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...My Laboratory...

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Flug was used to being alone in his lab, he had everything to work for in that lab, his life, his food, his sleep, his emotions, his friends. He enjoyed being in the lab late at night to catch some glimpses of the stars through his curtain covered windows, drawing them back and tying them to one another to see more clearly.

To take breaks and take little naps, he’d watch them twinkle through the windows despite being late already on a project. It was fairly calming to him, kept him from going fully crazy and insane like the demon he sold his life to.

Sometimes, the big blue bear, 5.0.5., would crowd around him and curl up beside him, allowing himself to be used as an arm rest or pillow. The two were like servants to Black Hat, proving Demencia to just be annoying and useless in Black Hat’s eyes.

But in his lab, Demencia turned out to be  big help sometimes. If Flug had gotten seriously injured from his work habits and projects, she’d help him fix the wounds without the alarm from Black Hat.

She’d also keep him company whenever he was close to falling asleep, her annoying words usually keeping him awake to work longer on the project. Or when he fell asleep by the window, drowsily watching the stars, she’d wake him up by shouting that Black Hat would be angry if he didn’t get to work soon.

But he had bad memories in the lab too, memories like terrible wet dreams of his boss that he never would mention to A N Y B O D Y.

He’s been beaten to a pulp in that lab before for being a whole hour late for an auction with the project. He had been harassed by Demencia for his crush on their boss so many times. Including the tiem where she spoke out loud enough for the boss to hear, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE’S SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES HIM!”

It was enough for Flug to shove her away and put duct tape on her mouth and strap her to his recent project; an electric chair. Then, Black Hat applauded him for the effort, but now, Black Hat ignored it and carried out whatever he was doing previously.

It was as though Black Hat was tiring of constantly seeing Dr. Flug’s masked face. It even saddened Flug enough to consider digging through his memories for his old happiness in high school like his boss had instructed him NOT to do.

And after remembering certain happy memories, having a girlfriend in sophomore from earning medals by being a straight A student all of his education life in science and attending, maybe winning science fairs. All those happy memories made him weep at night, when he stared at those stars.

He missed those days, the days of accomplishing so much in such little time. He wasn’t sure which era of his life he liked more though, both were actually similar.

From the bullies in highschool who wanted his homework for science to a demon bully wanting his science projects to sell for self-worth. From the girls who annoyed him with their teasing to Demencia, his own creation who tortured him endlessly about every move he made and every word he said.

He couldn’t decide. He never would be able to actually. Both eras of his life were full of expression, fear, joy, happiness, accomplishments, and exhilarating events. All of it was around his favorite subject too;science.


*still lost in 2005*
A full HD episode of JBTV that includes a “flashback” segment with 30STM recorded in 2005 that was previously held back (for reasons that become obvious as you watch – Jared, already thinking ahead).

Jared: “I pushed my skinny ass off the tallest bungee jump in the world. Nothing prepares you for this.”

plus, an acoustic performance

segment begins at 23:25; some quick clips in the intro and segues before that

[most of] the rest of the interview has been pieced together here: https://youtu.be/KJz78zDIH2Y
(the 2004 date is off)


The Future Of Astronomy: Thousands Of Radio Telescopes That Can See Beyond The Stars

“Radio astronomy has brought us pulsars, quasars, microquasars, and mysterious sources like Cygnus X-1, which turned out to be black holes. The entire Universe is out there, waiting for us to discover it. When SKA is completed, it will shed a light on the Universe beyond stars, galaxies, and even gravitational waves. It will show us the invisible Universe as it truly is.”

When we break out the big guns – space telescopes like Hubble or James Webb – we can see the Universe as it was billions of years ago, if we look for long enough. From the first moment that the Universe forms stars and galaxies, so long as that light has a path to our eyes, humanity can view it with the right equipment. This record-breaking approach has brought us in contact with galaxies from as early as when the Universe was just 400 million years old: 3% of its current age. Yet no matter how far back we go, we’ll never be able to see the era from before there were stars or galaxies at all using this approach. But a new, ambitious project just might. The Square Kilometer Array (SKA), set to begin construction next year, will map out the invisible hydrogen in the Universe, including during the epochs in where there are no stars at all.

In the truest sense, these thousands of radio telescopes, working together, will reveal the invisible Universe at long last. Come find out how!

TKA fantasy AU where an unknown evil is turning the wild creatures in the Kingdom of Glory against the humans that share their land, and with whom they once had friendly relationships.

In order to keep his people safe, the King orders the creation of the ten great Guilds, who are in a constant competition of who can kill the most “monsters” and save the most civilians.

The winners receive fame and fortune, and will receive the honour of being a part of the King’s Guard for a year.

Under the strict rule of the great Battle God, One Autumn Leaf, Guild Excellent Era were the victors for the first three years of the competition.

But when a seed of toxic bitterness and envy is planted in the hearts of those surrounding him, One Autumn Leaf finds his guild falling apart beneath him, refusing to follow his orders and shunning him, where once they worshipped the very ground he walked on.

After seven and a half years of faithfully serving the Guild he founded to protect his beloved country, One Autumn Leaf is stripped of his position, his title, and his armor, and kicked out of his guild.

Left suddenly exposed and vulnerable, the man beneath the armor, Ye Xiu, finds himself aimless, lost.

He eventually finds his way to a tavern not too far from Excellent Era’s headquarters.

Run by a feisty launcher a few years older than him named Chen Guo, it’s a place he used to visit often with his guild members. The boss is a big fan of his, so he’s somewhat disoriented when he walks into the tavern, and isn’t immediately given the royal treatment. Of course, as the Battle God One Autumn Leaf, he had been notorious for never showing his face - his own former teammates have no idea what he looks like. When not wearing his armor, he would wear a simple, white mask covering the upper half of his face - to protect his privacy, was the excuse he had always given.

It isn’t very hard for him, to get a job at the tavern.

But after having frequented the tavern for so long before leaving his guild, after having made lots of small talk and forming bonds with all the employees there, he perhaps shouldn’t be as surprised as he is when his identity is revealed within a few days of working there.

It happens when they’re preparing to open the tavern. He’s carrying barrels of ale up from the cellar, and he’s not sure where he’s supposed to put them, so he calls for Xiao Tang.

And maybe it’s the easy familiarity with which he says her name, or maybe it’s the specific tone he uses, the obvious doting fondness of a big brother, but she immediately bolts upright from where she’d been storing away some mugs, and turns to look at him with wide eyes.

“Brother Ye?” she asks, disbelieving, and all the other employees turn to stare as well. Because they’ve known there was something off about him from the very moment he’d started working there. And with Xiao Tang’s sudden realization, they finally know what it is.

With nowhere to run and no way to deny the accusation, Ye Xiu explains the whole story to them as they continue to set up, and by the time he finishes the story, everyone there is just about seething with anger on his behalf.

Tang Rou looks like she’s about to storm into the Excellent Era HQ herself and knock everyone flat.

Chen Guo, never one to suffer an indignity sitting down, suggests that they make their own Guild.

There are only a maximum of 10 Guilds allowed to participate in the tournament, but if they are able to gather enough people by the time the tournament ends, then they will be able to challenge Excellent Era during the off-season before the start of the next tournament. And if they win, they will officially take over Excellent Era’s place in the following tournament.

Ye Xiu is hesitant at first, reminding Chen Guo that it’s almost impossible for a new guild to enter the Alliance (of the current ten, only Guild Blossom Valley and Guild Samsara hadn’t been a part of the alliance from the very beginning, and even those two guilds had been founded with a substantial monetary backing).

But eventually, with Chen Guo’s encouragement, Ye Xiu sets off from the Joyful Flourish Tavern with a new pseudonym, Lord Grim, and the promising young battlemage Tang Rou (working pseudonym: Soft Mist) at his side as his new protégé. Their mission: to recruit members for their new Guild Happy.


30 Seconds To Mars- MTV UBER Fans Questions AKA One of the funniest interviews ever

anonymous asked:

I heard madtown is having problems with their management, because of their ceo's arrest, do you have any update on their situation? With all the members lack of activities/absence, late updates in fc, jota's cryptic messages in fc, it's really disturbing and concerning, and sometimes annoying that no one can answer anything, like, do we even have anything to wait for?

Hi! I don’t have any updates on their situation, considering I don’t work for GNI so I’m just as clueless as you. BUT, based on my deductions as well as my knowledge of just how stubborn resilient the members are, I do strongly believe they are working on a self-produced full album. I know it’s hard to keep positive considering all the late postings of schedules and complete radio silence on V app for BufHo’s birthdays (though honestly I think this is more so BufHo’s request than shitty management considering how chill they are about their birthdays in general; I mean both of them solo broadcasts last year rather than a full bonanza), but our boys are nothing if not dedicated to music and determined to stay together at all costs.

Below the cut are my reasons for this conclusion!

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