ABC Warriors

Signs if you're a delusional gay...

-If you think Bea Smith is going to make it to season 5 of Wentworth.
-If you think that Swan Queen will miraculously rise from C$ ashes.
-If you think that Eve will come back and steal Annalise away from Nate.
-If you think Callie will come running into Grey-Sloane declaring her love for Arizona.
-If you think Glee will make a movie down the line about Faberry finding their way to one another.
-If episode 3x07 stopped at the bed scene and Clarke and Lexa defeated the CoL together.
-And last, but certainly not least if you need an alternate ending for Xena and Gabrielle where they ride off into the sunset together.

Feel free to add more!


ABC Warriors Dreamcasting

If ABC Warriors was ever to receive a movie or video game or anything in animated form, this cast specifically chosen for each character with enough time to really imagine what each character would sound like is rough list of who would be casted or who should be considered if this sees the light of day.

  • Sean Bean as Hammerstein 
  • Dee Snider as Joe Pineapples
  • Dexter Fletcher as Mek-Quake
  • Mark Addy as Steelhorn
  • Sean Pertwee as Deadlock
  • Andy Serkis as Ro-Jaws
  • Ray Winstone as Mongrol
  • Bill Nighy as Blackblood

This might not be the first time anyone chose these certain actors for these characters but their voices really could give so much energy and life to these gritty robots and help give ABC Warriors some more attention.