Consider the following.

Marinette is her true self all the time when she is Marinette, and when she transforms into Ladybug that really is her mask.

But Adrien has his mask on all the time, having to be the perfect boy for his father, and he is only his true self when he transforms into Char Noir.

So, both Marinette and Adrien liked the masked version of each other.

That is all.

I didn’t fully realize how much I’d missed Studio Mir until I watched that step-by-step process they showed at NYCC…

I mean Studio Parrot Pierrot did an okay job when it came to animating the episodes in general, but they definitely failed at animating the characters themselves.

They always drew Korra too… stiff…?

You can’t do that, Studio Pierrot. You just can’t. Korra radiates confidence straight out of every pore of her body. She breathes in oxygen and breathes out sass. And that really shows through her stance and posture.

The way Korra holds herself in this 15 second scene animated by Mir is about 800x more Korra than she’s been this entire season



Damn! He’s going to kill me !!! 😨😨😨