ABC Warriors


More terrific newly commissioned artwork, beautifully rendered in b/w inks, from UK comics legend, art droid Mick McMahon.

  • Top:A.B.C. Warrior, cross-dressing élite sniper droid, Joe Pineapples: “Deadliest shot in the known Universe!
  • Below:Mean-Machine Angel, psychopathic cyborg and member of notorious Texas-City Badlands outlaw family, The Angel Gang!


It is being reported by TVLine that Marvel and ABC are currently developing a ‘New Warriors’ TV show. The show will be a comedy and is pitched as being a “junior version of the Avengers” with Squirrel Girl as a member of the team!

Signs if you're a delusional gay...

-If you think Bea Smith is going to make it to season 5 of Wentworth.
-If you think that Swan Queen will miraculously rise from C$ ashes.
-If you think that Eve will come back and steal Annalise away from Nate.
-If you think Callie will come running into Grey-Sloane declaring her love for Arizona.
-If you think Glee will make a movie down the line about Faberry finding their way to one another.
-If episode 3x07 stopped at the bed scene and Clarke and Lexa defeated the CoL together.
-And last, but certainly not least if you need an alternate ending for Xena and Gabrielle where they ride off into the sunset together.

Feel free to add more!


New Release! A.B.C. Warriors - The Mek Files 01: Pat Mills/Various

Just released from our Thrill-vaults in this 304-page pulse-pounding collection, are everyone’s favourite war droids: the Atomic, Bacterial, Chemical-proof A.B.C. Warriors.

Beautifully bound in a stunning hardback edition; for the first time, all of the full-colour splash pages and double-page spreads have been lovingly reproduced, as they were originally published.

Covering the Warriors very first missions, their initial formation, the taming of the Red Planet (Mars), and their return to Earth (Termight) in the Simon Bisley/SMS classic, The Black Hole, this wonderful collection also includes gorgeous pin-ups and a cover gallery, from some of the industry’s most respected talents, including:

Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Brendan McCarthy (Skin), Mick McMahon (Slaine), Kevin O'Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and Simon Bisley (Lobo).

  1. Superb re-styling and colouring for this glorious graphic novel cover - ABC WarriorsThe Mek Files 01 from fan-favourite art droid, Mick McMahon.
  2. Very first ABC Warriors cover feat. General Blackblood & original line-up - Prog 125 (11Aug'79) - Mick McMahon(a).
  3. Original line-up: Joe Pineapples, Happy Shrapnel, Deadlock, Hammerstein, Mongrol & ’The Mess‘ (formerly Steelhorn), and Blackblood - Dave Gibbons(a); the Warriors working for Nemesis the Warlock must save Termight (Earth, thousands of years in the future), from the Warlock’s son, Thoth, who wants revenge on the planet’s despotic ruler, Torquemada for killing his mother, by collapsing an artificial interstellar warp tunnel in nearby space, in the classic adventure, The Black Hole (Progs555-581,2Jan-2Jul'88) - line-up inc. Ro-Jaws & Mek-Quake replacing Happy Shrapnel and ’The Mess’ - Simon Bisley.
  4. Stunning cover art - Prog 577(4Jun'88) - feat. enigmatic spiritual ABC leader, DeadlockGrand Wizard of the Knights Martial - Simon Bisley(a).
  5. Square-jawed, heroic, uptight military leader of the WarriorsSergeant Hammerstein: a robot designed solely for combat, his chest-plate built to swell with pride when victorious in battle, has started to question his role after centuries of endless,futile war! - Simon Bisley(a)
  6. The polar opposite of his uptight commander, the effortlessly cool assassin and deadly sniper, Joe Pineapples is seemingly unflappable, there are however, one or two skeletons in Joe’s well-stocked closet! - StarScan: Prog 571(23Apr'88) - Simon Bisley(a).
  7. Before joining the Warriors, Mongrol roamed the Volgan countryside looking for revenge on the hated Volgs, who killed the woman that saved and rebuilt him, his beloved Lara - Mick McMahon(a)/ Happy Shrapnel was a tough, grizzled, veteran war droid, but as the only survivor of 'H’ Day and one too many sentences of “electro-discipline” he’d been left with faulty circuits and a speech defect - Kevin O'Neill(a)
  8. The magnificent Steelhorn, once the greatest robot ever built, became a pacifist after destroying the Volgan leader Marshal Volgod, and ending the Volgan war. His creators couldn’t allow this and tricked him into entering a fusion furnace, smelting him down to molten steel. However, Steelhorn’s desire to live was too strong, turning him into a living liquid metal, also known as ’The Mess’! - Brendan McCarthy(a).
  9. Mind-bending, eye-popping art, in this stunning tribute to MC Escher, as the A.B.C Warriors get lost in one of the chambers of the old Emperor Zalinn’s tomb, in the Time Wastes at the core of Termight - From somewhat over-looked enigma, the mysterious SMS, co-art droid, on classic Thrill, The Black Hole!
  10. Wonderfully evocative cover - Prog 556 (9Jan'88), that marked the start of the ground-breaking ABC Warriors adventure, The Black Hole - Simon Bisley(a).

Finally….. RO-JAWS has arrived!

1/6 scale. Classis colour scheme.

I tried to design him up as a cross between Mick McMahon and Kevin O'Neill’s classic design!

I wanted him to look like he did in the comic when I was a kid. He’s a foulmouthed street cleaner/service robot… He even comes with a turd you can keep in his ‘stomach’ compartment!

XXX Rufus - SGDM/3A


Art droid Liam Sharp’s awesome set of StarScans featuring the A.B.C Warriors:

  • Bold,upright and fearless leader,Hammerstein
  • Huge,powerful with a newly found keen intelligence,the ape-like Mongrol
  • Deadliest shot in the Universe,sniper-assassin Joe Pineapples
  • Mysterious,enigmatic disciple of Khaos,Deadlock
  • Original member,rebuilt on Mars,the dazzling Steelhorn
  • Newest member and heroic double agent,Zippo
  • Foul-mouthed sewer robot and Honorary Warrior,Ro-Jaws.