I just made a post like this but here I am again oop

As some of you know, a few days ago I posted about wanting to start a podcast that would be based around black girls. The idea has also branched out into becoming a group YouTube channel as well. In the podcast and on the YouTube channel, various topics will be discussed — from makeup and hair to important issues regarding black girls and people. This is just a fun thing for black girls created by black girls. It’s a safe place for black girls of all shapes and shades to go and be together!

We’re still figuring everything out, but we have gotten a group blog up and running which is @angelicblackgirls. It would help if you guys did the following:

1. followed the group blog @angelicblackgirls

2. Follow the members of the group blog who are:
• Stasia — @brownprncss
• Alyssa — @cleanvibrations
• Lauren — @earthputa

3. Reblog this post

4. Begin to submit things you would like to see us talk about/feature/do!!