Can EVMs Be Rigged The Way AAP Claims? A Fact check

New Delhi: AAP Delhi MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj on Tuesday gave a ‘demonstration’ on how to hack an Electronic Voting Machine, giving a fillip to the Party’s claims that EVMs can be tampered with.

However, the Election Commission of India has refuted the allegations.

Are the claims of AAP based on facts? Here is a fact check

1) Claim: Anyone knowing a “secret code” could tamper with the EVMs

Fact: EVM has a one-time programmed chip which can’t be used again so no code, no hacking.

2) Claim: ‘Secret code’ could be fed into a machine while casting vote.

Fact: EVMs are randomized by computer software twice in the presence of candidates or their representatives before they are distributed for use in individual polling stations.

3) Claim: The BJP worker comes dressed like a voter. His job will be to enter a secret code (4-5 digits in the machine.

Fact: EVMs accept only one press, subsequent entry cannot be activated without presiding officer’s consent. Right after the induction of evm, more than 90% of election verdicts have been anti-incumbent.

4) Claim: If EVMs of gujarat provided to AAP for 3 hours, bjp will not win even a single booth.

Fact: If an EVM is taken out of the Election Commission security zone, it ceases to be an ECI machine.

5) Claim: There is no machine in the world that can’t be rigged.

Fact: ECI-EVMs are unique as these aren’t on a network and the chip is masked to avoid being altered or tempered with.

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