May I remind you that Yuuri dipped (a very much taller) Victor with his hands only holding onto Victor’s neck and stretched out leg. This dip was spontaneous, fun and had so much unspoken trust. Yuuri’s upper arm strength is incredible and I don’t think anyone ever lead Victor in a dance before so yes, if I was Victor, I’d be very very very intrigued by this lovable drunk Japanese skater who made me have the time of my life. This was the one night when Victor (and Yurio and Chris) said screw etiquette and proper social skills, with drunk Yuuri leading, they’d gladly follow along (with a reluctant Yurio of course).

…Bell started to spend even more time with Theodosia, and soon, they’re in a relationship together, walking down the halls with wide smiles on both of their faces as they hold hands.

And Aaron is completely blindsided.

A part of @fanciful-follies‘s oneshot. Remember how I said it was adorable? Yeah, there’s also some pAIN.