A little bit Zombie.


Day 14: Favourite indie horror movie

Ok, this movie hasn’t actually come out yet but I figured I’d do a plug for it cause it’s coming out sometime next year. The movie’s called A Little Bit Zombie and it was written by a guy I used to work with (also helped write the Evil Dead musical). It’s got Stephen McHattie who’s in pretty much anything that ever gets made in Canada. Non-Canadians may recognize him from Watchmen, 300, The Fountain, or History of Violence. Also, Robert Maillet from Sherlock Holmes and 300, and Shawn Roberts from Resident Evil: Afterlife, X-Men, and Diary of the Dead

Story: Infected during his bachelor party, a mild mannered HR manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains and the obsessed Zombie Hunters hot on his trail, all while trying to keep it together so as not to incur the wrath of his bridezilla-to-be.


Playboy!Namjoon Pt. 7

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{Warning: smut ahead!}

The thing was, you loved Jackson. Jackson was your best friend, having met you when still were a trainee at your former agency, and working his way into a friendship like he always did with every English speaker he could find. It was him who suggested you to a manager at JYPe when you had decided to leave the dream of being a singer behind, he was also the one who refused to let you give up. He was also the one who actually made you go to the damn meeting with the producer himself to discuss the matters of your contract.The two of you had grown so close together he knew what you were feeling before yourself did.

The thing also was, you really didn’t want to go to his birthday party. Which was terrible of you. Jackson deserved the world and you couldn’t even find in yourself the will to get ready to wish him a happy birthday, maybe sing a little song and leave the famous people infested party. The netizens comments on you weren’t good. They could be worse, sure, just the immature stans were saying bad things, but you knew these fans weren’t the whole fandom. After the official statement your agency had made, the comments seemed to dim down.

But you still were silly enough to look at the comment section of that stupid article. Big mistake. That had ruined your mood, killed your appetite and will to move away from your bed. Which was why you had called in the big weapons.

You had called Hyejin, the only one who could pretty much kick your ass into the right place when you were being like this. She was soon knocking on your door, leaning against the corridor wall all dramatic in her red dress, smiling at you like the cat who ate the canary.

She lost her smile the second she saw the state you were in. You had just taken a shower, your hair was roughly dried with your hair dryer, looking like a mess and your face wasn’t any better. You had dark circles for days, which made you look a little bit like a zombie.

“Oh my God, you look like actual shit.”

“That’s nice.” you snorted, stepping aside for her to come in. “You look like an actual goddess.  That’s not fair at all.”

Rolling her eyes so hard at you wondered if she could see her brain, she threw an arm around you. You weren’t lying. Hyeji was probably one of the most beautiful women on Earth, and the tight red dress made her look even more like the femme fatale she was known to be. She leads the way to your room, sitting you in the chair in front of your desk, already reaching for your makeup drawer to start working on you, “Tell me what’s bothering you, sweetie.”

If there was someone you trusted to be impartial about all your problems was her. Hyejin always spoke her mind, and even if it sometimes hurt you, she was mostly always right. She had taken you out of a lot of emotional dumps just by listening to you and telling, as logically as possible, in what ways you were being stupid and for that, you loved her fiercely. So you told her. About Sehun approaching you again, about Namjoon and you and whatever the hell it was that was happening between you two and…

“He hasn’t texted me in, like, 4 days? Which is odd, because I can’t think of anything that I’ve done that could have gotten this reaction from him. And I mean, he doesn’t have to text me every day, but I thought we were friends, y’know?”

“Honey,” she said, looking at you like you were younger than her, and not actually her older by good six months. “you can’t be casual and be friends. I love you, you know that right? So don’t get me wrong when I say you should think about what you feel for him. And don’t even come at me with that ridiculous I don’t feel nothing that I know you’re about to say. You are probably one of the most talented, amazing and loving persons I know, and if that asshole thinks he can ignore you for days and you’re still gonna go running to him he can think twice.”

You blinked a little as she applied highlighter on the high points of your face. “I don’t go running to him, though. He’s the one who usually comes here.”

She gave you a knowing look. “Still. You’re a strong woman, Y/N. Don’t let those ridiculous antis get to you. It’s your life, you can live how you want to.” she cocked her head, seeming to think a little better. “I mean, without breaking your contract, that is. You don’t have a dating ban, do you?”

You shook your head. You didn’t. Your contract was a little different from the rest of the artists, you knew that. You had specifically asked to not be moved to a dorm, and after your year as a trainee at JYPe, they trusted you enough not to have to legally ban you from dating.

She hummed a little, going to your closet as you start curling the ends of your hair. She had made an excellent job on you, going full glam with the makeup. Your smokey eyes made you look sexy and mysterious, and the highlighter made you absolutely gleam every time you moved your head, it was so different than the soft make-up you usually used when you were performing that it made you look like a new person. You already felt better with just that.

She threw a black bandage dress in your face, making you glare at her. She gave you a very suspicious smile “You’re going to look so hot, Unnie.”

It was your time to roll your eyes. “I’m not trying to look hot, Hyejin-ah. I’m not even gonna stay there for long. Pick some jeans or something, not a dress.”

Pouting a little, she chose high waisted ripped black jeans and a rose cropped top, which was just comfortable enough without looking too effortless. You slipped into the high heels she had waiting for you, checking yourself in the mirror. You did look good, even if you weren’t dressed for the type of party Jackson was famous for throwing.

You smiled at her, your full megawatt smile. You felt ready to go to your Best friend party, even if you didn’t really know a third of the people who would be there.  

The good thing was that the boys’ dorm was literally in the same neighborhood your apartment complex was, in another one of the housing complexes. You and Hyejin only had to walk two blocks, you could even drive if you wanted. You checked the mirror again, feeling a lot more confident than before.

She was the one who drove you two there in the end. After the security at the gates checked if you both were on the list and not some crazy fans trying to crash the party, you both walked to the door of the big house the boys had recently moved in. You could hear the low bass echoing through the walls, making your skin crawl with the beat, all these years of training telling you that you should be dancing, following the beat.

Opening the door, you let your eyes adjust to the low lights, recognizing a few faces in the living room, Hyejin pulling you behind her to say hi to them. You see a familiar set of shoulders, and you reach out your hand grabbing his sleeve.

“Oppa!” you say, smiling widely at the black haired man that was now giving you his famous eye smile.

“Y/N, you look stunning,” Jaebum says as he looks at you from head to toes, whistling low. “Did you find Jackson yet? He asked me about you a while ago.”

“I just got here, I don’t know where he is. Take me to him?”

He nods, extending his hand to you. You take it without hesitation. Like all the rest of GOT7, he felt like family, you were used to the skinship. You waved at a few other Idols that called your name, smiling at them and promising to come back to talk later. You caught what you thought to be a familiar face with the corner of your eyes, but when you tried to identify who was it Jaebum was opening the door to the backyard, where Jackson was surrounded by - guess what- more famous people. You scoffed fondly at him, how he could make that many friends you didn’t know.

The blond haired man screeched your name when he caught sight of you, making all the heads around him turn your way.

“You came! I’m so happy!” he screamed, turning to his side, grabbing the person closest to him, who happened to be his maknae. “Yugyeom! Y/N is here! Arent you happy, we love her don’t we?”

You looked at Jaebum, who shrugged. “He drank a little already, you know how he is.”

You rolled your eyes going to him and hugging him, the familiar perfume making you smile. He spun you around for a second, and you humored him. It was his birthday, after all.

“Happy birthday, Oppa.” you managed to say after he put you down, hugging him tightly. “ Are you having fun?”

He nodded enthusiastically, making you smile again. You loved him, and even more so you loved seeing him happy. “You look so pretty that I’ll forgive you for coming late. Do you want a drink?”

You hesitated for a second, making Jaebum lift his bottle of water to you. “Go ahead, I’ll take you home later if you want, I won’t be drinking today, I lost the ladder game.”

“You’re so unlucky, oppa.” you said pityingly at him, making him ruffle your hair teasingly. You turned back to Jackson, who was excusing himself from his friends. “I’ll take your offer, though.”

Jackson led you to the bar, back inside the house at the kitchen. There was a snack table next to it, you a… puppy ice sculpture on it? You laughed quietly with yourself.

“Two soju bombs, please,” he ordered, turned back at you as the bartender set the glasses of beer on the counter, pouring the two shots of soju and dropping the shot glasses inside the beer. You lift your glass at him.

“Here’s to you, oppa. I hope you can be even more successful this year. I love you, Wang puppy.”

You both gulped down the contents of the drink, one glass alone being able to give you a pleasant buzz. You weren’t a lightweight, so you should be okay for now.

“How are you? I feel like it’s been ages since I last saw you. Are you still rehearsing for the special stage? What song was it again?”

You sighed. Just thinking about all the time you had spent locked in the dance studio made you tired. “It’s Fetish, by Selena. There’s so much floor grinding on it that I don’t know how they’re gonna air it. But I’ve been fine, you don’t have to worry about me, oppa.”

He tsked at you. “You always say that. How about our dearest rapper, are you still seeing him?”

You sucked your bottom lip in, biting at it trying to formulate your answer. “I guess? It’s been awhile since I last saw him. But it’s not like we’re dating, y'know. Were casual.”

He quirked an eyebrow at you. “I thought you guys cuddled.”

You sighed, ordering rum and coke. “I cuddle you and we’re not dating.”

“We’re not fucking either.” He singsongs, his head quickly turning in the direction of someone else trying to wish him a happy birthday.” Look, try to have fun, alright? Find me if you need anything or Jaebum hyung.”

You waved at him. Focusing on the drink in your hand, you made your way through the crowd, trying to find Hyejin again or at least someone else you were familiar enough with

“Hello, stranger.”

Your hand goes straight to your heart as you turn around and see Chanyeol giving you his dorky grin. You both were friends, and your break up with his group member didn’t change this fact.

“Oppa, you scared me!”  you punched him lightly in the shoulder, noticing a very grumpy looking man beside him, looking at you with curiosity. You bowed awkwardly when you realized who he was. “Sunbaenim.”

Min Yoongi looked at you with a knowing smirk. “Have you been well, Y/N?”

You nod at him, trying to give a confident smile. Did he know about you and Namjoon? “I’ve been well, thanks for asking.”

“Yoongi-yah, have you heard the demo for her new song? I’ve been helping her with her rapping, it’s coming along pretty well.”

Yoongi looked at you again, eyebrow cocked. “You asked Chanyeol for help when you could have just asked Namjoon?”

You faltered a little at the mention of Namjoons name. God, you should really follow Hyejin advice and just sort out your feelings already.

“Oppa can you stop promoting me to every single person you know? You’re even worse than Jackson,” you whined, then turned back to the black haired rapper. “I did not ask him for help, I just sent the song to him to get a second opinion. And Namjoon was busy, why would I bother him?”

Chanyeol frowned a little. “Why would she ask Namjoon for help?”

“Cause they’re dating, that’s why.”  

You almost snorted your drink through your nose, making him laugh at your expression, taking another sip of the drink in his hand. Chanyeol, the traitor, openly laughed at how red you got.

“We’re not dating. Why does everybody thinks I’m dating somebody?” You pointed a finger at the taller man. “Stop laughing you overgrown puppy, we’re not like that.”

“Sure you aren’t,” Yoongi replied, seeming more amused than he should be, voice laced with irony. “Look, send me the song, it won’t kill me to take a look at it. I heard some of your tracks before, you’re pretty talented, it wouldn’t hurt me to help you.”

You bowed again, smiling brightly. “That would be great, I’m a big fan of your mixtape, I cried listening to it.”

He gave you his famous shrug. “I have that effect on people.”

Someone else called you from across the room, so you took your leave.

A blur of a familiar face catches your attention at the corner of the room. Just as tall as you remembered him, Namjoon looked as strikingly handsome as always as he sucked faces with a girl that looked like a model. His hands were gripping her waist as he pinned her against the wall, and you felt sick, sick, sick, a foreign feeling settling in your chest, knocking the air out of your lungs as you turned on your heels and left the room.

You had to get out of there. You had to sort yourself out, because of this feeling, whatever it was, was something you weren’t supposed to have. You weren’t supposed to feel hurt by it. But he was avoiding you, even though you had done absolutely nothing wrong. Even though you two were friends.

You know you two weren’t exclusive, but you never thought he actually was hooking up with other girls. You turned around, going back down to were Hyejin was with some of her other Idol friends. The only one you knew was Jaebum and Jimin. Hyejin looked at you surprised when you simply took the drink from her hand, drinking it all in one long gulp.

“Are you okay?” She asked, taking the cup back. “You look upset.”

You gave her a smile that could only be described as a little maniac.“I’m great. I’m going to dance for a bit then I think I’ll head back home.”

She and Jaebum exchanged a look. The older man looked at you with concerned eyes. “Come get me when you’re ready, ok? I’ll drive you.”

You nod. waving at them ad you made your way to the dance floor, hips already swaying with the beat of the music that was playing. You needed to get your mind off of the image of Namjoon swallowing some girls face, and you knew you could erase all your thoughts while you were dancing.

You could feel the alcohol freeing your movements even more, making your thoughts go hazy and taking your worries off of it. You weren’t drunk, by any means, you were just feeling slightly buzzed.

You soon find a group of female idols gesturing at you to join them, which you happily do so, accepting another drink and doing the slightly unsynchronized choreography of whatever music was playing. When you feel your last drink starting to fade, you make your way to the bar again, tripping over something on the way.

Strong hands catch you before you can even fall down, the scene all too familiar.

“Why are you always tripping in something?”

You look up at Sehun, looking like a model as always. You have to stop yourself from scoffing at him. “That’s cause you’re always in my way.”

He seemed a little amused at that, taking the drink from the bartender and handing it to you. “I was literally behind you. But yeah, I was looking for you, I still want to talk.”

You give him your best stinky eye, which wasn’t that stinky at all, but really adorable. “Why should I talk to you? Last time I talked to you someone started rumors about us again.”

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “I know, I’m sorry about that. I just really want to clear the air between us. I’m tired of you avoiding me every time.”

You chewed on your bottom lip, scrutinizing the boy in front of you. He looked sincere, and to be honest you were also tired of all this. You were a little drunk by now, which made it less likely to you killing him. And you were tired of having all those bad feeling about him, hating someone took a lot of energy.

You nod your head, looking around for somewhere you two can talk without having to shout. Seeming to understand what you wanted, Sehun grabbed you arm lightly when you looked a little unstable again in your high heels, guiding you to the kitchen.

You push yourself up on the counter, sitting comfortably. Sehun watches every move you make, his sharp eyes familiar even after all this time. “You can talk, stop staring at me.”

“I’m sorry.” He starts after a second or two, taking a step closer to you, eyes on yours now. “I was wrong about the things I said to you. I was stressed about the group and I took it out on you. I regret the way we broke things off. I didn’t know how to deal with my emotions.”

You feel yourself nodding again. You had lashed out of stress more than once too, you could understand. But even so, his words had hurt you. “Did you mean any of it, though, even a little bit? Me being hard to love, and a clingy pain in the ass?

He winced at the memory. “You’re not any of that. I didn’t mean it, Y/N. You were perfect, I was just stupid, and my manager kept telling me that all my fans would drop me if they knew I was dating you. I just wanted a way out.”

You nursed your drink again, pondering about what he said. You could understand, you were in the same position than him, being an idol it was a scary thing to like somebody. After what seemed like a while, you smiled tentatively at him again. “Okay, Sehun-ah, I forgive you.”

He looked up at you, giving another step forward, getting closer to you. “Really? But why?”

You laughed a little. “I’m trying to be a better person, and hate is not a pretty feeling. But I won’t get back with you, I still don’t understand all that bullcrap at the café.”

“I meant it. I do miss you, and I’m not gonna lie, if we got back together it would be amazing. Do you really don’t feel anything for me anymore?”

“I don’t know. I don’t really know what I feel about anything lately,” you answer truthfully, letting him rest his hands on the counter, trapping you in between them,  watching him as he leans a little bit more towards you.

And maybe you only let him do that because of all the drinks you had, or maybe it was because you saw Namjoon with that girl and you wanted to prove yourself something, or maybe it was because Hyejin had told you to sort your feelings about everything, which was what you decided to do now when he asked, “Do you want me to leave? Is this okay?”

And you shook your head, “Is okay, I want to see if it’s true.”

He smiled at you, bringing his lips to yours, his hands now gripping your hips as he kissed you deeply. And it was… it was nice. Sehun had always been a good kisser, and he felt familiar. He kissed you like he wanted to prove a point, biting your bottom lip and sucking it. It was nice, but…

But he didn’t make your heart skip a beat anymore, didn’t feel like home like he used to in the past. Not like someone else did. You pushed him away lightly, giving him a small smile. “It’s not the same, is it?”

He sighed, sliding both his hands in his pockets. “Yeah, it isn’t.”

You leaped out of you sitting position, sending a wave of dizziness to your head, making him reach out his hand to stabilize you again. “Oh, shit. I should go home before I break my ankle. Did you see where Jaebum went?”

He guided you through the crowd again, earning you two a few stares. You didn’t really mind. You were feeling especially light, in a way that had nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with not having a bunch of negative emotions about someone. And yes, you still were kinda hurt by everything he said, but you knew you had made the right decision at being a better person. You had needed closure about that, and you finally got it. Your other feelings you could deal with later.

Namjoon listened to Jackson talk about this new rapper he liked, smiling at his friend. Jackson was so excitable. He looked around discreetly, trying to spot you. He saw you smiling at Yoongi earlier before that girl had pulled him upstairs, offering a smile and the promise of making him forget about all the thoughts of you.

It obviously didn’t work. It didn’t feel right, kissing her, pressing her against the wall.

Heaving a sigh, he focused on his slightly inebriated friend again. He was standing with his back to the door, which was why he heard you before he saw you.

“Oppa,” you called out, making Jackson turn his head in your direction. “where’s Jaebum? I want to go home.”

In the back of his mind Namjoon thought how ridiculous it was, the way you looked straight out of a movie as you walked over to them, avoiding people who were in the way. Being in this field of work he was pretty accustomed to pretty girls in high heels. But you, he thought, looked like something out of this world. He had thought so as well the first time he saw you, nervous-looking but still smiling at your dongsaengs encouragingly as you were walking the way to your first stage, bowing at him and smiling when you two crossed ways.

“Nah, last I saw him he was talking to Youngjae. Do you want me to call you a cab?”

You almost tripped on somebody’s foot, making a hand shot from behind you, keeping you in place. You batted the hand away, turning to say something to the owner of it. With your movements, Namjoon was able to see Sehun behind you, giving an amused smirk at what sounded like an annoyed ‘i’m not gonna trip stop trying to catch me you big tree log”.

And just like when he had seen the photos, he felt something heavy in his chest.

Sehun lifted his hands to show he was giving up, turning around and leaving the room as you rolled your eyes. You turned your attention back to Jackson. your eyes finally registering who was standing beside him.

Your gazed locked in his for a second, full of things he didn’t know how to identify. Before he could say anything, you averted your eyes. “ I can walk home, I’m not drunk or anything and it’s close by anyway.”

You walked over, giving Jackson a hug, smiling at him wishing him a happy birthday again. “Try the next room, but if you’re going alone be careful, okay?”

And before he could say anything, before he could even explain why he hadn’t talked to you in days, you were walking away again.

“She’s really pretty, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Namjoon croaks after a second, watching you disappear through the crowd.” she’s breathtaking.”

“I don’t know what happened between you two,” Jackson says, quietly but more serious than Namjoon had ever seen him look, “but you should fix it Namjoon.”

Namjoon gulps down the drink in his hand. “Nothing happened. I don’t fuck with girls with boyfriends, that’s all.”

Jackson frowns, looking over at the taller man again. “She doesn’t. She and Sehun broke up over a year ago. And besides, she never looked at anybody like she looks at you.”

“Oh,” Namjoon whispered, checking his pockets for his phone. “I have to- look, happy birthday, Jackson, but I should-”

“Yeah yeah, go after her.”

After removing your makeup and changing to comfortable clothes, you stand in front of the big windows in your living room, absorbing the moonlight. It wasn’t late, is almost 2, and you weren’t going to be able to sleep if you tried. In the short walk home you had sobered up completely, and now you had to deal with the conflicting emotions you had about Namjoon.

At least you didn’t have to worry about Sehun anymore. You really didn’t feel nothing for him anymore, and he seemed to realize that as well. It would be a good thing, you let your past with him in the past. All the future stages you both could possibly do would be a lot less awkward.

You were still staring at the moon when you heard a tentative knock on the door, making you grab the closest weapon (your tv remote control) before cautiously opening the door.

Namjoon looked at you and to the object in your hands, wielded like a sword.

“Were you planning to turn whoever was at your door off?”

You groan a little embarrassed, stepping aside so he could come in. “I didn’t know it was you.”

Taking his shoes off, he looks at you again. “Why did you leave so early? Weren’t you having fun?”

Again. you focus on anything else but his brown eyes. “Not as much as you. That girl was pretty, by the way. I thought you would take her home, what’re you doing here Namjoon?”

“You’re prettier,” he says, stepping forward and cupping your cheek with his hand, the other going to your waist. “I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you even though I said I would. I was busy overthinking stuff. I also thought you were dating Sehun.”

“I’m not. “ You clarify quickly. “I’m only seeing you.”

He’s closer now, eyes glued to you, watching you every reaction. His scent surrounds you, making you feel a little dizzy, making your chest hurt a little with the realization of how you had missed him.

You continue after a second of trying to understand what the look in his eyes meant as he stared at you so intensely. “You could have at least said something, it was a dick move, Namjoon-ah. Friends don’t just ignore each other like that.”

“I’m sorry.” He replied sincerely, gulping a little loudly. “I missed you. Can you forgive me? I promise I’ll be a better friend.”

“Okay.” You say easily stepping closer to him, closing the distance between you two. “I missed you too. Did you have fun on tour?

He nodded yes, smiling with relief. “The boys drove me insane half the time and I thought I was gonna lose my voice with all the interviews.”

“Poor you,” you cooed sweetly at him, getting on your tiptoes and lacing your arms around his neck. “must suck to be so smart and know a whole other language fluently.”

He gave one of his laughs at you, the one he did when he was left wordless. “I forgot how bratty you could get.” he fake scoffed at you. “You don’t have any right to say that, you speak even better than me.”

You smiled at him before hiding your face in his neck, kissing the spot where it connected with his shoulder. “Oops, my bad.”

“You’re lucky that with a smile of yours you can get away with anything.”

“I’m not the one with dimples, oppa. I could live in your dimples and die a happy woman.”

He laughed his sponge bob laugh, making you look up at him again. “I really missed you, Y/N.”

You traced his jawline with your fingers, looking at him through your eyelashes, “Show me, then.”

His gaze on your changed at the same time the atmosphere did, becoming dark and heavy with the innuendo of your words. Without saying anything, his grip on your waist tightened as he stepped forward, making you do the same until your back was against your door, his body pressed flush against yours. He reached his arms behind you, palming your ass over one of his oversized shirts you were wearing, making your hips press against his again.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you since I went away. Especially since the last time we facetimed. You looked so good moaning for me all across the world, baby girl.”

You licked your lips, waiting impatiently for him. “I always look good. I look even better moaning live, or did you already forgot it?”

His lips brushed against yours, sending electric shocks all over your skin.

“I remember. Don’t think I’ll ever forget, angel.”

And then he was kissing you, mouth devouring yours, drinking your needy whines as he rutted against you like he hadn’t drink water in a long time.

And this, your heartbeat speeding up, you breathing becoming heavier with each squeeze of his hands against you, was what was missing when Sehun kissed you.

You had gone a month without his touch but now it felt like you were going to die if he didn’t touch you properly already.

“Joon, please. Bed.” you pleaded when he stopped the kiss, moving to your neck, sucking the skin there, sending shivers through your whole body.

“Jump,” he said, hands pushing your butt up. You obeyed, lacing your legs around his waist. This way you were directly grinding at his erection, causing him to hiss as you took your time to suck his neck this time, not caring if you left a mark. Makeup was invented for a reason.

He didn’t waste any time as he lowered you to your bed, taking off his own shirt and pants as quickly as possible. You could see how hard his cock how, stretching the fabric of his grey boxers. You gulped loudly with the promise of him inside of you soon.

He kissed you again, making you sigh against his lips. His hands sneaked inside your shirt, fingers hooking at the seams of your underwear, pushing it down your legs.

And then his fingers are brushing against your sex, sliding against your slit, making him let out a half groan when he realizes how wet he already made you.

Stopping the kiss, he lifts himself up bending the arm his not using, watching you as you moan when he finally push two fingers inside of you, watching you as you arch your back, hand gripping his arm to ground yourself a little.

He smirks when you moan his name loudly, nudging your hips upwards into his touch.

“So eager, angel. Do you like my fingers?”

“Yes, so much. I- ah, Namjoon, please.” you whine, “aren’t you gonna take off my shirt?”

His movements stop, “It’s mine, actually. And no. I told you I was gonna eat you out in my shirt, didn’t I?”

You can only nod, watching him positioning his face between your legs, parting them even more with his hands, pushing your knees up, making you more available to his mouth. His lips traced invisible lines down your already wet folds, making your breath hiss.

His tongue circled your clit slowly, going down flat, the tip of it playing with your entrance. He lifts his head a little, looking you straight in the eyes. “You taste so good angel, do you want me to fuck you with my mouth?”

“Yes, “ you say, voice uneven and raspy with desire. “please, oppa. “

He smiled again, and suddenly his dimples didn’t look so cute anymore. He attacked you with his mouth again, sucking hard at your already swollen clit, licking it like his sole purpose on earth was to make you cum in his mouth. And you were already so close with only his fingers that when his tongue enters you this time, pressing against the spot that had you moaning, his thumb now working on the bundle of nerves, making you come so hard your legs were still shaking when he deemed he had tasted your juices enough.

When he finally lifts himself up, taking your shirt now, you push him into a kiss. tasting you in his mouth, all your muscles feeling like pudding.

“I can’t move “ you informed him with a pout as he reaches over your into your drawers, fishing a condom out and rolling it in his cock after kicking his boxers out. “I wanted to ride you, that’s not fair.”

He gives you a laugh, nose nuzzling your year, positioning himself between your legs. “Life’s not fair, angel. Are you too sensitive or can you go again?”

“I can always go again with you.”

“Good.” he hums before sliding inside of you, his hips hitting yours with a lewd noise. His eyes are closed as he hisses, “Fuck baby, so tight for me. I’m gonna fuck you so well, make up for all the lost time.”

You don’t respond to it, only being able to sigh a moan as he picks up his pace, letting him hold both your knees up, making you even tighter around him. And god, how you had missed him inside of you hitting you so hard that the sound of skin meeting skin echoed through your apartment, the sound of his moans against your neck making you clench around him.

His hands let go of your legs. coming to both your hands, entwining your fingers, lifting your arms above your head. “Oppa, I’m close again already.”

He slows down, watching you squirm under him, his eyes now almost black with desire as he watched you moaning with each lazy trust, the skin of his pelvis pressing against your clit so slowly. He kisses you again, this time slowly, just like his trusts. before he’s reaching for one if your pillows, turning you around stomach down, sliding the pillow underneath your hips, lifting your hips up. You perk your ass up, feeling him slide inside you again, deeper, this position making it easier for him to hit the head of his cock against your g spot with every thrust.

“Come, angel. You feel so good around my cock, god, you’re such a good girl, aren’t you? Come for me, baby girl, let me make you feel good.”

His hands are in your hair, pulling it so he can kiss you as he fastens his pace, making your clit rub against the pillowcase, the friction so good together with him pounding into you, making you close your eyes with the intensity of the pleasure it’s causing you, and you feel your second orgasm hit you again, moaning so loudly Namjoons name into his mouth, whining as he continues to pound you until he’s the one coming, gripping your hips in a way you knew was going to bruise but you didn’t mind not a little bit.

He slides out of you, rolling to your side, pulling you against him. “I missed you, baby.”

“Yeah,” you say quietly against his neck letting his hands in your hair lull you to sleep. “Me too, oppa.”

Next morning the first thing you see when you wake up is Namjoon, bathed in the sun seeping through your window, staring straight at you.

“You’re really beautiful, even after seeing you so many times I’m still awed by how gorgeous you are.”

“Thank you.” you say quietly hiding your face in his neck, blushing even though you were more than used to being complimented, breathing his scent deeply, letting his smell wrap around your chest as you continue to think about how you felt about him.

It was beyond obvious, you notice after a second of staring at his bronze skin, at the moles in his neck. that you were a little gone for him. Bittig at your bottom lip. you push back from him, looking at his face now.

It was scary, this thing. Not knowing what somebody else felt about you. Especially when that someone was somebody you treasured as your friend.

He pauses before looking down at you like he can sense that there’s something in your mind that’s bothering you. “What’s wrong?”

You quickly shake your head. “It’s nothing.”

“That’s bullcrap in a chef’s salad. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

You breathe deeply.“I was jealous when I saw you kissing that girl. I shouldn’t be, should I? We’re casual… right? Just friends.”

He blinks a little, seeming confused. “I mean. yeah. You did? But why-”

“I don’t want to lose you.” You said quietly, voice so small you were afraid he couldn’t hear you. “And if we keep doing this thing it’s going to have to end sometime, we’ll end up awkward, or even hating each other. I just…value our friendship too much to risk it, oppa.”

“Do you…” he hesitates for a painful moment. “Do you want to stop this?”

“No, but we have to, don’t we?”

He pushes himself off the bed, looking for his clothes. avoiding your eyes. “If it’s what you want, angel.”

You feel your throat closing a little. You didn’t want it, not really. What you wanted for him to tell you what the hell was this thing between you two because you were damn sure both of you knew it had stopped being just casual a long time ago.

“We can still meet as friends, right? Oppa?”

He looks at you when your voice wavers. He cups your cheeks, caressing your skin with his thumbs. “Of course we can, baby. Our friendship will be okay, I’ll come here a lot to complain about my members while you try to study.”

You give him a tentative smile. Kneeling on the bed so you could be eye level with him, hugging him.

His arms wrap around you tightly, his lips resting a kiss in the top of your head. “We’ll be okay.” He promises, even though his heart had seemed to stop the moment you had uttered these words. “We’re friends. You’re right, angel.”


(a/n: ITS NOT OVER!!! it’ll have one or two more chapters i promise!! Also, can’t those just admit their feelings already??? Please do tell me what you think of this chapter, what you think will happen etc!!)

Dear Mom, It’s Zombies

Dear Mom,

Hi! I hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write back but there’s just so much going on and Chicago still feels very much like a “new city” to me and I’m still getting acclimated and work is just as demanding as we expected, and I guess you heard that there’s zombies now, but still there’s no excuse for lateness!

I got your last care package— THANK YOU!!! — the cookies were great and the old pictures really took me back. I already framed them and hung them up. The walls in my new place are still looking a little bare, though. I want to hang up some cool art or something but there’s not really a particular art that “speaks” to me, I guess. And have you priced art lately? Oof! It’s so expensive for just some splashes of stuff on a thing. You’d think artists would come down on price a little bit now that zombies are covering the city, the government’s fled and the gangs pretty much run things now, but nope. Artists are still like “We need art now more than ever, so pay up.” Must be nice to be able to dictate the market like that. We’re in the wrong business, Ma!

Work is good I suppose. I’m doing less of the creative work that we initially talked about and am instead mostly focused on either keeping watch (at night, always at night, because I’m new) or fortifying our defense walls. I tried to (respectfully!) talk to my boss about how this isn’t what we talked about [re: my job] and he said that it doesn’t matter now that there are zombies and that everyone’s only “job” now is to stick together and survive, and I said (respectfully!!) “That may be, but we signed a contract and a contract’s a contract, and if we don’t honor our contracts, well we’re no better than the zombies” (who, I don’t know if you know, don’t honor contracts because all they do is want brains). And anyway to that he didn’t say anything because he’d already sort of checked out of the conversation. I guess the worst part is feeling like my strengths aren’t being utilized? Still, it’s only been a few months, maybe it’s just growing pains and I know a LOT of people in my graduating class who DON’T have jobs in their field and even MORE who are dead from zombies, so I guess I’m lucky. They say the first six months of living in a new place are the hardest so I’m at least gonna give it that.

You asked about girls… So far, no steady girlfriend to speak of but I did go on a date with this girl Jocelyn I met on Tinder and it went really really really well! We texted every night for a while and I’m trying not to get ahead of myself (because I always do that) but I like her a lot (she’s also a transplant [our word for “person who recently moved to the city”] and she plays piano!!). Don’t get too excited because it’s still early, we’re both pretty focused on our careers and also she’s a full-blown zombie now. So if there’s it turns out a cure for zombies, definitely (maybe!) get excited, but if not maybe I’ll have to “finish” (our word for “kill” now) her. The only reason she’s still alive is because she was at my apartment building eating a person and my landlord was about to finish her and I said “Hey wait a minute, don’t! I like her” and he said “Maybe you should get your head checked” and I said “Maybe you should get bent, buster,” since we were giving out free advice, and he didn’t like that at all, but he still let me keep Jocelyn around on the condition that I keep her chained up in my apartment.

So that’s where she is now.

My landlord’s kinda funny that way. He really hates zombies, it’s all he talks about, but also his ex-wife is a zombie and he’s open about the fact that he already hated her before she was a zombie, so he knows he’s not the most objective guy on the subject. So he has his point of view but he won’t force it on anyone else. Like I said, he’s funny like that. He has us bring him zombies that look like his ex-wife now instead of rent. I don’t love that but, again, six months.

How is Dad? I saw he posted a picture of his new Apple watch on Facebook. Is he actually using it? I wish I was there to help him set it up and everything. I swear he’ll really like it if he actually can get it up and working.

I finally got around to seeing The Revenant. I have a LOT of conflicting feelings about it. You know I like Leo, and I think he deserves an Oscar, but I don’t totally know if he deserved it for THIS movie. It might be one of those cases where the Academy just gave him the thing because, like, “Hey, you’re good, you deserve a statue at some point, so, here” even if maybe this wasn’t his best performance IN MY OPINION.

I might also just be biased because I saw the movie after living with a zombie outbreak for many weeks. Like, I know a lot of people watched the movie and were drawn into his survival tale, but for me I was like “Wow, only ONE bear and ONE Tom Hardy? Must be nice” as I’m fighting off, like, a MILLION ZOMBIES.

Tom Hardy was great, though.

That’s probably it as far as “What’s new with me” news goes. How’s the hometown? I was texting with some friends who said they turned the Nobody Beats the Wiz into a J Crew? That’s insane! But that was a while ago. You know, I don’t actually know if the zombies are also happening back home. How crazy is that? (I mean, it’s not crazy because the News has mostly been cancelled here and we don’t have internet anymore so it’s actually pretty understandable, on my end.)

Anyway, I hope this letter finds you in good health and you’re not a zombie. And if this letter is the first you’ve heard about the zombie outbreak happening in Chicago, DON’T WORRY- I’M FINE! but also maybe tell the government? Tell Dad I said hi and I can’t wait for you to visit in June (bring guns and supplies).

Love you lots,



week one aka how/why you started watching the show → I’m a little bit obsessed with zombies and I’d never quite found a zombie show that satisified my obsession. Until I found The Walking Dead when I was watching tv with my dad and we both just knew that this was going to be good. We watched the premiere live and we were both hooked. It was everything I wanted and more.


Who likes Canadian zombie comedies!? 

I used to work with the guy who wrote this so I’m excited to see it when it comes out.