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here’s a special video of us covering the amazing Otis Redding from theThe A.V. Club- ‪#‎UndercoverSeries‬



Game of Pricks, covered by Owen Pallett the string arranger for Arcade Fire.

I know I keep posting Guided by Voices, and I know even more that I keep posting this same song, but holy hell, if this isn’t an amazing cover I don’t know what is. You owe yourself a listen. 

Watch on studio60onthesunsetstrip.tumblr.com

From the fantastic A.V Club series Undercover

Basia Bulat covers Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone by Ted Leo and the Pharmacist


Remember that great cover of Tubthumping They Might Be Giants did for A.V Undercover? Well here it is again, only on stage at the VIC theatre? 

A.V. Club: 'Dan Harmon walks us through Community’s second season.'

“And I had also seen the finale for Spaced between the first and second seasons. It reminded me of The Wire and these shows that take a deep bow and say, “Thank you for watching a great season of television,” and it accomplishes the same thing as a cliffhanger, which is to increase your excitement to see the next season.“