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“Better than most Hollywood stars at evincing a genuine just-one-of-the-boys quality, Affleck has been terrific before, but has never burrowed as deep as he does in Manchester By The Sea, a drama that entrusts him with the herculean task of making perpetual numbness compelling […] But even with Lonergan supplying whip-smart dialogue, this is a movie that could only work with a leading man capable of creating emotional walls and giving us peeks of what’s on the other side of them. Affleck comes through, like the slivers of personality—of warmth, of anguish, of sarcasm—streaming out of the cracks in Lee’s emotional armor.”

- A.V. Club’s review of Manchester by the Sea 🌊

Have you ever been somewhere that was definitely real but also felt like a dream? Maybe it was somewhere foreign, a place that you were invited to that exceeded all of your expectations. Maybe it was somewhere familiar, a quiet night with close friends that felt stuck out of time. Maybe you met someone new that night and you talked for hours. Maybe you proved to someone that you were worth more than they thought. Maybe you discovered something about yourself watching other people in their natural habitats. Maybe you had a good time. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you just spent the night doing nothing in particular but wishing that it wouldn’t end.

Mozart In The Jungle: “You Go To My Head”, by Vikram Murthi


Leighton Meester covers “Lovefool” by The Cardigans

Send your love with these truly disgusting Cronenberg Valentine’s Day cards

They make a tasteful reminder to your significant other that you are both but flesh machines, organic matter carrying out essential biological impulses, and that even your so-called “love” is but an insignificant, fleeting impulse when compared to the the vast mysteries of the human unconscious mind and the cosmos itself. :)

Source: CronenbergValentines.com

Shout-out to this dog for having a long-ass tail

In fact, it is the world’s longest dog tail, according to the Guinness Book Of World Records. The Irish wolfhound’s name is Keon, which means “courageous warrior,” none of which really matters because just look at that goddamn tail. The 30-inch long leviathan of fur whips around like a separate animal surgically fused to the dog, like some sort of real-life sphinx. Perhaps no shot in the video above is as stunning as the one in which the crazily proportioned dog catches a piece of bread in mid-air, his tail flailing wildly behind him in a manner that could swipe a grown man’s feet out from under him. Even when shot from the front, the tail is visible. The fucking thing moves with a mind of its own.

And so we say: Good for you, courageous warrior, dog with long-ass tail. In other eras you might treated as a demon or a visitor from another dimension. In ours, you are a world-record holder.


Congrats to Screaming Females, whose cover of @taylorswift‘s “Shake It Off” was voted the best A.V. Undercover of the year by our readers!

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