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8 Favorite Figure Skating Moments of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea

➊ Mirai Nagasu became the first American woman and the third woman ever to successfully perform a triple axel at an Olympic Games.
➋ Adam Rippon, period.
5 Olympics and 4 partners later, Aljona Savchenko finally won gold in the pairs skating event with partner Bruno Massot.
➍ After a disappointing performance in the men’s free skate, Nathan Chen skated a near-perfect free skate, landing 6 quads (5 clean), the first man to ever do so. He rose in the standings from 17th place to finish 5th overall.
➎ Javier Fernández won Spain’s first figure skating medal and the third Winter Olympics medal for the country ever. 
➏ Yuzuru Hanyu repeated as Olympic champion, becoming the first man to do so since Dick Button in 1952.
➐ Choi Da-Bin dazzled before a home crowd at her first Olympics. Choi dedicated her performances to her late mother, saying “I am very thankful to my mother, who is watching me from Heaven.“
"The warmth and splendor” of Evgenia Medvedeva vs. the “calculated coolness” of Alina Zagitova made for “the most heartbreakingly beautiful ladies competition ever.”


Late to the party 🎉. What an awesome men’s figure skating ⛸ event at the Olympics!

Congrats to Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan on defending his Olympic Gold Medal 🥇in Men’s Figure Skating! He is the first man in 66 years to do this! 👏🏾 He is a fierce competitor! It was an incredible win being that this was his first competition after being out for months due to a serious injury. 

This will go down as one of the most memorable figure skating wins I’ve ever witnessed.😊 💗 

The PyeongChang games have gotten me so captivated!

Also this was inspired by a dream I had where the games were held on building rooftops and Jet was participating in the ice skating event. I almost wondered why Jet would pick ice skating of all sports until I remembered that it’s canonically shown he likes it.

cantdutchthis  asked:

Friesland has banned boating to let the ice grow... it is goong to freeze for a week wtf

Sailing prohibited starting Saturday on canals and channels in Friesland.

There won’t be an Elfstedentocht for a long time, but the province of Friesland decided on Wednesday to forbid sailing in canals and channels. The sailing-prohibition will start on Saturday at 17:00 o’clock.

((The Elfstedentocht is a legendary speed skating event which occurs extremely rarely, for it needs to freeze really hard for really long. It is a 200km tour through eleven cities in Friesland that are connected through water. Whenever there is even the slightest chance, Frisians get all giddy and look forward to maybe the next Elfstedentocht. There are even professional ice measuring people to check the growth of the ice and whether or not it will be thick enough. 

From 1890 til today there have only been eight Elfstedentochten, of which one had ended prematurely for it began to thaw. The Elfstedentocht of 1963 has become the most famous for its hellish temperatures and circumstances. It was freezing at -18 degree Celsius with powder snow and harsh winds, and only 69 out of 10.000 participants managed to finish it. Many participants had frostbite, broken limbs or eye damage.

Nonetheless, it is a very exciting event and you may be considered a true national hero if you manage to finish it!))

Sad that the Olympics are now over, but did get to see a lot. The Men’s event for ice skating was probably my favorite out of all the ice skating events. Wish this guy came over to train at the rinks I skate at in San Diego, CA. He’s so awesome 😍❤️❤️⛸️
Photo is from the NY times.

While the Olympic figure skating events were happening, I was having a birthday weekend with my mom and sister. We sat in a Miller’s Ale House watching the performances, without being able to hear a thing, and rooted for everyone regardless of country. Yuzuru did not perform while we were there. I’d been waiting the entire time. I waited to see if the next person was him before heading for the bathroom or doing anything that required me to look away from the screen for long periods of time. (we looked up his performance later in the hotel)

Now that my mom knew who Yuzuru Hanyu was, I showed her him from his first win at the Olympics and then this year, comparing how baby cute he was before and how he is now. I told her about his Pooh, and his injury, and his beautiful skating.

Hours later, after we’ve watched some other performances on our computers in the hotel (with sound this time!) and long since moving on to other topics, I’m sitting on my bed and Yuzuru Hanyu shows up on my dash. Softly, I go, “So cute…”

My sister glances at my computer and then goes, “Mom, I will give you one guess of what’s so cute,” in total monotone.

“Her Japanese boy?”


And that’s how they referred to him for the rest of the weekend, all the way home in the car even. ‘Her Japanese boy.’ My sister is still giving me shit about it. Yuzuru is still showing up on my dash and I am still in raptures of fluff over how cute he is, so my sister won’t let it go. We don’t even live together anymore. And my mom will probably remember him as ‘Jessica’s Japanese Boy’ every time figure skating is brought up for years and years to come.

me watching olympic figure skating: this is the most beautiful, elegant, and graceful routine I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life that deserved a gold medal

announcer: did y’all see their leg in the wrong place for .5 seconds they’re obviously a disgrace to their country

me: oh okay


Mirai Nagasu (USA) lands 8 clean, fully-rotated triple jumps - including a triple axel - in her 2018 Olympic Team Event free skate, becoming the first woman to do so at the Winter Olympic Games, and the second woman overall after Japan’s Rika Kihira first accomplished it in 2016.

Adam Rippon’s Olympic debut skating to “Arrival of the Birds” by The Cinematic Orchestra and “O (Fly On)” by Coldplay. He helped the U.S. win a bronze medal with his free skate in the figure skating team event. (x)

EDIT: The video was taken down by NBC, but Adam skated the same program with the addition of a quad lutz at the 2017 NHK Trophy. Watch it here.

@ericradford85 So proud to be wearing these medals and showing the world what we can do! #Represent 🏳🌈

Eric Radford of Canada became the first openly gay athlete to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games. Adam Rippon of the United States, also an openly gay athlete, won a bronze medal. #Pride


tfw you double a quad combination and so you then throw in a quad-double and a triple axel and end up with a season’s best high score 

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that the men’s podium seem so much happier than the ladies one

Like you have Yuzuru hugging everyone and jumping/dancing, Javi is the best with hugs, Shoma literally melt in that hug. Yuzuru was crying with Javier and even Brian take a photo of them (i think?)

And the ladies felt so tense (weird?)