A little bit Zombie.

Dear Mom, It’s Zombies

Dear Mom,

Hi! I hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write back but there’s just so much going on and Chicago still feels very much like a “new city” to me and I’m still getting acclimated and work is just as demanding as we expected, and I guess you heard that there’s zombies now, but still there’s no excuse for lateness!

I got your last care package— THANK YOU!!! — the cookies were great and the old pictures really took me back. I already framed them and hung them up. The walls in my new place are still looking a little bare, though. I want to hang up some cool art or something but there’s not really a particular art that “speaks” to me, I guess. And have you priced art lately? Oof! It’s so expensive for just some splashes of stuff on a thing. You’d think artists would come down on price a little bit now that zombies are covering the city, the government’s fled and the gangs pretty much run things now, but nope. Artists are still like “We need art now more than ever, so pay up.” Must be nice to be able to dictate the market like that. We’re in the wrong business, Ma!

Work is good I suppose. I’m doing less of the creative work that we initially talked about and am instead mostly focused on either keeping watch (at night, always at night, because I’m new) or fortifying our defense walls. I tried to (respectfully!) talk to my boss about how this isn’t what we talked about [re: my job] and he said that it doesn’t matter now that there are zombies and that everyone’s only “job” now is to stick together and survive, and I said (respectfully!!) “That may be, but we signed a contract and a contract’s a contract, and if we don’t honor our contracts, well we’re no better than the zombies” (who, I don’t know if you know, don’t honor contracts because all they do is want brains). And anyway to that he didn’t say anything because he’d already sort of checked out of the conversation. I guess the worst part is feeling like my strengths aren’t being utilized? Still, it’s only been a few months, maybe it’s just growing pains and I know a LOT of people in my graduating class who DON’T have jobs in their field and even MORE who are dead from zombies, so I guess I’m lucky. They say the first six months of living in a new place are the hardest so I’m at least gonna give it that.

You asked about girls… So far, no steady girlfriend to speak of but I did go on a date with this girl Jocelyn I met on Tinder and it went really really really well! We texted every night for a while and I’m trying not to get ahead of myself (because I always do that) but I like her a lot (she’s also a transplant [our word for “person who recently moved to the city”] and she plays piano!!). Don’t get too excited because it’s still early, we’re both pretty focused on our careers and also she’s a full-blown zombie now. So if there’s it turns out a cure for zombies, definitely (maybe!) get excited, but if not maybe I’ll have to “finish” (our word for “kill” now) her. The only reason she’s still alive is because she was at my apartment building eating a person and my landlord was about to finish her and I said “Hey wait a minute, don’t! I like her” and he said “Maybe you should get your head checked” and I said “Maybe you should get bent, buster,” since we were giving out free advice, and he didn’t like that at all, but he still let me keep Jocelyn around on the condition that I keep her chained up in my apartment.

So that’s where she is now.

My landlord’s kinda funny that way. He really hates zombies, it’s all he talks about, but also his ex-wife is a zombie and he’s open about the fact that he already hated her before she was a zombie, so he knows he’s not the most objective guy on the subject. So he has his point of view but he won’t force it on anyone else. Like I said, he’s funny like that. He has us bring him zombies that look like his ex-wife now instead of rent. I don’t love that but, again, six months.

How is Dad? I saw he posted a picture of his new Apple watch on Facebook. Is he actually using it? I wish I was there to help him set it up and everything. I swear he’ll really like it if he actually can get it up and working.

I finally got around to seeing The Revenant. I have a LOT of conflicting feelings about it. You know I like Leo, and I think he deserves an Oscar, but I don’t totally know if he deserved it for THIS movie. It might be one of those cases where the Academy just gave him the thing because, like, “Hey, you’re good, you deserve a statue at some point, so, here” even if maybe this wasn’t his best performance IN MY OPINION.

I might also just be biased because I saw the movie after living with a zombie outbreak for many weeks. Like, I know a lot of people watched the movie and were drawn into his survival tale, but for me I was like “Wow, only ONE bear and ONE Tom Hardy? Must be nice” as I’m fighting off, like, a MILLION ZOMBIES.

Tom Hardy was great, though.

That’s probably it as far as “What’s new with me” news goes. How’s the hometown? I was texting with some friends who said they turned the Nobody Beats the Wiz into a J Crew? That’s insane! But that was a while ago. You know, I don’t actually know if the zombies are also happening back home. How crazy is that? (I mean, it’s not crazy because the News has mostly been cancelled here and we don’t have internet anymore so it’s actually pretty understandable, on my end.)

Anyway, I hope this letter finds you in good health and you’re not a zombie. And if this letter is the first you’ve heard about the zombie outbreak happening in Chicago, DON’T WORRY- I’M FINE! but also maybe tell the government? Tell Dad I said hi and I can’t wait for you to visit in June (bring guns and supplies).

Love you lots,

Just a couple of quick sketches ‘cause I’ve been a little sick, so I took a break from commissions. I haven’t doodled anything from the AUs in a little bit, especially the Zombie AU, so I decided to go for something in that. I have AJ and Rainbow Dash doodled and ready to be fleshed out, but I didn’t feel like doing anything too detailed so I stuck with a very messy, unfinished sketch.

So in this one, the idea revolves around how Twilight’s previous experience with a survivor group and her resulting relative isolation has impacted how she reacts to others that are alive. Her experience with the first and last survivor group she and Spike were a part of ended VERY badly, to the point that it has left a mental wound on Twilight that has yet to fully heal, even after years. In result, it’s left her a little paranoid, cautious, and distrustful toward the living, and the events that resulted in the survivor group’s destruction leaves Twi with terrible nightmares. It’s one of the reasons why she gets little sleep, among other obvious reasons.

This is also why Twilight is very sensitive to those who touch her; touching her without any sort of warning will almost garauntee you ending up on the ground with a bruise on your cheek or a knife to your throat. She lashes out as a knee-jerk reaction, so used to being grabbed only when she’s in danger from zombies or hostile living ponies. The only one she doesn’t have this reaction toward is Spike (but eventually, Sweetie and Rarity will be able to initiate contact without having to warn her).

In the doodle, Rarity had seen Twilight suffering from a nightmare. When she tries to reach out and comfort the mare, Twi wakes up in a frenzy and grabs hold of Rarity, snarling in her face and only JUST barely holding in the instinct to lash out with a fist. This all manages to scare the crap out of Rarity, but Twilight, upon realizing she wasn’t dreaming anymore and almost hurting Rarity, will quickly let go and move away with immense guilt.

So yeah. o3o I’d write more, but I’m so tired I may sleep on my keyboard, so that’s it for now. o3o


Who likes Canadian zombie comedies!? 

I used to work with the guy who wrote this so I’m excited to see it when it comes out.



week one aka how/why you started watching the show → I’m a little bit obsessed with zombies and I’d never quite found a zombie show that satisified my obsession. Until I found The Walking Dead when I was watching tv with my dad and we both just knew that this was going to be good. We watched the premiere live and we were both hooked. It was everything I wanted and more.