my heart and soul are too soft for this

the thing I love most about Kirk’s string of ex lovers across the galaxy is that every time he runs into one he’s like 

“!!!!! How are you!! I missed you so much!! How’s your career?? Successful?? I’m so happy for you!! Haha, remember that time we almost got married!! But both of our careers were in the way?? That hasn’t changed but I’m still kinda in love with you and I’m happy you’re doing well!!! Goodbye forever again it’s a shame we never got married but I understand!!”

Salt and Kisses (Yoosung/Reader)

Tried my hand at another Yoosing/MC fic but this time in second person. Totally inspired by this RFA HC done by @juminssi so totally check them out!

Rain pattered against the windows as you snuggled deeper into the couch. Yoosung shifted beside you, tugging the fuzzy blanket further up over you both. It was a warm, lazy evening in his apartment that you decided to spend watching a scary movie.

A brilliant idea, it turned out to be.

Yoosung was more than eager to cuddle right up against you, cradling a bowl of chips in his lap. You snatched another chip as he jolted on cue with a crash from the TV. His eyes were wide, glued to the screen as the action unfolded. He had no idea you were more entertained by watching his reactions.

He hadn’t been kidding when he said he couldn’t stand horror. You stifled a snort, holding back bubbles of laughter in your chest as a faint whimper escaped his lips.  He was so cute, he didn’t even know.

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sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment