“For the sake of your health, I really hope you have a damn good reason for calling me at four thirty in the morning, Stiles.”

“Dude, relax, don’t go all grumpy right away! Maybe I’m here to deliver a good message, eh? Maybe you should be happy to hear my voice!”

“I’m going to hang up now. For the record, I hate you.”

“Wait! And no, you don’t. I’m adorable.”


“Just a second! Please. C’mon, all I want you to do is give me a teeny-tiny answer to a really important question. Scott wants to know, too.”

“Don’t drag me into this. I told you this is a bad idea.”

“Why is he there. …Stiles, did you put me on speaker.”

“You didn’t object to it.”

“I didn’t get a chance to - okay, you know what. Go the fuck to sleep. Both of you. Don’t you have school tomorrow or something, why the heck is Scott even with you - “

“I’m wondering the same thing, believe me.”

“Well, technically we were finishing a school project, but then we watched a movie. Okay, back to my question. So, we were watching World War Z, right.”


“You didn’t even let me finish!”

“No. Absolutely not.”

“I told you he wouldn’t wanna answer. He’s not that cool.”

“Shut up, dude. But I guess you’re right… ‘s not like he’d wanna hear about my super awesome and totally werewolf-relevant theory.”

Please tell me you didn’t call me in the middle of the night to ask me about zombies. Because if you did, I’m going to - “

“ - rip our throats out, yeah yeah, but here’s the real question. Hypothetically, if we had a zombie virus outbreak - “

“Oh my God. This is not happening.”

“I told you he would be mad.”

“Scott, shut up. If - let’s just assume this for a second - there were zombies, okay. Would you become like, a werewolf zombie, or would you be immune and all werewolves in the world would form this super awesome Slay the Dead and Be Rad alliance where you, ah, what’s the word, rip their throats out with your teeth? Are zombie-wolves a thing? Oh my God. What about alpha zombies - ?!”

“Nah man, I’ve seen Resident Evil, animal-stuff and the undead are not a good mix, believe me. Also, are we talking slow or fast zombies here?”

“Scott, that’s why you’re my man. So Derek, c’mon, feed us some input here.”

“I’m going to feed you your own spine tomorrow morning. After I slept. After both of you went back to bed and only call me when there’s an actual emergency.”

“Zombies are serious business, Derek. You don’t want them with a wolf in their belly, do you? Oh my God, I’m hilarious. That was so good.”

“Stiles, I think he hung up.”

“Damnit! Eh, I’ll ask him tomorrow. Also, why the hell did you act like you didn’t wanna know? You’re all into zombies and shit! I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.”

“And I’m tired. Good night, Stiles.”

“Fiiine. Night, Scott.”

Stargazing (Kyle Spencer Imagine)

Request: Hi there! Can I request a really romantic kyle Spencer imagine? C: please? by @trafalgarlau

Warning: none

Written by: Estelle

“Y/N, are you ready to go?” Kyle asked you calmly.

You turned to him and nodded, noticing the stuffed backpack he was swinging over his shoulder. “Wow, you’re prepared for a zombie apocalypse, aren’t you?”

He frowned a little bit and followed your eyes to the backpack. He then looked back at you and smiled. “I’m not telling you what we’re going to do. You’ll see.”

You quickly pecked his lips and hooked your arm with his, “Fair enough.”

The two of you got outside and walked through the gate of the academy. Kyle locked it behind him with the key he had gotten from Cordelia. You shivered a little bit, because of the chilly autumn weather, and Kyle intertwined his fingers with yours as he took the lead and brought you to the dark park next to the cemetery.

“Are we gonna summon spirits?” you joked with a chuckle, while Kyle opened his backpack and laid a large blanket on the ground.

“Maybe later tonight, if you want.” he smirked. You helped him unpack the stuff from his backpack, which were another blanket, a thermos, like three bags of snacks, a packet of cookies and a small pillow.

He sat down on the blanket and beckoned you, “Come on, the sky is really clear tonight!”

You took the hand he was holding out at you and sat down next to him. He lay down, with his head on one side of the pillow and you followed his moves, but lay your head on his arm, because he had put it around you.

“Look how beautiful the stars are tonight.” Kyle mumbled happily as he looked at the night sky.

You let your eyes take in the magical view that you were looking at. The twinkling stars in the dark sky, like fairy lights in a dimmed bedroom.

“It’s lovely.” you replied, wrapping your arm around his waist and absorbing some of the heat his body was giving off.

Kyle noticed you were getting a little cold, so he grabbed the second blanket and put it over you, you snuggled under it. You felt him pressing a kiss against your temple and he let out a soft but satisfied sigh.

You then chuckled when you heard him munching on a cookie, and you reached your arm over him to grab one too.

“Do you want some tea?” he asked after what seemed like hours. You nodded and got off of half of his body to sit up. Kyle took the thermos, pour some of the tea in the cap and handed it to you. You took a sip of the hot tea and smiled.

“Can we stay here all night?”

“Sure.” Kyle replied with a smile. “I’ve checked the weather and it won’t be colder than this.”

“And if it does, I’ll just snuggle up against you.” you chuckled, handing the cap back to Kyle.

He took a sip and said, “You probably will anyways. I don’t mind it at all.”

You took the blanket and wrapped it around yourself and Kyle, as he scooted closer next to you. He then looked up at the sky and pointed at it, “Look! A falling star!”

“You really love the stars a lot, don’t you?” you chuckled as you looked up too.

“Yes, but I love you more.” he said, looking at you with a cheeky grin.

You snorted and rolled your eyes at him. He had never said the ‘love’ word to you before, so you didn’t know how to react to it. So you quickly said, “I love you too, now make your wish!”

“I already did!” he said happily, “And it just came true.”

“We’re a bunch of cheesy weirdos.” you smiled at him, leaning in for a kiss.


Who likes Canadian zombie comedies!? 

I used to work with the guy who wrote this so I’m excited to see it when it comes out.



week one aka how/why you started watching the show → I’m a little bit obsessed with zombies and I’d never quite found a zombie show that satisified my obsession. Until I found The Walking Dead when I was watching tv with my dad and we both just knew that this was going to be good. We watched the premiere live and we were both hooked. It was everything I wanted and more.


A little bit Zombie.