Lawyer says Justine Damond is “most innocent” police shooting victim he’s ever seen

  • The attorney for the family of Justine Damond, a white Australian woman shot and killed by Minneapolis police on Saturday, said Thursday that Damond was “the most innocent victim” of a police shooting he has ever seen, according to the Star Tribune.
  • “I’m not saying Philando [Castile] wasn’t innocent too, or that Frank Baker wasn’t innocent,” Twin Cities attorney Robert Bennett, who represented Baker and the Castile family in police violence cases, said. 
  • “But here is someone who called the police and was trying to stop someone from being hurt … and ends up being shot in her pajamas.”
  • Damond was shot when she approached the driver’s side window of a patrol car after calling the police to report a possible assault near her home, reports ABC News. Mohamed Noor reportedly shot Damond after his partner was startled by a loud noise outside the car.
  • But the “most innocent” moniker has rubbed some observers the wrong way. Read more (7/21/17)

Philando Castile’s mother supports Justine Damond’s family at march in Minneapolis

  • On Thursday, hundreds of people rallied in honor of Justine Damond, an Australian-born woman fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer.
  • Valerie Castile, whose son Philando was fatally shot by a local police officer, was among those marching in Damond’s neighborhood.
  • At the march, Valerie Castile, accompanied by John Thompson, Philando’s best friend, comforted Damond’s fiancé and his family by offering support for them and the community.
  • “We’re just here to support the family,” she told CBS Minnesota. “That’s all.”Protesters chanted phrases heard commonly throughout Black Lives Matter rallies. Among them were: “No justice. No peace. Prosecute the police” and “The people united will never be defeated.” Read more (7/21/17)

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'Roseanne' revival may be in the works
'Roseanne' revival featuring Roseanne Barr and original cast members is being shopped in Hollywood. ABC hit, which ran from 1988 to 1997, also featured John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, who would be part of project.

Roseanne, an iconic hit sitcom that ran on ABC from 1988 to 1997, could be coming back to TV with its original cast and producers. Deadline Hollywood first reported Friday that a revival of Roseanne Barr’s comedy is being shopped in Hollywood as a limited series. USA TODAY has confirmed that news with a person familiar with the situation but unauthorized to speak publicly about it.

ABC and Netflix, the home of original-cast updates of Gilmore Girls and Full House, are said to be among the potential bidders for the show, according to Deadline.

Star and executive producer Barr and fellow cast members John Goodman and Sara Gilbert are reportedly on board, with others are in talks, Deadline says. Barr would be joined by two original executive producers, Tom Werner and Bruce Helford, with Helford and Whitney Cummings handling day-to-day oversight of the show.

One original star, Johnny Galecki, has his own contemporary top-rated sitcom, CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.

Roseanne drew big ratings and critical praise for its a groundbreaking look at a working-class Illinois family, the Conners, at a time when affluent clans were more the rule for sitcoms. A revival would seem to dovetail with increased talk about the entertainment industry reaching out more to middle-class and blue-collar audiences in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

Another pioneering hit sitcom, Will & Grace, is set to return at NBC next season as a limited series featuring the original cast. Original-cast revivals have been in vogue at Fox, too, with Prison Break returning this month and a recent order for a second edition of the network’s revival of The X-Files.

Holy Shit 90s me is jumping up & down right now!!


Some Pre PTX (Not Problematic):

Telephone (Trio)

Sweet Dreams (Trio)

Firework (Trio) 

Smooth Criminal (Kevin) 

Covers (Live Vids):

Moves Like Jagger

Edge of Glory

How Will I Know? 

You Da One 

We Are Young

End of Time 

When Love Takes Over (feat. Natalie Weiss)


Gangnam Style

Thrift Shop

Pusher Love Girl 

Crusin for a Brusin



Covers/Mashups (Music Vids):


Somebody That I Used to Know


Save the World/Don’t You Worry Child

Radioactive (Feat. Lindsey Stirling) 

Can’t Hold Us


Daft Punk 

I Need Your Love


Say Something 


La La Latch


Rather Be 


Where Are U Now 

If I Ever Fall In Love (Feat. Jason Derulo) 

Christmas Stuff:

Carol of the Bells 

Little Drummer Boy 

Angels We Have Heard On High

White Winter Hymnal 

Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry Be Happy (Feat. Tori Kelly) 

Mary, Did You Know? 

That’s Christmas To Me 

Silent Night (Live)

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 

Yule Log Videos (Playlist) 

Joy To The World 

The First Noel

Live Mashups:

As Long As You Love Me/Wide Awake

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Evolution of Music

Evolution of Beyoncé 

Evolution of Michael Jackson


Run to You 

Love Again

We Are Ninjas 

Can’t Sleep Love 

Can’t Sleep Love (feat. Tink) 


Collabs on other Channels:

Wizard of Ahhhs - Todrick Hall 

Random Projects:

Oreo’s “Wonderfilled” Song

Evolution of Lucky Charms 

C is For Cookie/Rubber Ducky (Sesame Street)

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Superfruit Songs

The A Team (Scott and Kevin Feat. Kina Grannis) 

Stay (Scott and Kevin Feat. Rozzi Crane) 

The Ghostbusters Theme Song (Scavi)


Individual Stuff:






TV Performances (Some Interviews/Songs include, there are WAY too many to include, so I just added a few):

Sing Off All Performances Playlist 

AMAs Performance - Star Wars Medley 

Be Our Guest (Disney)

Season 4 Sing Off Finale (I Need Your Love) 

Season 5 Sing Off Holiday Melody 

Evolution of Beyonce on Ellen 

Grammy Performance with Stevie Wonder 

Country Christmas (CMAs Performance) 

CMAs Elvira 

Streamys Performance 

On My Way Home (Conan) 

ABC staff Serenade 

Honoring Tom Hanks 

The Tonight Show 

News Hour

Counting to 5 on Sesame Street 

C is For Cookie (feat. Cookie Monster) 

Barney’s Holiday Campaign 

Canada AM (Problem and Hark The Herald) 


Barney’s Afterparty? 

Anyway You Want It (Pitch Perfect 2) 

Bose Demo 

Full Concert (On My Way Home Tour) 

Full Concert (PTX World Tour) 

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If Dylan and Nate were so close then why did Nate sell the video of him and Dylan in the car to the media?

Simply put, Nate pretty much left Columbine right after the massacre and went to Florida.  His plan was to go to college and work for Microsoft. Only problem is he needed help paying for college and he saw nothing wrong with selling the Morning Ritual tape he’d made with Dylan (which they’d made to show his real dad in Florida what ‘A Day in a Life’ was like at High School for them)  to pay for his tuition. No hard feelings Dylan, but hey after all, look what Dylan did to him?  ;)  I would imagine the only thought in his teenage brain was that he was pretty much kicked out of HS and it was like ‘how can I make some money fast to pay for college?’  Nate coped by cutting his ties with Colorado, got out of dodge and moved to Florida with the hopes of trying to move on with his future, as shredded up as it presently was by Columbine.  Others saw it as blood money, he did not.  And I do not think he sold the tapes out of spite to Dylan, in all honesty. He was just doing what he needed to to get by.  Probably even figured Dylan wouldn’t give a shit. Not that he should have a say in the matter anyway.. Still, Nate remembers all the good times he had with his friend Dylan, it’s hard to somehow forget all of those good times.  Nate has apparently been very cooperative with Sue since he cannot quite forget his good friend Dylan and all the sleep over fun they had at the Klebolds as mentioned in the book. He is probably just as boggled and unreconciled today as to the bomb Dylan dropped on them all.

Nathan was paid $16,000 by ABC for an innocuous videotape he and Dylan Klebold had made. He also said an ABC producer called their home and offered them money for an appearance, and suggested they might make “$2 (million) or $3 million” from a book deal later on.

Good said they weren’t interested.

He said the media’s luck changed after Nathan left his Colorado home. Reached at his father’s home in Florida, Nathan tells a different story.

“I was broke. I had to leave my truck in Oklahoma where it broke down,” he said. “Now my college tuition is paid for. I’ve been criticized enough for this. What was it I did wrong? I know at least a dozen people who were offered money from the media.”

Nathan says he wasn’t paid for an interview, but for the videotape that Klebold and he made of a trip to school.

He did enter into an agreement with the National Enquirer, which he now says distorted, mischaracterized and misquoted what he said.


BEST NEW HOLIDAY PARTIES - photography: John Kernick - producer: Kate Heddings - food stylist: Simon Andrews - style editor: Suzie Myers

“Six ingenious chefs create stellar party recipes inspired by the latest food and restaurant trends”: all recipes available in Food and Wine December 2015 issue.

  • bowls by Urban Oasis from ABC Carpet & Home - butter ramekins by Humble Ceramics - butter knives from Sweet Gum Co.
  • platters and dinner plates by Hermés - napkins by Kim Seybert - flatware from West Elm - candlesticks from IIttala
  • pedestals by Souda - glasses from Tableart - tumblers by Ciovere - knife by Calvin Klein
  • marble board by Roost - glasses from Quitokeeto

Confession: Let’s be honest for a sec, Sour Sharons. Both ABC and Marvel are done with Emily VanCamp. If Marvel really wanted the Russos to use her more in either movie, they could have made them. Marvel didn’t. And even though Sharon bombed in the MCU, ABC, Vancamp’s home network, could have done something with her as well. As Sharon on Agents of SHIELD or on another show. They did that for Atwell, but not EVC. That means both ABC and Marvel didn’t just have a problem with Sharon, they had a problem with Emily herself. The woman was in a blockbuster that was the top movie of the summer. She should have had no problem getting work. But she did. She didn’t work for a year. And while she does have a new show, she’s not the lead. She’s the love interest and a side player. Sharon may have hurt her, but the evidence points to EVC being some kind of problem herself.

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The Ultimate Thirst Post by Thirsty Marine for @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter and @poe-pilots-the-storm because they’re both as thirsty as I am and they need to accept that.

Bolded are the best ones!

Dance solos/Lead Dancer: [Bubble Toes], [I Gotta Be Me],  [Valerie]

[PYT],  [Moves Like Jagger],  [Dream a little Dream],  [Toxic]

[It’s my Life],  [You Should Be Dancing],  [Hate on Me],  [Hot for Teacher]

[Sexy and I Know it],  [I Wish],  [Valerie 100],  [Greased Lightning]

[You Can’t Stop the Beat]

Songs: [Sing!],  [Marry You],  [Cool],  [LOVE]

[Scream],  [ABC],  [Homeward Bound/Home],  [America]

Bonus: [Last Friday Night],  [Billionaire],  [The Rain in Spain],  [Safety Dance]

[Empire State of Mind],  [Trouty Mouth],  [Born this Way],  [Gives You Hell]

[Control],  [Hit Me],  [I Lived],  [Give up the Funk],  [Somebody to Love]

Bonus!!!: [Live Bad Romance] with Harry in red.


favorite kaylor candids  
↳  ABC Kitchen and Home, Sephora | 12 November 2014 ♔ That time they wore complementary plaid outfits and Karlie helped Taylor shop for swiftmas about ten minutes before she had to hop on a flight to Paris what kind of