about how there’s always an answer waiting for you at the end of the problem. So much of life is based on subjectiveness, or preconceived notions, but math? You just have to work hard enough and focus long enough to get your prize. And Lance has determination in spades, lol.
    • That being said he’s either like, zipping through a complex problem because he’s hyperfocusing like a goddamn champ, or he’s using his fingers to count out 5 + 6 because he can’t remember what numbers look like in his head. #Relatable
  • Lance can speedrun his mouth like a goddamn champ without even thinking. Hours later, when he’s alone and in the shower, everything he said suddenly floods back in and he’s just like Why Am I Alive.
  • When he was a kid, a lot of his symptoms were passed off as him being a rowdy boy. And yeah, Lance IS a Rowdy Boy, but he also… lost a lot of time because he wasn’t diagnosed and helped sooner.
    • Lance, age 16: Y’know… If I’d been diagnosed as a kid and gotten my accommodations sooner… I bet I would’ve gotten into Honors Math in the sixth grade.
    • Hunk: Dude.
    • Lance, teeth gritted: I could’ve gotten that science award.
  • He’s really, really bad at remembering to take his medication. I mean like, once he’s settled into a routine he’s fine because he takes them automatically, but if there’s any sort of disturbance to his schedule… lmao.
    • Person: How do you forget to take your meds??
    • Lance: Well, the funny thing is, I take my meds to remember to take my meds. So you can kind of see how this can be a problem. Asshole.
  • Lance: Okay guys, let’s play a fun game called ‘Am I Zoning Out Because Of My Meds, or Is It Dissociation Hour?’
    • Pidge: This doesn’t sound fun at all.
    • Lance: Yeah well imagine living it!! lol
A Klance HC

•Lance talks really fast
•like really really fast
•he only gets faster as you get to know him/he gets comfortable around you
•no one can keep up with him
•Shiro often has to ask him to slow down
•as Keith starts to like Lance he getts better at hearing what he says when he talks fast
•one time as Lance is talking at light speed and the team is lost™
•Lance takes a deep breath to repeat himself aaaand
• wait.. what?? Keith is repeating what Lance said word for word???? He understood????
•the team is suprised but Lance…
•Lance is shook™
•he starts talking towards Keith more
•then just staigh up talks TO Keith more
•at first keith just talks back normal
•but as time goes by!!!
•Keith starts talking faster!!
•Pidge will walk into a room to see them practically rapping at each other
•they never seem to run out of things to say
•even tho you would think they would with how fast their conversations are
•they get to know each other
•they both came out to eachother in the middle of a fast conversion
•all though the conversation moved on quickly they both kept thinking about it cause!!!!
•!!!! Its always exciting to find another lgbt friend!!!!
•and the mutual pinning is real at this point
•they take turns word vomiting about their favorite thing™
•the only time they slow down is when they talk about something serious or if they are really tired
•their slow talking is everyone elses fast talking
•idk thats all I got
•I don’t know where I was going with this
•so yeah…
•fast taking Klance

Domestic Klance Headcanons
  • Lance tries as hard as possible to sleep in for as long as possible
  • this is a difficult task considering Keith is an early riser he doesn’t even need an alarm he just naturally wakes up at 7 to work out or whatever
  • one time lance tried to wake up early enough to surprise keith with a birthday breakfast-in-bed, but of course keith didn’t get the message to sleep in and was already awake
  • they made a mess making pancakes and bacon together instead
  • lance is a neat freak. it annoys the crap out of keith because he never had to clean up for anyone else whereas lance’s mother pretty much programmed him to clean up after himself and his little siblings
  • keith affectionately labels these tirades as The Nag™…brace yourselves, The Nag is coming
  • lance can also cook??? he chops vegetables like it’s nothing and keith is alway afraid he’s going to lose a finger at the speed he’s going
  • they couldn’t decide on a color scheme for their room so it’s just a mismatched mess of soft blues and and calm grays and vibrant red and angsty black and it looks awful. but it’s theirs
  • lance convinced keith to do weekly Couple Luxury Night where they did relaxing at-home spa treatment-esque routines. he told keith it’d be fun but really it’s just an excuse for him to pamper his boyfriend and take goofy pictures in face masks and cucumbers
  • lance always fixes keith’s hair before he walks out the door because that boy does not know that bedheads aren’t acceptable. keith always pretends to be annoyed but his favorite thing is feeling lances fingers run through his hair
  • lance got them really into competitive cooking shows and naturally it turned into a heated cooking war between the two. since lance is 1000x better at cooking (keith can barely peel a potato) keith is allowed to distract him by whatever means necessary. lance is extremely susceptible to neck kisses, side tickling, and obnoxious raspberries
  • lance in aprons with flirtatious sayings
  • keith complying with the aprons’ suggestions
  • lance totally has a childhood teddy bear that he still sleeps with with named tigre (as a child he didn’t really have a clear grasp on the difference between bears and tigers). He is now señor tigre, respect the title, and is appalled when keith calls it ratty and old-looking
  • whenever lance is mad at keith he pretends keith isn’t there and complains about him to tigre
  • when keith needs comfort and can’t get any words out, lance lets him hold tigre—he might be old as hell but he is soft—and just talks to him about anything until keith feels better
  • they have matching red and blue mugs with cute lions on them
  • keith sleeps on the left side of the bed, but always manages to roll all the way to lance’s side by the morning
  • keith also has deathgrip when he’s asleep, so lance had to buy him a body pillow for those nights when lance just wants to sprawl out
  • lance taped a fucking picture of his face to the body pillow the first night keith slept with it and the next morning lance was woken abruptly by keith shrieking in terror
  • lance likes to do voices and impressions all the time to keep himself entertained and uses random objects around the house as props. keith’s reactions range from tired-of-your-shit to must-hold-in-laughter, but most of the time keith likes to film him on his phone so he can watch it again later. he says it’s blackmail material but these are keith’s videos of the lance that only he gets to see every day
  • whenever lance decides to fart in front of keith he turns it into a punchline
  • keith would never fart in front of other people because it’s fucking barbaric but he feels comfortable enough to voice his body’s concerns (oh god lance i have to fucking dump pause the tv i can’t miss gordon ramsay ripping this neglectful chef a new asshole)
  • they have a weekly chore chart with shifting roles, except keith can’t do the dishes because sticking his hands under hot water and touching grimy dishes is a nightmare for him
  • keith never likes to walk around barefoot esp in the kitchen, so lance makes it fun by gifting keith with funky socks. his most recent pair has shooting stars with a moon made of cheese at the ankle. (keith unintentionally called them cheesy and lance keeled over) keith is known at work/school as the serious guy with uncharacteristically fun socks
  • lance likes to blast music but when it bothers keith, he turns it down and sings along at a moderate volume, which keith finds comforting
  • keith: did u check between the couch cushions
  • it was between the couch cushions
  • they have a codeword for when keith misses a social cue and says something too blunt or rude, that way they can communicate easily in private and when company’s over
  • they also have a word for when lance is doing something annoyingly repetitive that keith can’t deal with
  • lance is superstitious and it’s all pretty humorous, but he never risks going to bed without saying i love you, even if they’re angry at each other. keith doesn’t understand why they need to say it out loud all the time but he knows it makes lance feel better so he doesn’t ask questions
  • some nights they like to sleep outside on the back porch so they can see the stars together, and they make their own constellations
  • when the Bad Thoughts hit lance, keith just stays with him, cradles him, strokes his hair. keith’s blunt honesty is a solace whenever lance splits
  • when lance dissociates, keith finds a simple activity for them to do together to coax him back like watching crap tv or going for a drive with the windows down
  • lance bought this weird porcelain duck cookie jar and every time keith comes into contact with it he stares it down for a good minute out of suspicion and spite
  • if either of them don’t feel like using their voice at any particular time, they bought mini whiteboards with tons of colorful markers
  • keith really likes to doodle?? its not his passion or anything but lance lets him draw on his skin and loves to show off his “new tattoo” to literally anyone
  • keith really wants a cat but lance thinks cats are too boring and moody. lance wants a dog but keith thinks they’re too high-maintenance and overwhelming
  • when they went pet shopping they became unwittingly enamored with a turtle struggling to eat a tomato. it was inspirational, and they named her Rita
  • they probably start a small garden and grow tomatoes for Rita and lance in floppy sun hats and keith digging gleefully into the earth
  • lance naming their gardening hoe keith and promptly running from an angry dirt-covered keith

im dy i ng I could go on about these dorks and their habits

if anyone wants to add anything more please do I'm thirsty for domestic klance fluff

  • Keith: Hey, can I borrow your fidget cube?
  • Lance: Here, man. *presses red and white cube into Keith's hand*
  • Keith: I thought yours was the blue one?
  • Lance: It is, Hunk has a yellow, I got Pidge a green, Shiro the black and white, now you have the red one and you're gonna love it.
  • Keith: You got us matching fidget cubes.
  • Lance: It was that or bedazzled t-shirts, take your pick.

cant stand silence: sometimes i need noise in order to focus which seems really weird to others because they need complete silence in order to focus or feel at ease… but sometimes its opposite for me.

cant stand noise: as in, sometimes sudden loud noises or intrusions on the space is bothering… silence, or a controlled amount of noise is best to help focus or concentrate, or even just feel at ease.

hecking disclaimer: i cant speak for anyone autistic, but i have adhd and me and adhd lance headcanons are like one . were together. (and here i go again being shitty at verbalizing what i mean to say.)