The Greatest New Years Party Ever: Jintana’s Mango and Passionfruit Cheesecake topped with Gooseberries [More from The Greatest New Years Party Ever] [More Dessert]

The second entremet after the previously introduced Strawberry Cheesecake, this sweet-sour smooth beauty incorporates three of my favorite fruits: mango, the fragrant, juicy, sweet Thai type that my mother froze for use now that it’s out of season; passionfruit, and its deliciously sour and textured jam-like juice; gooseberries (my love for these, as seen in this Chia seed pudding, is no secret) and their sour burst of joy. Of course, it’s nothing less than addictive. 

One thing about my mother’s cheesecakes, though, is that it’s not just about the taste. It’s the sheer effort put into making the cheesecake such a sleek, grand affair, and the mixture of flavors is only a testament to the emphasis on detail that gives the cheesecake such finesse. I remember the excitement of eating cheesecakes near midnight in Roxy’s cafe in New York after having watched a broadway musical, and the incredible thickness, the sheer density and size and the decadence of the lemon-raspberry and orea cheesecakes was what made it such a memorable experience. But with these cheesecakes, their light fluffiness tastes of a labor of love, and puts it in an entirely different category. 

bts as fruits
  • Jin: Apple. "One apple a day, keeps the doctor away" every mother says.
  • Suga: Strawberry. Small but sweet and kinda juicy.
  • J-hope: Orange. He is the vitamin of the group.
  • Rap monster: Banana. Because he is tall and lean like one LMAO JK IDK!
  • Jimin: Peach. There is no need to explain this!!
  • Taehyung: Watermelon. Fresh, sweet and delightful. Everyone's waiting for summer to eat watermelon tbh.
  • Jungkook: Grapes. He loves grapes and I don't want him to nag.
Scents seventeen Prefers

Scoups: Playful scents! Fruity, sweet scents that are young and energetic smelling!

Jeonghan: Fresh scents! Clean laundry smells that are fresh and pure!

Joshua: subtle floral sents! Like rose water or cherry blossom very light and airy

Jun: sultry scents like cinnamon or very musky scents something that screams powerful

Hoshi: Fruit scents! Like strawberry or mango something tropical and juicy!

Wonwoo: clean scents very soapy and fresh smelling

Woozi: natural scents lavender or sandalwood type scents very pure and calming like!

Dk: Citrus scents! Lemon or zesty scents that make you feel alive and awake

Mingyu: delicious scents Like vanilla or chocolate something tasty and sugary smelling!

Minghao: Mature smells something musky and warm like amber rich and smooth

Seungkwan: soft sexy scents very spicy and much like Jasmine!

Vernon: fun scents: like Pina Colada very tropical and Young! Exotic and fruity

Dino: Classic scents not over powering or to strong, baby powder and freshly Cotten smells!

If EXO were Fruits...
  • Baek Hyun: Strawberry (an aesthetic little ball of red, juicy, tangy, sweet goodness)
  • Se Hun: Pineapple (a little spiky on the outside but so sweet on the inside)
  • Jong In: Passion Fruit (it's all in the name)
  • Kyung Soo: Pomegranate (squishy..>_>)
  • Chan Yeol: Orange (Vitamin C = Vitamin Chan Yeol)
  • Joon Myeon: Banana (rich and sweet all the way through)
  • Kris: Pitaya aka Dragon Fruit (the name says it all)
  • Lu Han: Pear (rhymes with 'deer')
  • Jong Dae: Raspberry (Sneaky…tart…sweet)
  • Min Seok: Kiwi (it kinda looks like him?)
  • Zi Tao: Plum (he seems like a plum-y panda to me)
  • Yi Xing: Coconut (he's a little clueless…but so innocent)