There isn’t much to feel unless you consider ‘like three million bucks’ a feeling.

I love LongLiveA$AP as an aesthetic object (ie, music, duh), but I think this Jayson Greene line sums up its heart. Whether this is ‘good’ or 'bad’ perhaps comprises the fun part of musical discussion.

I’ve listened quite a bit to A-fucking-sap over the last year (I mean a lot), and I love his music. I also don’t necessarily feel like there’s a there there, which is probably fine.


Harlem rapper Bodega Bamz has been on fire this summer. Karmaloop cosign, down with the A$Ap Mobb, Complex Mag and a host of other big music blogs on his jock, it’s been great thus far.

Whats the association with Bamz  and Team Upcrown? 

Well, its simple. Our teammate, Producer @StefanAccardo has been friends with TanBoyz wave for a few years now, and this summer, hooked up Bodega Bamz with Joey A.X and the rest is history.

Joey and Bamz have formed a friendship and respect for each other, and their unreleased track “Eyes Low” already has industry tastemakers buzzing and co-signing. We cant wait to share it, and a video is in the works as we type. This could be awesome for Upcrown.

Here’s Bamz latest video from KarmaLoop TV, and it’s INCREDIBLE! Latinos stand up, you havent had a leader like this since Pun.