Anonymous said: For the color palette challenge: Sister, with the pairing Tsukkiyama (because your tsukkiyams are adorable, Yanka!) :D

The name of this palette reminded me of @denimdisaster ‘s fashion designer Tsukki AU, where trans!Yamaguchi is his muse, and of course I took the opportunity to draw it ToT

It’s getting cooler outside and I felt the need to draw smth autumn related…and KageHina seemed kinda fitting for this, even tho i never really draw them. But there’s always a first time for everything am I right? :D 

( also  I worked on this all day instead of studying what a smart decision ) 


Oh shit.

And Kuroo finds himself falling in love all over again.

gamwilliams  asked:

Your Ushijima and Daichi post is beautiful 😭 I love those two together, and your art is so wonderful - this has really made my day! Thank you for blessing us! Who's your favourite character to draw btw?

Thank you so much! ;; I really appreciate it!! And again, thank you for blessing me with this lovely message! (*≧▽≦) I hope you have a super great week! 

Hm, my favourite character to draw (surprise!) is probably Futakuchi lmao. I drew him a lot last year and now he comes so naturally…!  

piningforthefords  asked:

ahhh thank you for offering little drawings! if you don't mind could you draw a little ford fluff for me? anything would do, and again thanks for offering these! you don't know how much this blog has helped me get through the last week and you're honestly such a great person ahhh

it’s my pleasure!! and aaa thank you… please enjoy this tiny ford taking a nap


Baby murasaki! 

this took way too long but I’m so happy with how it came out ;;;