My thoughts on Arc-V's ending

It’s fine. Look I can understand people being mad that they didn’t separate in the end and that’s ok. But I think they went the middle way, each of the counterparts are alive and if we learned anything from Yuto and Yuya they can switch places. But like Yugo said they were one person originally and by fusing this gives Zarc and Ray another chance at life in a way. And logically the show was building up to this with how Jack said Yuya are the Dragon’s true master and how he bonded with each of them and logically there really isn’t a way to separate them anymore. The only way to do so are the En Cards and you need to card a lot of people do that. And this does remind us we don’t always get what we want. Arc-V tried to be optimistic while realistic so this ending is perfect for it. The show was never perfect but I’m glad they tried and made this great show. Like Yuya said the fun is just getting started, I hope you all have great lives. Side note not getting into VRAINS personally cause yeah Yoshida

Gintama. - 328

- Perfect ending and set up for the next arc, whichever that may be.

As some of you know they’re doing reruns “The Best of Gintama” with a new OP/ED. A sneak peek of the Shinsengumi animated at the Sakura Matsuri. I really do hope they animated the skipped arcs. Most of them can be completed in 1-2 episodes, the one shot chapters could be half episodes.

- This is one of the times where I’m glad that anime described what happened to Utsuro. Using the woodblock animation for his backstory was lit.

Again, if you read the scanlations, you should take them lightly, because these are not official translations, and not everything you read will make sense, because it didn’t to me with one scene with the last chapter and I had to ask the translator what the hell it meant.

Also, whatever CrunchyRoll releases in subs, it’s not consistent, they have changed at least 3 translators from the beginning of the series where things didn’t make any sense. Though with this latest translator, he/she has been decent explaining complex lines. Gintama is not an easy series to translate at all. Editing lines where always a challenge to make sense for an western audience.  

- Crunchyroll skipped a post credit scene. It’s one of those scenarios where the Odd Jobs just talk about stuff in the house, but this time they’re in the space ship talking about the reruns and live-action movie. They had the live-action actors do some voice acting with their anime character counter part. It was actually pretty funny.

From what I saw of the spoilers. I think I’m okay with that ending. Sure, the boys deserve better and to have their own bodies. Also the girls to who love them, but I’m fine with them being merged since there was actually some level of consequences because of the war and the dark violent side of humanity. It’s bittersweet and more realistic than the usual truly, perfect, ending most animes go for.

I feel bad for Shun too considering how he fought to save Ruri, but again, more realistic in a way, that it’s not the happy ending everyone would have wanted. Also, it is sad that Leo did not manage to save his daughter, but he did start this whole mess with to begin with and I think it is just fitting. Again, not the ending the characters would have wanted, but realistic and bittersweet aftermath of the war and consequences of humans desires and ideals anr overall dark side

Idk, just my thoughts.

Holiday Meet Cute – Eun-Sang & Young-Do


Somehow, after letting Young-Do into her budget process, so he can know what kind of apartment she can afford, they end up entwined on the floor, and once more she is unmade.

“Am I allowed to get you a housewarming gift?” She watches him sit up and try to regain his breath as he zips up his pants and starts to button his shirt. She lays there watching him and wonders when this perfection will end.

“What kind of a gift?”

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EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for


All the LGBT Movies that I have seen, and at least 20 of those were in the span of about a month. Some I loved, some I liked, and some I didn’t like, if you wanna know which ones I recommend, hit my ask box! I also have a list underneath this with ones that I have yet to watch.


Just gotta tell ya before this thing goes on, you gotta realize that the only way out is in a body bag. Now we don’t have to write our vows. “

Jumin: If that’s fine with you, what I’ve been wanting to do is… I wanted to hug you…

MC: Well I… I wanted to kiss you…

(when will Cheritz give me more kissed with Jumin…)


You taught me to be a strong Latina woman. To be bigger than the world was ever gonna give me permission to be. And I have. You taught me not just to exist because I’m worth so much more than that.


I mean, do riddle me this - How isn’t this a happy ending for some people. John Watson who suffered enough, and Sherlock Holmes who’d probably be dead if he wouldn’t met John Watson, living together [yup, in my world they’re living together just like ACD wrote] and raising little Rosie, who’ll have a happy childhood despite losing her mummy. HOW isn’t this a happy ending. What more do you people want.


Anonymous, “Abandoned Love Letters”