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so i was in my room reading a book whith the window open then suddenly I heard someone yell "clap dammit!" So i look out to acros my building only to see the whole batfamily including batman the tiny robin and red hood having a twerking contest. #onlyingotham #batmanlooksdissapointed #nightwingwaswinningagaintredhood #thetinyrobintriedanditwasjustadorable#allthegirlsaretakingpicturesofnightwingsbutt #ithinkthey saw me


A little flow from class last night.
Flyer @tink_d
Base @hyperhamlet

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Flirt Backs, my one weakness.
  • mixterglacia:pst
  • mixterglacia:psssssssst
  • acrosanti:wat
  • mixterglacia:I just got some data in
  • mixterglacia:it says
  • mixterglacia:*clears throat*
  • mixterglacia:ur cute
  • acrosanti:it can’t be
  • mixterglacia:it is acro
  • mixterglacia:right here
  • acrosanti:you sure those aren’t your results?
  • mixterglacia:we've been stu- YUO SMOTH FOK

Jordan standing on the cliffs of Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz. This is always one of my favorite places to visit whenever I’m on the central coast of California. It’s a several mile long pathway next to cliffs over-looking the ocean with incredible views the entire way. 

Mamiya 7, 150mm, Fuji Acros, State film lab


Staying in Unison with Acro-Dancing Twins Teagan and Sam Rybka

This post is part of our monthlong series, #WhyIMove. Throughout May, we’ve shared stories of dancers from all over the globe. To see more of Teagan and Sam’s dance act, follow @teagan_rybka, @sam_rybka and @rybkatwinsofficial on Instagram.

“We love to perform and entertain people, and we feel at home on the stage. Our mum was a dancer and an acrobat and passed on her lifelong passion to us. This is #WhyIMove,” says 20-year-old Teagan Rybka (@teagan_rybka), one half of the Australian acro-dance duo @rybkatwinsofficial with her twin sister Sam (@sam_rybka). “Someone once told us that when they watch us it’s more like watching one person because of our strong unison, but dancing together is more challenging than people think. Trying to dance, execute acro-tricks and stay in perfect unison takes a lot of practice and patience. We’re both very similar in ability because we’ve worked together and pushed each other. We’ve spent most of our life upside down or on our hands down at the studio simply doing what we love!”