Dressing to Impress

Though the whole clan has dressed to the nines for the winter ball, the main representatives are the most stunning of them all. 

The matriarch, Ibaacuine, has broken out her best gown for when she meets the foreign dignitaries. Alanis, the father of the young princesses for which the event is being held, has pulled on his best silks to match the queen. The solemn chief of security, Nahein, has been roped into the role of the matriarch’s escort and prime arm candy, thus he dawns a shining new set of armor. Hoping to bring a face to the clan’s merchant caravan, Haramios has picked up a nicer coat and some golden finery. And finally, the matriarch’s young prodigy, the ever quiet Nimué, has been tucked into a stunning white ensemble. 

They make quite a sight for the ball’s guests. 

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Prompt: ‘No skeleton decorations during Christmas? Let me remind you that your nickname is 'Bones’.’ Because fluff is nice and Nightmare Before Christmas is for this season.
Word Count: 375
Author’s Note: I think it makes perfect sense to have skeletons hanging up

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25 Days of Outlander- Day 5: Favorite Claire Outfit

These are just a few of my favorite Claire outfits of S2. Obviously I have a thing for blue. The dress she wore during Faith is probably my absolute favorite of the entire season though. The color and the detail on it is just stunning.

And honorable mention for the real MVP of S2- The shift and this deleted scene. SorryNotSorry. Gif credit to @thesassenach.

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Raven which premade mixture you like the most and which you like the least ?

Hi there! The premades that I like the most are always the ones that I feel have the most unique faces, or faces that really seem to have a personality. I don’t ever really dislike any of them, but I’m not the biggest fan of sims that seem to have a ‘basic’ face. I’ve found that Lilith or Angela Pleasant always make some of my favorite babies. Of course I compiled a little list of my absolute favorites for you, though!


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Cartoon Question: Which Sailor Scout transformation is your absolute favorite?


Among the inner senshi I would have to say Mars. I really like the fire effects and the spinning and the shoe focus. It’s really cool.

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Among the outer senshi it’s definitely Neptune. I really like the colours and the water effects and her hair flip. It’s really great.

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So I guess Mars and Neptune are my favourite and of the two I like Neptune’s the best.


(I’m still bitter that Saturn never got a transformation in the original series though. That would have had the potential to be a favourite. If they make another season of crystal she better get one)

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Pre dating headcanon that these two goobers always accidentally hold hands. Like they're walking down the street and neither of them remember taking the other's hand but when they realize it they both get flustered as fuck. Or walking in the hallways in school and they turn away to go to different classes and they just,, don't let go,,, they're such subconsciously romantic nerd.


Yooo, accidental hand touching, gazing for too long, and all that jazz is my absolute favorite… They’re so INTO EACH OTHER and they get so flustered UGGHH THE PINING

I respect everybody’s opinion’s but I need to vent right quick!!! Michonne is my absolute favorite character. I love her DOWN!!! Shes the only one who can make me legit stop watching MY FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WORLD (for 3 weeks😂) if they EVER even THINK about killing her off. (I didnt even like typing that) but Im also a fan of THE WALKING DEAD!!! I read the comics, Been watching since S1 so while I understand ppl being upset that Michonne and/or Rick arent getting much screen time, I cant help but be annoyed at how much complaining the fandom has done this season, its so ughhhh. Like, I get it if you dont like the story thats being told but I like being part of the social media fandom to ENJOY this show w/ yall. To ENJOY our ship!!! Thats why I joined Tumblr in the first place and I STILL dont know how to work this shit for real😂😂😂 This season is about Negan and what his presence does to the group. Love it or hate it thats what it is. Things are gonna change as the story moves forward. YES this season has been slow and it aint the first time a season has been slow…things will pick up and things will change. Ok Im done!!! ✌🏽️

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Name your 5 favourite blogs and write reviews for all of them

I’m offended ((not really ily)) by your use of “favourite” but I’m thANKING you anyway this this like he cutest ask I’ve ever gotten??? Bless???

Alright buddo so number 1 as got to be @brumble-tunges-scrungles-cumbis because like,,, they’re one of my absolute favorite people in the world. 1958/10 will make you laugh until awkward snorting sounds come out and is one of the kindest most lovely people in the world WARNING: they will, destroy your sleep schedule, convince you to watch horror movies at 3 am, and will murder you repeatedly without mercy in any first person shooter dESPITE CONSTANT PLEADS TO BE SPARED

Coming up in number two is the always amazing @sarcasticwanderlust for many obvious reasons. Like??? They’re so lovely??? And funny??? And talented??? And creative??? And awesome???? 5/7 deserves the world and much much more

Fabulous #3 is gonna be @leawiththebeatles because she’s so??? Amazing??? A great friend I would 19572/10 recommend she’s great and funny and ejckwjzkal yes. Many many yesss.  Bless this human.

The always amazing number 4 is going to be @peppermintnerd because I cant describe in words how absolutely lovely and sweet she is??? Without a doubt one of the kindest people I’ve met and I adore??? Absolutely fantastic human.

Last but not least in any way shape or form is my smol son @twiddlemediddle i love??? Gia??? So??? Much???? They’re my everything??? I would sell my soul for this little shit bless. Imma cry we’ll be in the same school again next year I can’t wait.

((There’s tons of other amazing people these people are all fantastic and I 29482/4 suggest you follow them they’re wonderful)))

#BooklrPositivityWeek Day 1: Introductions!

I saw this on my dash and haven’t ever really done anything like this, though I’ve been on tumblr for a while, I usually just lurk in the corner and not say anything. But I’ve decided I’m going to step out of the corner and say Hi.

-I’m Carly I’m 30 (ancient in Tumblr years) I live in a smallish town in New York around Niagara Falls

-I’ve always been a reader since I was a kid. But the first book I remember reading and loving was Ramona Quinby Age 8 by Beverly Clearly. I read that one so many times it was falling apart. After that it was all things Harry Potter all the time.

-I’ve read so many amazing books this year! Crooked Kingdom, A Darker Shade of Magic, and A Gathering of Shadows have been my absolute favorites! I haven’t been so excited about so many books in a long time!

-I’m currently reading A Court of Mist and Fury and I’m obsessed. I’m forcing myself to read it slowly, partly because I’m scared at what’s going to happen. And because I don’t want it to end.

-When I’m not reading I’m usually watching movies and tv shows. I love Peaky Blinders, the walking dead, and pretty much every Movie Marvel Creates. I used to write a lot when I was younger and I’m finally now getting back to that but it’s a slow process.

Thanks so much to @books-and-cookies
and @thebookishdragon for doing this! It’s so nice to meet everyone!

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2nd SS here and my fav thing is becoming a blanket burrito and Christmas music. I hope you have a wonderful day today and before I go who's your absolutely fav youtuber? ~Coffee Addict dork

Honestly that sounds amazing :D

My absolute favorite YouTuber will always be the beloved rooster Mark. <3

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I've shipped Stydia for awhile now but I just started reading their fanfics. I have to say there are some good ones but yours are my absolute favorite! You capture both of the characters individually and as a couple so well. Just wanted to say thank you for writing!! And for Stydiacast!




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This is something I've always wanted to read a good fic of, but Kurogane and Fai meeting as kids and growing up together and eventually having all the gooey feeling for each other ❤️💙


so I’ve written a whole au fic about this which you can read here. I wrote this about 4 (omg i’m getting old) years ago and while i do still like the ideas i had, i do one day want to rewrite it because i think it can be so much better with how i’ve grown as a writer. but of course, feel free to read it if you’d like <3

but forget about my fics, my absolute favorite fanfiction of all time is this one. It was the first fic i read after i got into the fandom (and partly inspired my own fic). It’s so beautifully written and done and I love it so much and I want everyone to read it so please read it, you won’t regret it


New Studyblr (Sorta)

Hey guys! My name is Nisha, aka studyoncaffiene and I love just about everything about the studyblr community. So I haven’t been very active lately, but now I’ve started blogging like crazy! I love making my own bujo layouts and notes, and even decorating my room, and I am planning on posting loads of pics pretty soon. 

 So here are some facts about me:

  •  I love drawing/sketching and I hope to post some of my works as well. 
  •  Bio is my favorite subject and I want to be a doctor in the future!
  •  My absolute favorite foods in this world are French fries and bundt cake! 
  •  I also like creative writing.

I am looking for more studyblrs to follow and I’ll be following a LOT of them! So like and reblog this post and I would love to check your blog out and follow you! And I would really appreciate if I can get a follow too! xx

I’m going to be thinking about this episode until next year probably…

Just for clarification to those who don’t watch Shameless, one of my absolute favorite ships in the entire world slightly got out of the shit. My babies Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich deserved better and they are slowly starting to get it.

These dudes started out as a spur of the moment frickle frack, where Mickey (who was raised by a racist, rapist, pedophile homophobe. I’m not even exaggerating…) hella denied his gayness. Ian, who was previously fucking his 40 year old married boss had been all about Mickey though. He got him to fuck him a few more times to the point where they were friends with benefits, except Mickey would probably kill Ian if he was having a bad day. One day they were getting it on in the stockroom of Ian’s job (where he also fucked the boss, btw) and the boss walked in. Super closeted Mickey Milkovich ran out in a panic, but then came back and taunted the dude about Ian. And got shot in the leg. The 40 year old boss just shot him. When the cops came, he said he was robbing the place (which he had done previously, and he did pick up and eat a snickers bar) instead of saying he got shot because the dude was jealous and he had to go to Juvie.

That’s just the beginning my dudes. So Ian’s best friend is Mickey’s sister Mandy. He kept up with his being in Juvie through her and ended up visiting him once (AT LEAST). He even came with her to pick him up. Mandy knows of Ian’s gayness, but not that Mickey is so anytime he would gossip about the dude he was “"seeing”“ she had no idea he was talking about her brother. Back to those two, they went back to screwing, and pretty regular because the 40 year old boss ran away and left his family and Mickey got a job at the store as security. One day while they were going at it in the storeroom Ian’s dad (a shitty drunk who was currently scamming a chick with a heart problem for her insurance, and actually literally killed her) walked in. Mickey had decided that he was going to kill him. Literally. Mickey Milkovich had a plan and a gun and was going to actually kill the guy so he wouldn’t accidentally tell his dad. Ian begged him not to, and Mickey ended up saying that Ian was nothing but a warm mouth to him. His actual words, btw. But since Mickey actually did care, he couldn’t kill his dad so he punched a cop in the face to violate parole because Juvie was safer than dealing with his dad if he found out.

So after that Ian had gotten with this 60 year old bisexual doctor who was also married. They hung out and could almost even be considered boyfriends. Except for Ian being maybe 16, 17 now and the old guys youngest son dating Ian’s older sister. They weren’t exclusive of course, and while Ian was screwing some dude in his ROTC group under the bleachers, Mickey comes back. He beats that guy’s ass under the pretense of him being gay and then has sex with Ian. Like 30 seconds after. They aren’t exclusive either, and Ian is still with the doctor while Mickey gets with different girls around the neighborhood to prove his straightness. Ian gets jealous of the girls, and Mickey gets jealous of the doctor, to the point where he beats him up in the middle of the street. A little after this Ian and all of his siblings get put in Child services and Mickey invites Ian to stay at his house for a night. The next day they decide to fuck on the couch in the living room and Mickey’s dad comes in. He beats the hell out of Ian and knocks Mickey unconscious by pistol whipping him. When he comes back to he has a Russian prostitute rape him while Ian watches. After that, Mickey avoids Ian even though Ian keeps trying to talk to him. In fact, Ian aggies with him to get him to admit his gayness and Mickey kicks him in the face and he loses a tooth or two. Then Mandy tells Ian that Mickey is getting married to some chick because she is pregnant. Guess who, it’s the Russian prostitute again! Ian goes to beg him to not marry her and they make out but he still goes through with it. Ian decides he can’t stay there anymore and decides to enlist in the Army. But he’s 17. So he steals his brother’s identity and goes.

Next we hear of Ian, he’s stolen a helicopter and gone AWOL. Mickey tries to find him after his siblings hit a dead end and found him at a gay bar giving lap dances being given various drugs. Mickey gets him out of there and home, and they patch up to the point where Mickey is staying at Ian’s house, and not with his 9 month pregnant wife who he kinda hates. She has the kid and then it was time for the kid to be baptized. Mickey went, and advised Ian not to go because his dad, who was in jail for a lot of that time, got out and was going to be at the baptism. Ian said he was tired of hiding and went anyways. After feeling ignored by Mickey he said that he was leaving and done with Mickey. Mickey wasn’t having it. He yelled out to the whole bar that he was gay and he and Ian had to fight off his dad and cousins who tried to literally kill them. His dad went back to jail and Mickey was let off since the cop was gay and heard his dad’s homophobic remarks. Then they moved in to Mickey’s house with his wife and sister and child. What a family. But Shameless doesn’t like happiness, so Ian becomes severely depressed. Because Ian is bipolar like his mom. She comes into a big play in a bit.

So after he gets out of that depression he acts as if there is nothing wrong with him. But he’s manic, and starts jacking dudes off in a parking lot, super organizing, and stealing suitcases from the airport to sell the stuff inside to make money. Don’t ask. Mickey stays in denial there is anything wrong with Ian, until he decides to go make a porn that some dude from his job suggested (he wasn’t still drugged out, but he was still working at the gay bar). He tells Ian he needs to go to a hospital, and Ian STEALS HIS BABY TO TAKE THEM ON A ROAD TRIP TO FLORIDA. For reference, Shameless is set in Chicago. They get arrested because Ian leaves the kid in the car so he can prostitute himself to get some money for gas and food and he gets admitted into a residential program for 72 hours. Mickey stays with him through this whole ordeal btw, even though his baby who he was actually starting to care about was stolen. Then Ian was medicated and Mickey did his best to help with the meds, which passed Ian off. They ended up fighting in a dug out and then doing it. They were HAPPY. ABOUT TO GO ON A REAL DATE BECAUSE THEY NEVER HAD ONE BEFORE. Then Ian’s evil half sister calls the military police on him since he’s been on the run this whole time to turn him in because she was mad Ian’s other brother planted cocaine on her son and got him put in Juvie (which is a long story in itself). In military jail he talks to his mom who is not medicated and literally deserted the family since Ian was like three and only comes back to destroy their life. She also tried to kill herself at Thanksgiving but we can gloss over that. She convinced him that since Mickey wanted him to take his meds he doesn’t like the true him and so they broke up and Mickey got put in jail on bogus attempted murder charges because he went after the evil sister and though she was dead and put her on a truck (another long story, but the end game is there was no proof at all that he tried to kill her and she was SHOOTING AT HIM when the cops got there).

After that Ian was with a dick who said that cheating want cheating if it was with a girl because he was gay and a trans dude who was actually a really cool character. Until TODAY.

My boy Mickey broke out of jail and made contact with Ian and now they are running away to Mexico together, because they are endgame. You might think that relationship is pretty fucked, but the chemistry and history they have onscreen… jesus. And this is just the condensed rundown of their dealings. This doesn’t even include like half of their interactions. Just… watch the show you will fall in love with their relationship and Mickey Milkovich as a character. Because he is the best.

i’m tired and emotional but

my absolute favorite part of yuuri’s FS is the bit in the beginning when the music cuts out for his jump

because not only is that very much how a jump feels (awkwardly drawing from my dance experiences of course, i’m not a skater so i can’t know this is correct) but jumps are, well

they’re very loud, coming up to it, full of how to prepare and where to fit everything and they feel like a swell of music but there’s a point in the jump where everything goes quiet and calm

and it’s a very small point because gravity works quickly and you’ve got to concentrate on landing but just for a moment you’re quiet and floating and it’s one of the reasons I love dance

and ALSO I love that part because it’s terrifying to have movement without music when you’re used to it, the instinct is to pause to match it because the movement goes with the music, and because there’s always just a bit of fear that if you move you’ll fuck it up and be awkward when the music comes back in, and you have to trust that the music will catch you,

and it takes so much skill and practice to NOT fuck it up and come in too early or too late or off somehow

and a jump in silence is even MORE terrifying and MORE difficult because, again, it’s a huge movement, and gravity works fast, and once you’re up you’re gonna come down whether it’s at the right time or not

so it’s a surprising, beautiful moment both from a skill and an emotional standpoint

(and i mean, we can add in the whole “make the music with just your skating” thing that yuuri does so well and that adds another layer and I just. ahhh I love it so much)