“okay, make all your little jokes. but i know who was right on my ass all the way to the car.”
                               “i had no choice. you were my ride home.”

for preciousghoul

Pairing: Kaneki/Ayato
Theme: roommate!au: secrets

Kaneki Ken was a kind person by nature, but Kirishima Ayato was a suspicious person by nature.

He had woken up that day to the smell of Kaneki cooking his favorite breakfast, gave his roommate and odd look when he entered to serve him his meal in bed, giving a smile before leaving again.

He then later walked out to see a present neatly wrapped on the table and Kaneki had left a note, said he had to run some errands but it was for him.

It was the exact pair of shoes Ayato had been eying.

He then was the recipient of his absolute favorite lunch, using ingredients that Ayato knew they didn’t have.

Meaning Kaneki went out just to buy him ingredients.

All in all, Ayato’s suspicion was growing. Kaneki was a nice person in general (it made living with him as easy as it could be when one was roommates with Ayato), but he still wondered why he was so nice.

So when Kaneki brought him a soda when he was just on the couch reading, Ayato finally snapped:

“Oi! You know somethin’ I don’t, don’t you? Just spit it out already!”

Kaneki looked confused.


“It’s why you’re actin’ all nice, isn’t it?” he continued angrily, glaring at him. “Is it my stupid sister? Is it school? What is it? Why’re you being so nice?! What the hell are you making up for?!”

Kaneki blinked slowly and stared at him for a bit longer before scratching his cheek.

“Um… it’s your birthday.”


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what are your favourite wedding cinematographers on vimeo?

My list of absolute favorites**:

I wish I had a list of cinematographers on the east coast but I know of none that have the same styles as those listed above. If you know of any please let me know so that I can add them to my list.

**These vendors are usually documenting South Asian weddings so if you prefer seeing other styles please let me know and I can put together a list as well! 

Fourth of July Livestream - 1776!

Hi all!

So as part of my 2015 Summer Movie Musical Livestream and in celebration of the Fourth of July today, I’m hosting a stream of one of my absolute favorite musicals 1776!

This is the special extended edition of the 1972 movie. The stream room is open now here–the film itself will start in just a half-hour. Come join us!




1776 is a 1969 musical with music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards and book by Peter Stone. The story is based on the events surrounding the Declaration of Independence, as John Adams (William Daniels), Benjamin Franklin (Howard Da Silva), and Thomas Jefferson (Ken Howard) work to persuade the Continental Congress to fight for American independence.

Peter Hunt directed the original production, which was nominated for five Tony Awards and won three, including the Tony Award for Best Musical. The film version, released in 1972, was also directed by Hunt and adapted by Stone, and features several members of the original Broadway cast.




Come on over!

caged-rebellion asked:

I love the way your blog is structured - the aesthetic posts are my absolute favorite. Do you have any blog recommendations that are similar to yours?

thank you! here are just some of my favourite blogs/people 

sectvmsempras houseborgia vanesssaives medeae sekmets altraviolence avernos rowlinginthedeep ibuzoo prettyboykilller seviqny lesrevolutionnaires adamsey kitseybarbour charlesmmacaulay historicae

Meet the blogger

Name: Jordan

Birthday: October 9th.

Sign: Libra.

Gender: Male.

Height: 6'3" (I’ll get stuff off of the top shelf for you. Or put your phone on top of the fridge. Depends)
Sexual orientation: Ehhhh, girls are cute. Guys have to try really hard. So kinda bi? Iono.

Favourite color: Blue
Time: 21:34
Average hours of sleep: Whenever I have to work the next day usually 4-6.

Lucky numbers: I don’t really have one.
Favourite fictional character: Probably Jake from Adventure Time
Favourite famous people: Nic Offerman is pretty rad.
Celebrity Crushes: Kat Dennings, Jeff Goldplum, and Idris Elba
Favourite Books: The Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen is my absolute favorite. A Song of Ice and Fire is up there, too.
Favourite bands: Mountain Goats, Iron & Wine, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Kimya Dawson, and Paul Baribeau
Last movie i saw: Independence Day
Dream trip: A cross country road trip to visit every major museum.
Dream job: Something like a museum or game shop. Or superhero.
What i am wearing atm: D&D shirt and shorts.

And I tag: hannala nonstopmuffintop spiralnights kindoflikeacakeybiscuit vangoghofvalhalla cassiethelarper h0n3yfluff

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Who are your female inspirations from the 60s/70s?

Ah, I have so many but some of my absolute favorites are Bianca Jagger (of course), Edwige Fenech, Barbara Bouchet, Cher, Sharon Tate, Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot, Marsha Hunt, Debbie Harry and my queen Priscilla Presley. There are so many more but these are some of the first ones that come to mind. 

Inception 30 Day Challenge

Day 01: Your favorite character.

I’m a little late to the party here, but hopefully still fashionably :’)

How do I choose my favorite Inception character?  I have puttered along the sidelines of this fandom for years, and my absolute favorite part of it is how these characters have branched beyond the movie and taken on lives of their own in fanfiction and in The General Fandom Consciousness.  I can honestly say, my enjoyment of this movie has greatly increased thanks to the fandom.  The movie I always saw as a lot of unused potential, character-wise.  Nolan is a tremendous film-maker (the shit he does with sound is just crazy omg) but in the case of Inception’s bare-bones story, I felt like we were introduced to all these crazy interesting characters (Saito is like basically a yazuka-esque badass right?) but then we focused almost exclusively on THE LEAST INTERESTING CHARACTER BY FAR.  Cobb, I love you, but you’re a pretty straightforward guy, and you’re basically the only one who got development.  Not cool.  So when I see the wealth of creativity in this fandom taking full advantage of the little pieces we got in the movie and developing them into an enormous puzzle-picture of characters and backstory and worldbuilding, I just get really excited.

So who’s my favorite character?  Is it Arthur for his steadfast loyalty hiding under all that stoic badassery?  Is it Ariadne for how she plays conduit between the audience and the heist, and therefore opens for a wealth of super relatable interpretations in fanfic?  Is it Eames for his light-hearted nihilism (and sexy Tom Hardy face)?  Yusuf for another face that I just want to squish?  Saito?  Fischer?  Coob?  Mal?  I think I’m gonna cop out and say my favorite is the combination of all these characters and how they interact and grow within this fandom.  I just.  I love everybody!!  And above all, I love the creative nerds who have made me love them so much~  Happy Inceptiversary everybody!

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have you heard of the Japanese Drama cd Hetalia counting sheep? My absolute favorites to listen to are Italy Russia and Prussia. When I first listened I had to look up the translation because I don't know much Japanese and wanted to memorize the story so I could listen at night on my phone. I actually don't like Romano in this one because it seems like he's counting for a guy (because he calls you names and stuff and he would never do that to a girl)

Holy crap no I haven’t! Can you give me a link to it? I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE

~Admin Abbi

the-mad-bear asked:

I'm a little out of my comfort zone here, but it's late and I'm uninhibited. I have discovered an affinity for blueberry tea as of late.

Ooh!! Berries are my absolute favorite :). Oh, never feel uncomfortable around me. I just want to know you and thank you personally for being so kind :3. One of my favorite teas is a pomegranate blend.

My absolute favorite match in Splatfest has been just now when my entire team went up against one cat. Not because we won (I really don’t like those kind of victories) but because the Aerospray user and I tracked down that one player and then just jumped around with them for the rest of the match. iT WAS GLORIOUS.

So Sam, Toad, if y’all have a tumblr then y’all rock and I’m so sorry Toad that you got stuck on a one squid kid team because that bites hardcore.

1)Write the rules

2)Answer questions from person who tagged you

3)Write 10 new questions and tag 10 people

tagged by: memephisto-pheles

  1. Who is your favorite band? steven and the stevens or like nsp
  2. Give an explanation of why they’re your favorite band?? NINJA SEX PARTY IS AN INDESCRIBABLE EXPERIENCE 
  3. If you could be any fictional character for the rest of your life, and you have to live their life in their world, who would it be? Steven universe or a gem
  4. Pessimist or optimist? I think an optimist
  5. If you could move to any country, which one would you move to? Canada
  6. What do you honestly think is in space? Aliens and lesbian space mermaids 
  7. If you could know the exact date you’d die, would you want to know? Nah mate 
  8. What song describes you as a person? gdi??probably Nicki’s monster verse
  9. Antiques or brand new? Antiques
  10. What is your absolute favorite color? Yellow or types of pink 

My Questions:

    1.Favorite animal?

    2.Favorite TV show dad

    3.Do you prefer a group of best friends?


    5.One thing you want to be good at?

    6.Whats your favorite Dinosaur?

    7.Favorite mythical creature?

    8.One thing you wish Netflix would add?

    9.Ever fist fight someone?

    10.Coke or Pepsi?

hetalia-satan elapheguttata poledancingghostboy

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sethalapod pearl-gets-stabby-stabbed all-the-nonbinary-homo

faeriesandbrimstone asked:

3, 4, 18? c:

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?
My favorite fics to write are set in canon, and chock-full of tropes. I love writing long one-shots that are pre-relationship, where the pairing gets stuck together, or forced to be around each other so they need to work out their issues (or learn more about each other). I love, love, love, to write fic where one or both of them is just ~overcome with desire for the other, so they end up banging it out.

4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?
Oh man, so many. I admire fic writers far more than published writers in general, because there’s a poetic style that I see in fic (and love) that I don’t get out of novels generally. The first fic writer that I fell hard for was falseeeyelashes on livejournal. Her fic is some of the most poignant and beautiful and effective that I’ve ever read. I virtually never re-read, but I re-read her fic still. I admire aimtoothpaste greatly, and am continuously in awe of both her concepts and execution (where often in fic you only get one or the other). I also admire deemnfic, foxbones, and coalitiongirl for their flawless characterization, attention to detail, phrasing, and the element of dry humor that they include (without it ever being cracky or inappropriate). And, of course, all of my fanfic writing friends, I admire you guys so much and I know you make me better.

18. How old were you when you started writing?
I started writing when I was 12.


tagged by basically all of tumblr to post my six favorite records. I actually have 4/6 of these on vinyl and they sound so beautiful and wonderful. 

  • bella donna / stevie nicks: my absolute #1 favorite record of all time. nothing calms me down like this.
  • blue / joni mitchell: no explanation needed
  • the stranger / billy joel: the billy joel love is genetic in my family. also, vienna (aka: best billy song ever) is on this record
  • tapestry / carole king: again, self-explanatory. this album is a religious experience
  • fleetwood mac white album: yes, I like it better than rumours
  • ultraviolence / lana del rey: kudos to lana for being the only ~modern artist on this list. her voice and lyrics are haunting.

I’m tagging outllawqueen joyswilliams madame-mayor lisaedelstein

S: It’s been almost ten years since we did [Lord of the Rings].
V: It was ‘99 when we met. October 1999 when we first went to Wellington. It’ll be ten years this autumn and I remember it was windy and rainy when I met Sean. We were both like fish out of water.
S: We were both like, “What the fuck are we doing here?”
V: We went to the Green Parrot often. It was nice, regular working man’s dinner. You could have a bite. And this is how long ago that movie was made–you were still allowed to smoke in the restaurant. Not that we smoked…
S: We didn’t like the Hobbits very much at first. We got to like them in time.
V: We had to keep them down. Like wild animals.
S: Very vicious creatures. We got on well eventually. But we stuck together, Viggo and me.
V: Then you died and left me holding the bag.
S: That was a great scene though. I enjoyed that scene.
V: They did change things from the book. Why couldn’t they just leave him alive until the end?
S: Yeah, why couldn’t I just get wounded?
V: We could’ve had so much fun when I became king!

Empire Awards. March 29, 2009. London.