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Hey, would you do a headcanon about Shiro×Pidge×Keith. Please😢.

Hey! I don’t ship romantic sh//dge, but here’s some platonic shiro+pidge+keith headcanons!

  • Keith and Pidge have very similar personalities, so they’re always either getting on like a house on fire or fighting (it’s usually the former, but when they do fight? it can get ugly fast) (I mean verbally, they both have wicked sharp tongues)
  • Shiro is the one that can keep them in check, whether they’re getting into trouble together (”Let loose, Pidge!”) or fighting, he helps to keep things from going too far.
  • While if you ask Lance which paladin gives the best hugs, he won’t even hesitate when saying Hunk, if you ask Pidge and Keith? They’ll immediately answer “Shiro”
  • When the team spar together, Pidge and Keith will sometimes team up to take Shiro down. Their combined speed, agility, and quick-thinking actually makes them a formidable force to reckon with, so Shiro ends up working that into their usual training
  • Both Pidge and Keith hate cutting their hair, so when it finally starts growing out and getting in their way, they both force Shiro to put their hair up (either in a ponytail or a braid) cause he does it the best (mostly cause he’s way more gentle with a hairbrush than Lance, who’s a lot less cognizant of his strength)
  • Shiro actually hates peanut butter, and Pidge hates mac and cheese, so when Hunk finds a way to make an approximation of everyone’s favorite Earth food, they trade
  • Keith will eat just about anything, but if pushed, he’d say chicken fried steak is his favorite food (Shiro and Pidge are somewhat disgusted)

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My Hufflepuff guy friend puts Oreos in his sandwiches, and my Ravenclaw guy friend once put gummy worms into his noodles and it melted and mixed into the soup. This is also why I don't have many guy friends 😅

Ok well the noodle thing is kind of weird, but depending on the sandwich that could be good actually.
Like nutella and peanut butter or marshmallow fluff or something.
-Mel (the Slytherin)

I wanted a milkshake but because I am a lactose-intolerant sadsack I could not simply purchase one

so I blended a scoop of Ben&Jerry’s new dairy-free ice cream (peanut putter cookie flavor), a tablespoon of actual peanut butter, two bananas, a handful of frozen raspberries, and about two cups of almond milk and holy shit

this is the most decadent thing I have put in my mouth. It’s…. kind of like drinking a pb&j sandwich, but in a good way.

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Do you think Mastuhana adopt the meme-iest shiba inus? I'm sorry I couldn't doge that bullet

(im hollering oh my god)

They even go to show Iwa and Oiks their new babies, and Iwa can’t help but ask with the most unimpressed look on his face, “no wait lemme guess, are their names ‘doge’ and ‘pepe’??”

they both decide to screw with him and say hell yeah they are. months later Iwa finds out they actually named them peanut butter and cream puff

So much to say.

I’m too lazy to find my laptop so let’s see if I get all of the things out.

Scene:: Saturday night, watching love actually, eating very misshapen peanut butter balls I made (WHAT is the trick to dip them evenly so they do look like a ball and not a piece of dog poop?), Christmas tree lights, cinnamon candle, warm dog next to me, fleece blanket.

Oh yes, I just drank a clearly Canadian- impulse buy at world market. Much better in the 90s.

It’s been a WEEK. Internally I am a mess and cry so very fast. I didn’t even keep up my tumblr feed and find I miss you people and your kids and stories and solidarity. So I’ll share a bit about our week. In more posts. Until I’m too tired to keep up.


🐉🌲👀Lonnie’s Guilty Pleasures for @no-worries 👀🌲🐉

- Lonnie loves the feel of a sword in her hands, some nights when she’s at home and can’t sleep she practices some moves with her mother’s
- She’ll never tell Jay, but she loves braiding his hair. He asked her to do it one day and now he asks before every game or R.O.A.R. meet, she thinks he loves it as much as she does.
- She told the Rotten 4 how much she loves chocolate chips but her favorite cookie is actually peanut butter because Jane would always bake them for her.
- She loves going on midnight hikes through the woods surrounding the school, there have been some nights when Jane has had to go out to get her because she fell asleep somewhere along the trails
- The one thing she’ll never tell anyone (well maybe someday when she finds the courage) is how much she loves Jane’s eyes and how they sparkle when she’s happy and how they seem to tell a story.

Baby There’re Cookies Inside

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 16

Character A bakes too many Christmas cookies so they share it with Character B.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

Baby There’re Cookies Inside; ~ 3, 400 words; FF.NET || AO3

He doesn’t know her name but he knows other things.

She has exactly one grey beanie, that makes her hair look even more like spun gold in contrast, and exactly one pair of black cut-off gloves, that make her fingers look even more slender and pale than they are.

She can’t be more than 23, 2 years his junior, but there’s something in the set of her features that he associates with a person who has seen many sides of the world, many of them not too pretty.

For the last two weeks she has been coming in every day, a bare half an hour after he opens. He always stops himself seconds from asking Ruby, if she’s here during the weekend as well. Somehow he knows she is.

She always orders a cup of tea, sits in the furthest corner of the diner and leaves when there’s barely an hour left till closing time.

She never orders any food and, while she does dash out for a couple of hours around lunchtime sometimes, it’s by no means a rule.

A couple of times he catches sight of a ruffled paperback in her hands. Oliver Twist one time, Peter Pan the next.

He doesn’t think much about it at first but then, towards the end of that second week, December really makes itself known and her departure starts sliding nearer and nearer to closing time. There’s this apprehension in her eyes he notices and it’s not the regular annoyance or reluctance to brave the cold outside the cozy diner that he sees on the faces of most patrons during the winter months. Her worry seems almost a physical thing to him, digging its feet into the floor, while she tries to lead it towards the door.

Granny has been gradually expanding his duties and the first time he’s tasked with baking her famous sugar cookies, he makes almost twice as much as he should. And Killian has a pretty sizable sweet tooth but he doubts his ability to eat the dozens of extras.  So when she starts zipping up her jacket, which looks like it offers little to no protection from the wind outside, and it’s been one of those days when she didn’t dash outside around lunchtime, he calls out without thinking much about it.

“Hey, wait!”

He sees her back go ramrod straight and she seems to brace herself before she turns around with a painfully fake smile.

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George Washington Carver didn’t actually invent peanut butter but I made this vine anyway


George Washington Carver didn’t actually invent peanut butter but I made this vine anyway

Made with Vine

I actually put peanut butter on my bagel. I really like peanut butter and I like to ruin the bagel. You know what’s even crazier that I do sometimes? I do cinnamon raisin bagels with peanut butter. It is really, really out there.

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OC Fact: Okay, Callie has a lot of random knowledge about astronomy and astrology because since her middle name is Astra, she decided that she should know things about stars. So basically she throws in random astrological facts into conversation when no one is expecting them or asking for them.

kgjhgdhk amazing

growing up, reese liked to buy reese’s pieces peanut butter cups from the convenience store near her school because she thought the name was cute, but she doesn’t actually like peanut butter very much so it was always aaron who ended up eating them. reese would take one (1) hopeful bite every time, only to find out that she still doesn’t like them </3

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Hello friend!!!!! Your pyro cosplay is super cute!!!! I was wondering, how did you go about making the mask / where did you buy it? Im planning on cosplaying Pyro and i have no idea what to do for the mask haha

Be prepared to be hot as hell in this cosplay aha

I bought a GP-5 russian gas mask off ebay, the seller I got it from doesn’t have any for sale at the moment but there’s some listings you can check out: [link]

***Please note that there IS sizing to these masks so be sure to measure yourself! [Size chart]

Along with the gasmask I would highly recommend getting a spandex hood to go underneath it: [link]

As for how I did my mask:

-The side filter is a travel size container like this:

You can find these at a local drug store

I painted the lid grey and the bottom black to match the mask

then after the paint on the lid dried I drew a black circle on it

I attatched it using on of these:

They’re called ‘snaps’, you can find them in craft/fabric stores

I glue one to the bottom of the container then poked a hole through the latex of the mask and put it in and connected them

To reinforce it a bit I put some hot glue in the holes of the snap, mine had a hole directly in the middle so I put it there

-The front filter is actually a Skippy singles peanut butter container

about 2/3′s cut off to fit my mask

painted it all grey and the black ring around the side

and the lines on the front of course

To attach this one to the mask, I used velcro on the top and bottom on the inside of the container and the top/bottom of the metal ring of the mask

-The teeny lil notch on the side is just 2 buttons glued together and painted

I attached this with a thumbnail on the inside

-As for the lenses, I used a 5% window tint, I would say test out different tints for yourself if you aren’t sure

That’s about it!

Hope this helps