ABDC Lacks Dance

I’m going to put it out there. This might sound biased, because I am a huge fan of the Kinjaz, but I’m being completely honest on my view of the show.
I feel as if the show lacks dancing. The only group I see that actually dances full on choreo is the Kinjaz. They do their intro and then they just dance. Other groups seem to focus not much on the dancing but the tricks they can do with one another. Like it’s not even breakdancing. They flip every time they have a chance and maybe whip out a prop to dance with. It’s like they would rather put on a show than actually give an intricate choreo. So why try to be a dance crew when more than half of the choreo is flipping and doing a trick?

America’s Best Dance Crew to me is an opportunity for an entire culture to be exposed on a national stage. These performers are not necessarily celebrated and a lot of them deal with a lot of tough issues in life. A lot of times, they don’t come from the greatest circumstances and this is their chance to show the world that they have something exceptional inside of them.
—  JC Chasez