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1. Ephemeral (Master List)

2. Mine (Part ½)     

    Mine (Part 2/2) (NSFW)

3. Paradox Masterlist

 T O N Y   S T A R K     O N E  S H O T S

  1.  Echoes
  2.  A Thousand and More
  3.  Chocolate Delicacy
  4.  The Right Thing(NSFW {just a bit} )
  5.  Touch
  6.  Sex On The Beach (NSFW)
  7. All Work and No Play
  8. A Broken Family
  9. Their Little Family
  10. It’s Not A Baby

R O B E R T   D O W N E Y    O N E  S H O T S

  1.   Pool Side Fun

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Okay, here’s the thing!! It’s more of a short drabble than a full on fic, but it was a blast to write. Mystery is fun to play in all honesty. Please keep in mind that the reveal in this fic is noncanon to this blog and re-nightmare as a whole. 

Anyway, enjoy!!

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anonymous asked:

Hey, could you direct me to this fic: D & H at a wedding (Ron and Pansy's, I think??) and H is in a pool, D jumps in, thinking that she's drowning but she's not. Also, the main part of the fic is where they fly/apparate/whatever to a tide pool/underwater cave thingy-ma-bob (I'm very good at describing things, can't you tell?) smut proceeds. I found this on here quite recently but I scrolled back about 60600606060 pages and it seems to have disappeared??? I dunno. Love this blog, mwah :*

That would be

The Grotto - MA, one shot  - During the wedding of their friends, can Draco and Hermione put their past behind long enough to discover each other?

but unfortunately H&V site currently down. :(



Thank you,

@colubrina said: The Grotto is also on AO3 : https://archiveofourown.org/works/5413115?view_adult=true

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I’ve been wanting to do this challenge for a while, I miss my Sammy and my birthday is coming up. So here welcome to “Sam’s Many Faces Challenge”

The rules are simple

Pick a Sam, pick a location, pick a scenario and message me your choices.

Pair your Sam with any Supernatural character you want, any ship, pairing, original character or reader insert is fine

Write any kind of fic you want, just make sure to label all triggers and warnings or I won’t reblog and I’m not kidding.

Tag me samwinjarpad and #Sam’s Many Faces Challenge

Fics are due November 15, but extra points if you post it on my birthday October 31.

The Sam List

Sam Winchester





Meta Jared!Sam





Gary as Sam

Sam Wesson




A. Bunker Library

B. Hotel room

C. Bar

D. Baby’s backseat

E. Shower

F. In the sewer

G. Swimming pool

H. Museum

I. Mall

J. Cemetery

K. Movie theater

L. Hospital

M. In the woods

N. Grocery store

O. Bedroom

P. On a train

Q. In a casino

R. Carnival

S. Disneyland

T. Airport

U. Hot tub

V. Haunted mine

W. Old barn

X. A foreign country

Y. Police station

Z. Inside Lucifer’s cage

Aa. Adult store

Bb. Morgue


A. Someone is shot and rushed to hospital

B. Working a haunting case

C. On a first date as a third wheel

D. Covered in blood and doesn’t know why

E. Sent back in time to the Jurassic era

F. Someone’s possessed by a demon

G. Get very drunk and wake married to someone, stranger or otherwise.

H. Walks in on the other naked and smut ensues (smut fic only)

I. Someone’s hitch hiking in the rain and is picked up by the other.

J. Sent into the future 2080. (Make up what your future world would look like)

K. Someone is abducted (by anything be creative)

L. Someone’s knocked unconscious and wakes up somewhere they’ve never been.

M. Working a case where someone gets hurt and needs Castiel’s help.

N. Someone loses memories and has dreams of their past life.

O. AU in the 1500’s

P. Someone gets/finds out someone’s pregnant

Q. Someone celebrates their birthday

R. AU (your choice)

S. AU (your choice)

T. All get covered in mud, dirt, blood, something sticky and must wash off. (Smut only)

U. Someone confesses love to another

V. Someone has a near death experience

W. Someone buys a new toy and wants to try it out. (Smut only)

X. Must stop the impending apocalypse

Y. Someone is trapped with Lucifer

Z. Someone gets arrested

Aa. Someone loses a bet playing strip poker (smut only)

Bb. Work a case with Dean and Cas (can be any beastie you want)

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So I tried to make it what you requested, I ended up doing angsty fluff in the end(sorry its so short too!) but its x reader so its all just reader induced. Enjoy!!

How could you describe Silence?
A simple way of saying it might be, you can’t hear.

For you though, that wasn’t enough. What’s the feeling of silence? For you, it’s when Rick ignores you. He’ll pretend you aren’t there, continuing his day no matter how hard you try to get him to talk.

Silence tastes funny though. It tastes like the color blue. Blue tastes like a sweet raspberry, way too sour but makes you crave more.

You leaned onto your back in the pool, your (h/c) colored hair soaked around your head. The sun in the corner of your eye, kissed the clouds, leaving them in an array of colors.

Feeling the water move you sat up to see Rick wading in the shallow end of the Pool, a warm smile on his features. He began to swim towards you, pushing water over your chest as he did so.

Upon reaching you he swam behind you and wrapped his arms around your body, hugging you to his chest.

You crossed your arms in annoyance, not only had he been ignoring you earlier but now he wanted your forgiveness? You chuckled to yourself, denying him.

Rick groaned, burying his face into the back of your neck. “Ugh, b-baby i’m sorry”

You ignored him, though every fiber in your body screamed at you to turn around and forgive him, kiss him and tell him you forgive him for everything.

“Rick. I-” you paused and sighed, uncrossing your arms and turning to look at him “why were you ignoring me?” You watched as his eyes drifted towards his feet, a blush going up to his ears.

“I was jealous” he admitted shyly.

You were confused. What did he have to be jealous about? “What?” you chuckled, “what were you jealous about?”

He hugged you, muffling his answer in your hair “that boy you talked to earlier.”

You moved his face away from your neck, holding his cheeks in both of your hands “I said ‘hi’ to be polite Rick.” He blushed “I dont know him personally.”

Rick sighed at this, “I know, I know, i-” he sighed once more “I just want attention like that but all the time.”

You could only laugh at his odd request “baby, if you want attention just ask.”

He smiled and leaned forward before kissing you.

So this is what silence sounds like.
It’s the deafening sound of love overlapping the hurt feelings and welcoming sun kissed water into a pond of dark dread, a bird sings. This is silence.

Red Rollercoaster

Title: Red Rollercoaster

Warnings: None. I believe this counts as fluff somewhat lol

Word Count: 1,662

Chapter Number: 1/??

A/N: I feel like Natasha needed some love on this blog, so here you go! I had fun writing this and look forward to writing more if you guys enjoy it. Let me know what y’all think(:

There she was, standing on the opposite side of the room filled with people, but all you could see was her. Her flaming red hair and pink lips demanded your attention. Suddenly you weren’t so mad that the guys yanked you out of your room and away from Netflix. It’s just too bad you hadn’t notice her sooner.

“Let’s go Y/N! We’re gonna go hit a few a few more bars.” Jay, one of your best friends, came over from his hustling game of pool with a handful of cash. “I got paid.” He grinned slyly.

“Stealing from the incoherent?” You replied keeping your eyes forward on the intriguing woman—that now noticed you staring. You sent her a small smirk and looked at your friend. “Classy.”

“Its fair game,” He laughed and turned around to see what you were looking at, but nothing was there, “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m cool.”

“Well, I don’t know about cool…” He smiled and you punched his shoulder jokingly.

“Go round up the boys,” You laughed, “I gonna use the loo real quick.”

“Ok—and hey did you see that brunette at the pool table? H-O-T!”

“Boy…” You laughed, “Let’s go to Freddy’s next. I heard they got great pizza.” He nodded and turned around whilst you finished off your whisky and headed to the restrooms.

As you stood washing your hands the red haired woman walked in. You sent her a smile, except you wish you hadn’t, because next thing you knew the wall and the back of your head became best friends.  

“What the hell!” You groaned. She pulled out a dagger and held it to your throat.

“Who sent you? Who do you work for?”

“What?” You asked, lifting your hand to rub your head, but she grabbed your wrist and spun you around so you were facing the wall.

“Don’t play me! Who do you work for?” She tightened her grip and you inhaled deeply.

“A coffee shop in Brooklyn.” You raised your voice. It went silent before she let go and backed away, giving you the time to fix your jacket.

“Sorry.” Left her lips and you turned around to look at her. She held a tight jaw and you could tell from the look in her eyes that she honestly was.

“The one day I leave the comfort of my room.” You mumbled and rubbed your wrist.

“What?” She questioned, but you just gave her a look and walked away.

“Have a wonderful  life…” You swung the door open and left her alone in the bathroom.

“You ready now?” One of your friends asked.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Are you bringing your friend?”

“Who–” You turned around and saw her standing by the bar, staring at you.

“She’s not my friend.” You replied looking at her and walking away, your friends following.

“What’s was that all about?” Jay asked.

“I can’t say that I know…”

“Is it just me or did that look like Black Widow?” Kevin, another one of your friends, asked?


“You know, Natasha Romanoff? One of the most badass avengers? She works with Tony Stark.”

“The one that was in trouble with the government after leaking all that information a few months back?”

“That’s the one!” Kevin yelled excitedly.

“Huh… You actually follow them—the avengers?” You laughed, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Don’t hate me because I’m in the loop.”

“You need a life.” You laughed.

“Wait,” He stopped walking and faced you, “Why was she staring at you?”

“Thanks Kevin! You really know how to boost a girls self-esteem.”

“Not like that Y/N! Come on, you are sizzling! All I’m saying is that an avenger was checking you out tonight. That’s big! Like New York-being –invaded-by-aliens big. Wait… Are you wanted?” He looked serious and you couldn’t help but crack up laughing.

“Yes, Kevin. I’m the biggest crime Lord in New York City and you’re an accessory to all of my wrong doings.” His eyes got big and you actually thought that this ‘adult’ believed you. “I’m kidding, Kev.” You added just in case.

“I knew that!” He smiled and looped his arm in yours to continue walking.

The night went on; full of booze and pool hustling. Eventually it all came to end when Jay started dancing on a bar and ripping his shirt off.  By the grace of the gods above, you all somehow managed to get home, with a little dignity left.

The minute you and Kevin made it to your shared apartment, you both crashed out on the couch. And neither of you would of woke till the sun was going down again, but someone was knocking on your door.

“Kev… Kevin get the door.” You kicked around, but he wasn’t there. You sat up and huffed. Somehow that man always managed to get up even on his bad drinking days.

“I heard you!” You yelled as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. You thanked god all the windows were shut because your head was pounding like there was no tomorrow. You dragged yourself to the door and swung it open not thinking. The sun nearly blinded you, so quickly you covered your eyes.  

“Stupid sun… Come in.” You told whoever was standing before you. You shut the door behind them and blinked a few times, trying to focus.

“I don’t know where your shirt is, Jay, if that’s what you’re wondering.” You mumbled thinking that’s who was visiting this early. He usually made his way over from his apartment and few doors down to raid your fridge. When you turned to see him, you jumped back.

“Woah! Hey!” You nearly tripped over your shoes when you saw the same woman from last night. She grabbed your arm just as you were about to tumble over the couch. When you were on your feet again, you took a step back.

“This isn’t weird at all. How—how did you find out where I lived?”

“I stole your wallet. I’m just returning it.” She handed you your belonging and you took it reluctantly.

“You’re not here to kill me?”

“Is there a reason to?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No! It’s just that people don’t steal wallets then return them without a reason…”  

“… Well last night–” She began. “I thought you were tracking me, so when we uhh—met in the bathroom, I took it and checked up on you. I had to be sure.”

“Oh that’s right. You’re the avenger.” You rubbed your head and hopped on the counter.

“You know who I am?” Her whole demeanor changed and she stiffened up. You gave her a weird look at that and tilted your head in confusion.

“She didn’t, but I did.” Kevin walked out of his room and made his way to the kitchen. He poured himself some day-old coffee and threw it in the microwave to warm it up.

“Oh.” She simply said.

Kevin stood there with a hand on his hip, staring at both of you guys. His hair was wrapped in a towel and his was in his favorite silk, red robe and bunny slippers. After a few seconds he pulled out a nail file from his pocket and began working on his nails.

“What’s your name again?” You asked, throwing your hair up in a messy bun.

“Natasha is good enough.” She replied.

“Well, Natasha is good enough, thanks for having a conscience and giving this back.” You motioned to the wallet that was now sitting on the counter next to you. “And do you like pancakes?” You raised an eyebrow and waited for her reply.

“… If there’s raspberry syrup.” She smiled softly and let her body relax. Natasha still looked like she was ready to fight anyone that looked at her wrong and that made you laugh to yourself.

“Don’t beat me up again, but we have only have strawberry.”

“That’s fine.” She laughed, looking up to meet your gaze. You probably stared a little longer than you should of, but hey she didn’t exactly look away either.

“Aww you two… I totally ship it.” Kevin smiled and began sipping on his coffee when he pulled it out of the microwave.

“Ship what, exactly?” Your unexpected guest asked

“Just ignore him.” You gave Kev a death glare as you hopped down from the counter and walked past him to start making breakfast.

“Yikes. I’ll just be in my room….” He held his hands out and mischievous smile plastered his face as he left.

“You know last time I saw that look on someone’s face, they nearly destroyed half of New York.” Natasha spoke up. You laughed quietly and shook your head.

“You don’t have to worry about him…” You looked around, noticing the quietness in the apartment; something Kevin never was. “On second thought, do you maybe want to order pancakes somewhere instead?”

“I’m right behind you.” She jumped up, giving you enough time to grab a jacket, boots and your car keys. As you turned around to shut the door, Kevin was in the hallway holding two thumbs up and you couldn’t shut the door quickly enough.

“Do you have a place in mind?” Natasha asked, waiting for you.

“Not really… Do you know of any place good?”

“I know just the spot. They can make a mean crepe. If that’s what you like.”

“Sounds great.” You smiled.

Ok, so your world was just turned upside down. You met an avenger last night in the most weirdest of ways, she stole your wallet and returned it back to you, she probably knows—no, she does know—that you dropped out of medical school and probably thinks you’re dumb for doing such a thing, and know your both going to have crepes for breakfast together. There’s absolutely no way this relationship is going to be normal… ever. And let’s not forget about Kevin, who obviously has something up his sleeve.

Desirable Dream

 He loved feeling her warmth against his body.

 “You’re doing great, love.” Over and over and over again he showered her with kisses and compliments. Right hand gently palmed her back, Jumin squeezed her own right hand with his left. Not once did his smile falter, and it never would as long as she was in his life. Eyes still closed from the moment he kissed the top of her head, Jumin bit back a wider smile to hear her joyful giggles.

 “I think I’m getting the hang of this!” Excitement bubbling through her voice, she swayed her hips and tried to follow the beat of the music. Right hand perfectly cupping his left hand, she slid an inch closer until her nose tickled the side of his neck.

 Laughter almost burst out to feel slender fingers casually tickling her back.

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Shower/Pool/Bath/Hot tub - 5sos preference [smut]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Hi 4/4 pref with shower/bath/hot tub/pool sex?? Please, love you <3”

A/N: 4/4 smut yaasss

C A L U M :: Shower (418 words)

“I’m just going for a shower,” you tell Calum standing up from the sofa.

You got home about half an hour ago from a long day at work and you’d been filling Calum in on the events of your day but now you really want a shower. You close the bathroom door and turn on the shower, allowing it to heat up as you strip and toss your clothes into the laundry basket. You let your hair down, letting it fall around your face and step under the flow of water. Showers are really the only alone time you get so you let the water flow over every inch of you, running your fingers all down your body. Usually you’d take this time to allow yourself some pleasure but you’re even too tired for that, so you instead decide to reach out of the water and turn on the shower radio, normally only used by Calum. You hum along to the music for a few minutes and jump suddenly when you feel a large hand at your waist.

“I love your singing,” Calum’s familiar voice growls in your ear.

You had been listening to the music so intently that you hadn’t even heard him enter the room.

“I was humming actually,” you correct.

You don’t turn to him but his hands wrap around you, his head resting on your shoulder and pressing himself into your back. With a playful smirk you slowly grind yourself against him and feel him tense and harden. Slowly Calum begins to kiss your neck, muffling any moans you are causing. You finally decide to turn around and he wastes no time in attacking your lips hungrily, letting his hands rake over your body as he presses his arousal against your crotch. He grips your waist and lifts you, pressing your back against the cold tiled wall making you hiss.

“You ready for me to rock your world, princess?” he purrs in your ear.

“Please, just… fuck me, Calum,” you whine.

Mercilessly he thrusts into you, keeping you against the wall as you wrap your shaking legs around him.

“You’re so tight, baby girl,” he groans.

“Calum, I’m going to come,” you shiver.

“Come for me, princess,” Calum whispers.

With a mixture of the feeling of the water rushing over you and the feeling of Calum inside you, you reach your high, clenching around him and pushing him over the edge in the process.

“Maybe I should join you in the shower more often”

M I C H A E L :: Pool (437 words)

The 5SOS LA house has always been your favourite of their many homes across the world, purely because of the weather and the pool. Michael knows you love it too, you’re always tanning or swimming, and he’s always watching, never actually entering the water himself and too afraid of burning to stay out of the shade for longer than 10 minutes. You yourself love early morning and late night swims, when the boys are either asleep or otherwise occupied so you have the pool to yourself.

This night in particular you’re swimming laps of the pool while the boys are entertained by something on the TV. You duck underwater but as you do there’s a loud splash so you emerge and see a wet haired Michael shake his head and rub water from his eyes.

“You’re actually in the water,” you smile.

He nods and raises his brows to you, paddling closer so there are merely inches between the two of you. His hands find the sides of your face and he presses his lips yours sweetly but when his hands trail down your body, finding your waist, he deepens the kiss.

“You’re so fucking hot in your bikini,” he smirks.

You allow a hand to slide up his leg and almost far enough to reach his crotch but instead you palm him over his swimsuit and smile when you feel him groan against your mouth. As you move against each other you stumble backwards until you reach the edge of the pool.

“I’ve never had pool sex before,” Michael mumbles, almost as if he is joking,

You break the kiss for a second, winking at him, “There’s a first time for everything”

A smile spreads across his face once more, “Turn around princess”

He hooks his fingers around your bikini bottoms and tugs them down before turning his attention to the top of our bikini, removing that too. Facing the pool’s edge, your hands gripping the stone you lose is touch and instead hear him splashing around behind you. When his warm hands return they immediately go to where you need him most, drawing figure eights and making the knot in your stomach grow.

When you’re nearing your edge he removes his fingers and you whine so he says, “Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want soon enough”

He lifts you slightly, bending your naked body over the edge of the pool and immediately thrusts into you. A loud moan leaves your lips and you hear him chuckle. You clench around him, holding back as much as possible until you let go completely as does he.

A S H T O N :: Bath (471 words)

The only specification Ashton had when you were searching for an apartment was the bath, you could chose the rest, he had a strange fascination or more obsession with sharing a bath with you. The way the bubbles clung to your bare skin, the way the water was like glitter in droplets and obviously the fact that both of you were naked. You stuck to his rules and got a great apartment with a huge bath, plenty of room for candle and other romantic mumbo-jumbo.

“What are you doing?” Ashton calls through the house when he gets back from the studio.

“Having a bath, I won’t be long,” you reply.

“Without me?” he pokes his head around the bathroom door.

Instinctively you try to cover yourself up and shriek, “Ashton”

“What I’ve seen you naked so many times that if I close my eyes I’ve got a picture perfect image of you,” he smiles and you drop your arms. “So can I join?”

You roll your eyes, “Go for it”

He strips quickly and gets in first, holding your hand to help you in and sit between his legs. You take the soap to begin actually washing but he takes it from you, massaging your whole body with it, starting at your shoulders and down your body. When you’re significantly covered by the soapy bubbles he discards the soap and simply rubs across your body with his hands. He presses kisses to your neck that are at first sweet and innocent but deepen when he begins sucking and gently nibbling at your sensitive skin. You groan lightly when he massages your breasts, turning him on immensely, you can tell as you can feel his length harden at your back. When one of his hands runs down to your heat you roll your hips both against his fingers and his arousal.

A few moments later he withdraws his hand and lets out a loud groan as you mercilessly press your behind against him. He turns you so that you’re straddling him and you join your lips with his, the two of you moving your hips in time to create the best source of friction.

“Fuck,” he pants, “You’re so gorgeous, are you ready baby girl”

He lifts you slightly, just enough to line himself with your entrance an he bucks his hips, thrusting into you at an angle that hits your gspot instantly. You rock your head back pressing your chest to his and allowing him to kiss down your collars and across your breasts.

He whimpers, “So close, darling”

“Let go, Ash,” you moan.

He twitches inside you and the groan that he lets out is enough to help you hit your climax too.

He rests his exhausted head against your shoulder, “I think we just found a new bathtime activity”

L U K E :: Hot tub (408 words)

While looking around the holiday home Luke decided to rent, on the second or third night of your holiday together, you come across a number of things you hadn’t seen before, a pool table, air-hockey, a dance machine, a sauna, but the one thing you can’t seem to find is Luke. You search the whole of the mansion-like building, nothing, so you decide to check the garden, which is where you see him, lounging in a bubbling hot tub.

“Damn, I didn’t even know there was a hot tub here,” you smile down at him, making him jump.

“Neither did I,” he smiles. “Coming in”

“Not right now, I don’t have my bathing suit,” you tell him.

“So? Have you ever heard of skinny dipping?” he smirks.

“I’m not getting in naked,” you tell him.

“I will if you do,” Luke winks and you have to say that you are tempted. “You know you want to”

“You go first”

He tilts his head to the side slightly in a ‘whatever-you-say’ kind of way and reading into the water, shimmying around a little and then tossing aside his wet swim shorts.

“Your turn”

You give him a strip tease, watching his eyes scour your body with every move that you make, his lip pulled between his teeth. When you’re completely naked you give him a confident glance before slipping down into the water right next to him. Without a second of hesitation he pulls you onto his lap and, obviously turned on by your little show, he begins moving his already hard member against your heat. He kisses you deeply, his hands clinging you your back while you twist your fingers into his hair, throaty groans falling from his lips onto yours.

“Ride me, baby,” Luke purrs.

You kneel above him, the water against your most sensitive area making you almost collapse again. His strong grip on your waist allows you to lover yourself onto him, your back arching and the euphoric moan that leaves your lips causing his hips to buck.

“I fucking love you,” he manages to say as you begin moving around him at a slow pace.

“I love you too, but I’m not going to last long baby,” you manage to mumble against his lips.

“Whenever you need to, beautiful,” he tells you.

A few seconds pass and you’re a moaning mess and when you clench around him he moans loudly and lets go too.


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Owen Grady x Reader -I’m No Fool-

A/N: Movie Night love :3
I stole the idea from someone on DA. I can’t remember who ;-; She wrote it about Peter Quill so I changed it to Owen. I would really like to give her credit so if you could like tell me if you know who she is that’s be great.

The TV flashed its colors in the dark room only occupied by you and your best friend, Owen. You were sprawled out on the couch, head on his lap while his legs were kicked up.
On the screen was a sappy romance film that you had tried to stay awake for, but after a long day with the raptors you had drifted asleep. Owen only noticed when you let out a soft snore.
“(Y/N).” Owen whispered. “Are you asleep?”
With only your slow breathing answering him, he smiled.
Your eyelashes fluttered slowly and your (H/C) hair was pooled around your head that was supported by your small arms. That was one thing Owen loved about you, how small you were compared to him.

The first day you two had met the raptors were being particularly difficult. Owen was getting frustrated so he took a break and kicked his feet up in his office. He quickly fell asleep but was just as quickly awoken to the sound of a jeep pulling up outside. When he reached his doorway you were just jumping out of the passengers seat. You couldn’t of been more then 5'4 and the raised park jeeps made you look even smaller.
“So that’s your new assistant?” Barry walked up to Owen. They both surveyed you.
While you listened to Claire, the operations manager you looked around your new surroundings. Off in the distance were two men, arms crossed and not looking all too pleased. You gave a smile and a small wave before following Claire elsewhere.  

Owen blinked a few times before focusing back on the TV. He placed his calloused hand on his stomach trying to calm down the butterflies in his stomach.
He cursed to himself under his breath. He didn’t feel like this over girls. Over anyone.
But you were different. You had treated the raptors like they were your own since day one. You put Owen in his place when he needed it and had his back when was up against a wall. You were fierce but gentle. Stern but loving. You were you.

As Owen was lost in thought you began to wake up. Your eyelids were still heavy and you were warm. Owens lap was comfortable and you wanted to lay like this forever. You glanced at the moving lights in front of you.
“They look like they’re in love.” You said in a soft, sleepy voice. You could feel Owen flinch, startled by your voice. He looked at the screen and saw the couple holding hands and kissing in the rain.
“Yeah.” Owen said feeling awkward. He didn’t want to stay on the subject.
“Owen, are you in love?” You asked. Your voice was small and innocent and it made Owen’s heart skip a beat. You could feel him tense up a bit.
“I- I don’t know.” He swallowed. “I could be. I mean I think I could, but I don’t know how she feels about me.” He felt his cheeks get hot and he was suddenly thankful it was so dark in the room.
“She would be a fool if she wasn’t in love with you.” You yawned and gave a small stretch. You looked up at Owen and smiled.
“You think?” He asked. His heart was beating faster.
“Yeah.” You shut your eyes to go back to sleep.
But you felt him move and before you could open your eyes his lips gently fell on yours. The hardest man you knew had the softest lips. They were cool against your warmth sending shivers own your spine and butterflies exploded in your stomach. You now understood what they meant by fireworks. His hand ran through your hair and around your neck, lifting you slightly, deepening the kiss.
When you had finally parted all you heard was his breathing in the darkness. It was just you two, the movie had faded away.
“Well, I’m no fool.” You whispered.


🌊 Pool mit Basti

📱 Basti geht mit I phone in der Schwimmhose baden ➡ Handy kaputt

🚙 Gegen Abend zum Applestore fahren .. Klebt am Auto ein ➡ 72 $ Strafzettel 😣

Aber der Pool, Leute.. Der Pool 🌊


Warrior Cats Name Generator

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Sorry if your name is already canon or doesn’t make sense. What was your name? Mine is Dewear.
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Let Me Love You (Soryu X MC for goowiththeflooow)

Summary: After seeing Baba flirt with MC, Soryu begins to feel self conscious, but MC spends the night showing him how much she loves him.

Rating: Mature, smut.

Sidenotes: For the lovely, goowiththeflooow. I hope you enjoy!

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