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My perfect ending for Aria that will never happen Ezra is A.D and he is killed and sense we are supposed to get one more flash forward we can see in the flash foward that Aria and Jason are back together

TBH this is most peoples perfect ending at this point…on tumblr at least. I would actually like to see Aria be alone, like, I would LOVE for her, the hopeless romantic, the boy crazy, can never ever be alone girl, to end the series without a love interest. It’d be the ultimate character development for her, I think

Well… Good on them for feeling proud of themselves. They deserve to feel that way! How things turned out wasn’t perfect, but in the end, a lot of people were saved from a scenario that could have been a lot worse, and Roman is behind bars (no he’s not).

At least Yang shared the story of the “Mystery Woman.” I’ll stick with Crimson Samurai, ‘cause that’s 100x more badass.

For now, sleep. Sweet, sweet, sleep. Later, there’s the tournament to look forward to! (THAT BETTER BE IN VOLUME 3, I SWEAR TO GOD! I NEED MY TOURNAMENT ARC, SHOW.)

Sinja week Day 7: Ending“Leaving all behind”

I don’t know if something like this could happen after all… But my perfect ending would be Sinbad and Ja’far leaving all behind and going on adventures together again like the old days.

Finally I managed to finish Sinja Week!! This was my first time participating and I’m really happy because of it <3 Thanks to everybody who made this possible and a big hip hip hooray to everybody who participated! <3
And of course, thanks to all the people who enjoy the little things I made, I’m so thankfull to all of you ;; I hope you liked it and I’m sorry If I couldn’t end it on time.

Thanks! <3

In the promo, we see snow in Rosewood.

Now let me take you to what Keegan has said to be his perfect PLL ending:
Snow stars falling in Rosewood and the liars look up. The camera zooms out to reveal they are inside a snow ball.
Alison is holding them.
She is in Radley.

NOW. If you look at the promo, you can see a snowball breaking in what looks a sanatorium rooms.
My guess is the snow scene will end up being something Mona made up.

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Who do you think is A.D? And your motives? How would a perfect ending be? More about couples? Amzade among the girls? Mysteries and answers?

So, going into the finale, these are my biggest suspects:

1) EZRA fucking FITZ - doesn’t need any more motive, guys a creep
2) Twincer - jealous of Spencer and her friends maybe? 
3) Wren and/or Melissa - no fucking idea what their motive would be hahaha
4) Toby - they always talked about how we see him have an axe to grind with the girls and we never really saw that come out??? like I think they said that after 3b? and yeah. I mean, he probably has the biggest motive out of anybody
5) Lucas - he was friends with Charlotte so he could be mad that the only friend he had for a while as a teen is dead, but also because he hated Ali and the girls so much

My perfect ending would be Ezra being A.D. I need this guy be responsible for his actions. It’s one thing for him to talk about some of the shitty shit he did in the past, but that doesn’t mean he’s paying for it. That doesn’t mean he’s responsible for his actions. And I need him to have some kind of repercussions for being a predator. 

I would actually legit want no couple stuff in the finale haha the pilot was about the girls coming together and yeah there was some slight romance stuff, but it was the b-story, it wasn’t the most important thing. I want the show to end the same way it began, propping up powerful, strong friendship between a group of girls. 

And I literally want so many god damn answers 


I mean, do riddle me this - How isn’t this a happy ending for some people. John Watson who suffered enough, and Sherlock Holmes who’d probably be dead if he wouldn’t met John Watson, living together [yup, in my world they’re living together just like ACD wrote] and raising little Rosie, who’ll have a happy childhood despite losing her mummy. HOW isn’t this a happy ending. What more do you people want.

Best Moments During a Concert

*Before the main act even comes on stage, there is usually that interlude of music to help pump the fans up

*The first slow song that causes everyone to turn on their lights and wave their arms

*The song(s) that literally everyone in the audience knows so you can clearly hear everyone singing along. This makes it even more special when the artist stops singing for a moment but the audience is able to keep it going

*The (first) ending, before any thoughts of an encore are mentioned

*The encore. The crowd and musicians are already so amped up, it’s just a perfect way to end the night.


this ranger team did what my team could not. you will humbly walk amongst your peers, but heroes you all will be. each of your names will be etched alongside the great ranger teams before you. i will always owe a debt of gratitude to you all.


“Little Nightmares” is my new quiznak fav horror adventure 👌🏻
I finished to watch Jack’s playing this game and It’s really funny especially when Six eats *coff coff
Ahahah perfect ending oh wait not a perfect ending “creepy” ending :3
And this drawing came too well Im really proud of it! Hope you like it guys! @therealjacksepticeye for playing this creepy tiny little game :3


All the LGBT Movies that I have seen, and at least 20 of those were in the span of about a month. Some I loved, some I liked, and some I didn’t like, if you wanna know which ones I recommend, hit my ask box! I also have a list underneath this with ones that I have yet to watch.


jenmorrisonlive Day 101: Emma’s wedding gown! So much love and thought went into this dress. Just as #onceuponatime pulls from fairytales and literature - for the wedding, Eddy, Adam, Edwardo, and I felt it would be wonderful to pull from the real life fairytale of Grace Kelly. It is a dress that represents the elegance and simplicity of classic timeless strength mixed with the delicacy of feminity and vulnerability. It is the ultimate balance that Emma has been fighting for throughout the 6 seasons. A wholeness. A balance. Not all one thing or another - But rather, a moment that is genuinely, truly, authentically her without barriers and walls. A woman surrounded by people she loves and is loved by, willing to fight to protect them all as well as herself. The joy of a timeless balance. So honored to wear such a beautiful gown. Edwardo and his team created a piece of art once again. The perfect way to end this round of #101smiles #emmaswan  #wedding #uglyducklings   (x)

transcript of the speech i gave at Vassar’s black baccalaureate service

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and the Vassar class of 2017.
Just saying that aloud made me feel old. Class of 2017? Most of y'all were born after dark-skinned Aunt Viv left the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That’s wild.

I want to first thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives. I am honored, privileged, and a bit in disbelief that you asked me of all people to give this address. I try not to have feelings, and I’m going to do my best not to cry today, but no promises.

I’m here to stand in the gap between you and your parents and guardians and any other elders in your lives that you stopped listening to because you thought they were wack and out of touch. I remember being in your shoes not TOO long ago, and it is my fervent prayer that something that I say here today will help you avoid some of the mess I went through.
To be honest I’m a little nervous, but I figured there was no way could this be worse than when Betsy DeVos went down to Bethune-Cookman, so let’s get started.

As you transition to life after Vassar the changes will be both inevitable and swift, so I’d like to begin by giving you some well-intentioned advice and warning you about the continued process of becoming an adult.

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