its midnight on a tuesday and Ive broken out my fucken stone ink and goat-hair brush which i havent worked with since 14 so i can do a single request in my shitpost calligraphy blog.

im noting this as one of the most extra things ive done in the last week

Nicknames: Joana
Star Sign: Taurus
Height: 166 cm
Birthdate:  25th April
Favorite Bands/Artists: Rammstein, Burzum, , Cannibal Corpse, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Rhapsody, Arch Enemy, Moonspell,Iron Maiden (and many others, the list has no end!)
Song Stuck in my Head:  Evento - Moonspell
Last Movie I Watched: -
Last Show I Watched: -
Other Blogs: -
When I Created This Blog: 2015
What I Post About: Music, nerdy stuff (everything i like , really)
Following: 757
Followers: 1054
Favorite Color: black, blue, green
Average Hours of Sleep: 7
Lucky Number: 6
Instruments: Bass guitar ( it’s just a hobby tho. i’m not a pro😅) 
What I’m Wearing: sweatshirt and pants (that’s a silly question tho 😅)
How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1
Dream Job: doing biotech stuff
Dream Trip: England
Favorite Food: I have too many favorites, but i like (a lot)  of Portuguese food
Nationality: Portuguese

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Okay so this fake feminist and slash shippers can throw Pepper Potts character under the bus all they want and the hater is ME. This is unbelievable. I have blocked all of them. I’m tired of so much shit. Please every person that is a Tony Stark fan who hates MCU Pepper Potts please let me know so I can unfollow or block you. I don’t need this shit in my dashboard/life. And now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to read some Pepperony fics.

500 Followers Celebration!

Y’all, I hit 500 followers overnight, so I’m doing ships to celebrate! Here are the rules:

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3. Send me an ask requesting a ship! My fandom list can be found here. If you want to be shipped with a specific character or person, let me know and I’ll write a few headcanons for you. :) Please include in the ask:

   a. Your sexual and gender identity so I don’t misgender or ship you with a gender you aren’t attracted to

   b. Five things that you enjoy + one thing you really don’t.

   c. The fandom or character/celebrity you wish to have a ship from/be shipped with.

Thank you so much to every one of my followers! <3

chiara @reinventlou & leonie @pinkislouder tagged me to post a moodboard with pictures i took in september. thank you very much and here you go, folks. you obviously both had to be a part of it.

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I related to that Vanessa and Rhona conversation SO MUCH. I never thought of myself as anything other than straight because I’d had boyfriends and only had crushes on boys, but then a group of my friends started talking about celebrities they’d kiss and Emma Watson came up, and I was like, yes, sure, who wouldn’t? Which only one other girl agreed with btw (and now she’s out as well!😂😂😂) And then I got home that night and thought about it and realised I’d had a lifetime of crushes on women that I genuinely never even registered as crushes because of the stifling heteronormative mess of a society we live in 

“I was sittin’ around in my office like a piece of dust takes to settling on my wonder pane, a complete lack of movement that could only be shook by the right kind of duster. And that duster swept right in. When I saw the doors of the Gym open up I knew I was lookin’ at trouble. There’s a certain spark you see in a trainer’s eye that shines like the sun through the shades of your window and frame your body like prison bars, ‘cause ya know then you’re trapped.

“Trouble came in with that glint in their eye starin’ you down and you knew that things would never be the same again. They were here to shine a light into the darkness of my Gym. That was the job.

“Whaddaya think, kid? You think you can march in here like a ragin; touros spooked by the Pyroar all over my gym and track more metaphorical dirt like a Mudbray havin’ a trot all over my nice clean hard workin’ mooks? This ain’t your Gym, it’s mine, and I’m gonna show ya what we do ta kids like you out on the beat.”

So instead of making my comic I made myself the Gym Leader of a Dark-type Gym with a noir private eye theme and of course, the Noir Badge.

Above you see would be the leader’s monologue and of course around me are the Pokemon you’ll be facing.

You’re gonna have a bad time fighting with these dames. You wanna mess with Lady Shade, Roughhouser, Dr. Mind-Games, Hellcat, Outlaw, and Clawz?

The losing line would go something like this:

“Looks like I’m sleepin’ with the Magikarp. Ya iced me good kid.”

and of course the closing monologue

“I was done, the brawl was over, my clocks were cleaned and my lights were out faster than a Ninjask speedin’ for its next lunch. I was outta luck and the kid shone a light in this dump. I was outta Pokemon, but not outta respect, so they got the Noir Badge. Ya earned it kid.

“They say there’s evil that lurks in the dark, a monster more insidious than a  Darkrai keepin’ ya up at night with nightmares scarier than the snappin’ jaws of a Feraligatr. But the truth is it ain’t all that black n’ white, kid. The dark gives ya the cool comfort of nightfall, the shadows to hide from the worst, the obscurity to keep your secrets safe. And besides, without it, you never know what the light looks like. Like the old song says, kid, In The Darkness is The Light. Now go on, scram, get outta my sight, you got bigger better things ahead a ya, and it ain’t in this crummy place.”

10 facts about me :D

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  1. Coffee is my life vessel, but now I’m trying to reduce it to just 1 cup in the morning.
  2. A major procrastinator and a pessimistic thinker, I need to stop those D:
  3. I recently got into K-pop, I frequently listen to Seventeen, AKMU, IU, EXO and GOT7. I listen to K-indie and K-rnb as well. (I don’t have a bias though)
  4. I’ve quit dentistry and I’m retaking an exam to become a language major next year, hopefully I’ll make it.
  5. I love drawing, although most of them are just quick doodles with messy coloring xD
  6. I’m currently practicing Liebestraum no.3 for no reason whatsoever
  7. Yes, I had that Naruto phase in middle school. (ehhh this is embarrassing as hell)
  8. I love taking photographs and mostly post them on my Instagram and here.
  9. I used to have really long hair, almost reaching my waist, but I cut it for charity stuff (making wigs for chemotherapy patients) and my hair is something I can be proud of because it is silky lmao. (now it’s not really that smooth because I dyed it a few times D:)
  10. I love love love cute stationery and can’t resist myself when I’m online shopping D: now I have a bunch of them in my room.

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