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Hi im spacekin im very sad since i have no one to talk abot space with me. Can i have some positivity?

Space is absolutely brilliant! All those stars, planets, galaxies, mysterious unknown things: they stretch to infinity and in innumerable quantities. It’s crazy to think how vast space is and how tiny this planet is in comparison. It’s very awe-inspiring.

You are this awesome, awe-inspiring thing, and I admire you for it. It’s both sad and surprising that you don’t have anyone else to talk about it. You should chat with my friends and me sometime; we talk about space all the time. :3

Anyway, you’re a lovely spacekin, and I hope you have a magnificent day. Stay positive. Remember you’re loved.


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Seymour BAbyboy, I have a proposition for you. I am an Business Man, I conduct Business. I would like to purchase youre sand company and you will get 65% profit. How dose that sound

Show Me A Card Of Buisn First And I Will Think Abot It

I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend,
But I always thought that I’d see you again.

I started reading A Bed of Thorns, and if you aren’t reading it already, you have no idea of what you are losing. I find it amazing how people can write characters so fantastically without making them lose their personalities, it is amazing!

Tried to animate the part where Rumple’s irises are changing, I was not able to honor the scene, but whence I actually learn the basics of animation I will try again and probably get to closer to the incredible well written scene. 

honestly the thing ill never get over re: ragyo & ryuko’s final confrontation is like…. ryuko was going to forgive her? ryuko matoi, who spent the first half of the show with the explicit goal of killing the person who murdered her father, who started the show motivated entirely by revenge, literally offered her hand to ragyo and said come with me; come back to earth. like. ragyo. who was (in)directly responsible for murdering her father, who manipulated & brainwashed & abused her & people she cared about & tried to commit total genocide of the human race and who absolutely 100% did not deserve ryuko’s kindness or forgiveness- and we all would have cheered if ryuko had killed her on the spot in their final battle? but ryuko forgave her. & ragyo only died because she, who could not understand this ridiculous nonsense that was the human capacity for growing and changing and loving each other and being kind, said no


Silt Striders mod updated to v1.13

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Al-Basrah Oil Terminal, Iraq

A lookout tower at ABOT, offshore Iraq, in thick mist. More photos here. This oil terminal was built in the 1970s and was designed to last for 20 years. It is still in use.

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