ABC of Taylor Kitsch | Exercising
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You’re never going to regret going to the gym. When you have your workout behind you, you feel a lot better. You have this energy that probably 90 percent of people aren’t going to have today because they didn’t do it. So it just gives you a kick-start. It’s also time to clear my head before the day.“


ABC of Taylor Kitsch | Family
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My mom was a single mom and I got two brothers—and two young half sisters now — but growing up I was the youngest. I think the best thing my mom ever did was let us do our shit and make our mistakes. Like I was out of the house at 15 or 16 to play hockey. She was just like, ‘Yeah, go, can you do it?’

ABC of Taylor Kitsch | African Children’s Choir & Charity in general
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A huge part of why I got into acting was so I’d be able to give back. I work with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and one day I was talking to an 11 year old who’d been there for 184 days straight. That hit me hard. Hopefully I’ll be able to start my own charity someday.
I envision a huge ranch where I can bring kids who are sick or terminally ill and let them just have fun.

ABC of Taylor Kitsch | Jackman, Hugh
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I’d say Hugh Jackman is a huge influence on my life, as a person and as an actor. To be honest, it’s an aura that, in this business, I’ve never come across. He’s incredibly disciplined and free. There’s just something about him. You walk away and he hits you. He’s just this person that’s so grounded and so open that you question whether it’s real or not. I’ve met nobody like him. The way he welcomed me on set, it was just a huge influence.


ABC of Taylor Kitsch | Peter Berg
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I love working with him man, I think it’s very empowering as an actor, we’re friends first and foremost, and what comes with that is a lot of trust. That’s anything on any set, with Oliver Stone, Andrew Stanton or Pete Berg, it’s that. I needed to trust him even a bit more so in this film as a lot of it was put in in post-production, you’re make believing a lot more. So on that note, and who we are as people, we definitely love to push the envelope, and we push each other through that process so it’s great.