Has anybody picked up or received the newest issue of seventeen?


There is a whole section dedicated to college process. It walks you through the application process, standardized test process, essay writing and more!


It motivated me so much that I sat down with my mom today to talk to her about it!


QOTD: What are you interested in studying?


AOTD: Psychology (not quite sure if I want to do child or adult psychology, though), counseling and education!


Important tests and exams are getting nearer and nearer and it’s time for us to get prepared for them. The hardest thing to do is to properly simulate the test day conditions and Proctor is here to make your life that much easier!!!! It even has the instructions that will be read to you!!!!!!!

It has SAT, GMAT, LSAT, TOEFL, ACT and many other exams and it’s F R E E in the App Store!!!!!

So why are you still reading this when you can go download Proctor?!?!??!?! Go go go


Here’s some (mostly free) links that might be helpful to you while studying. If you have any new ones that aren’t on here, let me know! These are just all the ones I’ve come across. I plan on adding to this often, so keep checking back! 

Last Update // 8/29/15

* indicates something I use/love and can vouch for



About the ACT

Official Practice Questions from the ACT people

More stuff from the ACT people (these are actually really great, you should be going here before anywhere else)


*Prepfactory.com An amazing website with quizzes and videos to help you prepare!!



Pacing and a nice score chart

Study Guide 

A nice YouTube vid with some basic tips 

Flashcards (this is a webpage promoting flashcards that you need to pay for but the list of topics on it is a great list of everything covered on the ACT)

Only have one month to study?

Only have one week?

Kaplan’s Free Online Test 

How to study (x

Last minute tips

A free customizable test

LOTS of practice tests 


Another masterpost with apps, SAT help, and more

*A playlist with 111 ACT QOTD’s solved

Princeton’s Free Online Practice Test

Peterson’s Free Online Practice Test 

McGraw Hill’s Free Online Practice Test (also has some subject specific quizzes)


Punctuation Rules

Grammar Rules (x) (x)

Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Practice questions (Punctuation/Capitalization) (Grammar)

Magoosh Blog Posts



Reading Tips

Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Practice Questions (x)

Magoosh Blog Posts

Free Reading Resources

*100 Vocab Words


Formulas (x)

Strategies (warning: comic sans)

Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Practice Questions (Algebra 1) (Geometry)

Magoosh Blog Posts 

Math Review 



Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Practice Questions

Magoosh Blog Posts

*Top Science Vocab Words (x)

Writing (optional section)

Essay Tips (x)

Sparknotes Guide (click through)

Magoosh Blog posts



You should be able to use any older ACT prep books you find, so checking out a discount book store, eBay, or even your local library might help you out! This is because the format and the question type stay the same so as long as it’s ACT, it’s good. However, if you are taking the optional writing section, you might want to check out something newer.

*If you need help with a particular section, try the Sparknotes ACT Prep Books. Math/Science here, English/Reading here

The REAL ACT Prep Guide 

Barron’s ACT 36

ACT Prep Black Book 

1,460 ACT Practice Questions

ACT Elite 36 This has some test specific strategies, so if you’re already solid on the material and want to “cheat the test” check this one out! 

Book reviews (mentions some of the books mentioned here)

Online Tutors

This might not be everyone’s thing, but here are some resources if you’re looking for this! I have never used these sources so I cannot comment on the amount of help they provide.

Critical Reader Tutoring 

Kaplan Tutoring (offers in-person, online, free events, and group tutoring)

Why British Youth Have More to Worry About Than Americans

I’ve never realised how good American kids have it when it comes to the stress of being accepted into a university. Americans take what is basically the entrance tests– the ACTs/SATs– during their junior year (Year 12 for the Brits), and can pretty much gauge where they can get into and with how much effort they can get in with, especially since almost every school has a range of scores that accurately reflect the middle 50% of the student body. The tests themselves are pretty easy to prepare for, seeing as they always have the same subjects (English, Math, Reading, and Science for ACT; Math, Critical Reading, and Writing for SAT) and they are MULTIPLE CHOICE. Oh, and it’s not uncommon for a student to take the ACTs/SATs anywhere from 2 to 6 times.

British students have it SOOO much worse. They have to prepare for their “entrance exams,” aka A Levels, for two years in a single, dedicated subject, like Economics or History. It’s nowhere near practical for a student to retake the exam, especially if they took the A Levels and the AS Levels in one session at the end of their final year in school. And JESUS CHRIST the exams are no where close to being as easy as a multiple choice test. Those exams are written. Entire pages of my exam answer document have been dedicated to a single question. Then, just to add insult to injury, while us Americans are packing and prepping for the university we got accepted to in APRIL, British kids are just waiting to see if they made the grades to GET IN!!! It gets even worse when you mention that some Americans start their University courses before British kids EVEN KNOW IF THEY’RE GOING TO UNIVERSITY!!!  And God forbid the horror that befalls those who don’t get the grades they need for their choice university and have to go through clearing…

In all, I have so much respect for British students. They have far more strenuous testing conditions and far more stress to deal with. I wish you the best on your results!

Pripyat School Act Hall 1.
Panorama of abandoned act hall in school of Pripyat ghost town in Chernobyl exclusion zone.
Original size 15962 x 11455 px (182 megapixels).
Print size 1:1 on 300 dpi: 135,1 x 96,99 cm.
Author: Stanislav Vederskyi.
Pripyat in Panoramas Project.

College Application Resources

Hello everyone!

I wanted to make a post of helpful college websites, tools, etc that I use, to share with everyone else. 

Don’t know if your ACT or SAT scores are better? Check out this link that shows you a chart comparing ACT and SAT scores

Want to read honest reviews of a college and not just Student Profiles on colleges’ websites? Check out this website that has ratings in several different categories from current or past students. Make sure to check each one, a C in drug safety may mean there aren’t drugs and people don’t like that, or it could mean there are drugs and the people reviewing are unhappy about it.  Just read it all. 

Aren’t exactly sure how you stack up to be admitted? Check out this website (it’s the same one, I know) that allows you to create a simple profile and then ask what your chances are.  Please remember, this is not 100% accurate nor is it done by admissions counselor.  It just gives you a ball park. 

Have an interview coming up? Be prepared by reading this article that details how to prepare for an interview.  Just don’t forget, be yourself, be respectful, and be enthusiastic!

Can’t decide which application is best for you? This can be a tricky topic, so to get the full scoop, check out this helpful guide that breaks down the pro’s and con’s for each type of admissions plan. 

Need help with the “Why” Essay? Check out my detailed post on it. 

If you have any questions, my inbox is always open and I would love to talk to people!