So, one thing I really dont like is when people say that the cast of the new Beauty and the Beast is historically inaccurate, it may be so but like.. Is the fucking beast historically accurate? Is the enchantress historically accurate? Nope, they arent because guess what: ITS A FUCKING FAIRYTALE.
It shouldnt be fully historically accurate, it should be a story for everyone to watch and love and the characters should represent actual people and actual people are not all white, cis and hetero. I get that in the time period of the movie there was slavery in france but.. do you really think Disney would put one of the most cruel things in history in a kids movie? Did you forget that Disney is for kids? Little kids (and adults too) deserve to see themselves represented in fairytales. Why is everyone so angry? It doesnt bother you when actual historical movies about ancient Egypt for example have white cast, so why does history suddenly bother you in a fairytale? Stop being a whiny racist bitch and get over it xoxo♥

Okay, Im white and I will never feel how bad it is to not get represented bacause of your skin color, in media or at all. But I wanted to say something on this topic because it really bothers me, even some people in my school are angry bc of the “historical inaccuration” and they make me really mad :)))

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I'm way too far deep in your blog it's great!! So question, what can you tell us about your OC Adam??

this is adam?? hes garbage?

hes the Big Brother of my 4 androids hes the oldest

him and lexus are team angry blue eyes

  • hates humans. has good reasons for it, but is still an overly aggressive uncaring jerk. #cool story still murder
  • loves when you try to hurt his feelings bc he doesnt have any
  • (he actually does. if he could cry he would be crying a lot and often)
  • extremely protective of alice in particular. sometimes its ‘aw protective big brother’ and sometimes hes straight up manipulative and cold while trying to 'protect’ her
  • loves reptiles. LOVES reptiles. the bigger and nastier and more teeth the better
  • short tempered, arrogant, self confident (always, always thinks hes right), sarcastic, dangerously intelligent and eternally bitter about everything
  • fun fact he screwed up his hair. it used to be neat and evenly cut and he just, ripped it and tousled it and made it messy as a ‘fuck you’ to the scientists
  • let him serenade you with voltaire