What the fuck did i just watch … god i live this man xD

Once upon a time there was a crooked tree and a straight tree. And they grew next to each other. And every day the straight tree would look at the crooked tree and he would say, ‘You’re crooked. You’ve always been crooked and you’ll continue to be crooked. But look at me! Look at me!’ said the straight tree. He said, ‘I’m tall and I’m straight.’ And then one day the lumberjacks came into the forest and looked around, and the manager in charge said, ‘Cut all the straight trees.’ And that crooked tree is still there to this day, growing strong and growing strange.
—  Tom Waits, Wristcutters: A Love Story
At first he annoyed her. Then he started to help. He flirted with her. She flirted back. He became a part of the team. He became her partner. She teased him, a lot. He dug in her past. She felt betrayed. He said he was sorry. She forgave him. They make a pretty good team. He thinks she’s extraordinary. She keep teasing him. He’s too easy, she said. Her past came back. She killed the man who ruined her life to save him. He wanted to leave. She made him stay. She like to have him around. He makes things a little more fun. She started dating. His heart borke. She borke up. He left. Her heart broke. He didn’t call. She got mad, really mad. He came back. They made a bet. He won. Or that was what he thought. The team met Dr. Motorcycle Boy, he didn’t liked it. He kissed her. She kissed him back. He punched a man to save her. She thanked him, for having her back. He said “Always”. They almost freeze to death, he hold her. She thanked him, for being there. He said “Always”. They almost blow up, he hold her hand. He saved the city. She’s a one-writer-girl. She said “Always”. She amaze him. He thinks she’s hot. You’re not bad yourself, she said. She opened the door. He wasn’t there. Her past came back, again. They fougth. She kicked him out. Her Captain died to protect her. She was shot in his funeral. He tried to save her, he wasn’t to fast. He said “I love you”, twice. She survived. She told him that she dind’t remember. She asked for a few days. 3 months passed. She didn’t call. He got mad. A new Captain show up. She doesn't like him, she kicked him out. He came back. He hid her the truth. She lied to him. She shows her love for him, with her eyes. He was kept hostage. She save him. He save her 9 times. 10 for her. She saved him 8 times. Her memories came back. She broke down. He didn’t push. She thanked him. He said “Always”. The were cuffed together. There was a tiger. Finally, they found they rhythm…

…and you know what? They’re not together. Yet.

how I could write
about you,

and your effervescent

and your
constant thereness
and all of its

how the well
would run
before I could explain.

how it is

—  Michelle K., A Love Story to Few.