The signs as 80s actors
  • Aries: River Phoenix
  • Taurus: Patrick Swayze
  • Gemini: Emilio Estevez
  • Cancer: C. Thomas Howell
  • Leo: Ralph Macchio
  • Virgo: Corey Feldman
  • Libra: Rob Lowe
  • Scorpio: Michael J. Fox
  • Sagittarius: Charlie Sheen
  • Capricorn: Tom Cruise
  • Aquarius: Christian Slater
  • Pisces: Matt Dillon
  • The actors chosen for each sign were not chosen BECAUSE of their sign, but by different factors.
Stay With Me || Phoebe & Jamie

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When Jamie said that he would stay, Phoebe let out a soft sigh of relief. Knowing that she wouldn’t be alone for a little while longer was something that she needed – and there was no way in hell that she could allow her sisters to see what she was going through right now. They thought that they were all past the trauma, but Phoebe wasn’t.

She was having a hard time right now being able to differentiate between visions, nightmares and memories of what she had so recently gone through. She wanted to tell Jamie about it, but she didn’t even know where to start. How does one say “my soul traveled to my future body where I was burned to death at the stake and I could feel myself burning and dying even when I returned here”? 

“Thank you,” she said softly, her mind trying to work out the right words.



Fear of Blood

There had been so much of it. Honestly, Jonathon had wanted to forget -but he couldn’t. He couldn’t watch shows about it, he couldn’t read books about it, he couldn’t even have conversations going into detail about it. It would bring the memories back. It would bring him to the edge of panic.

He didn’t do well with being panicked. He would stutter, he would stumble, he would blurt out. And he knew that, deep down inside, he didn’t want the entire truth to come out at once. He just wanted to be a librarian and live the rest of his days helping out the community.

                                            He didn’t want to die.