We had plans, you know?” She said.
“We had so many plans. We weren’t sure on anything except one thing - we wanted out. We wanted out of this small town. We wanted bigger, more interesting opportunities, we wanted city lights and fast cars and a bank account numbers that was higher than we could count. We had so many plans and dreams and I swear to god when I led in his bed on a cold Saturday afternoon, I almost believed we could’ve made it. But time went on and seasons changed faster than we could even keep up with and we were getting caught up in life and suddenly, we didn’t fit into each other’s plans anymore.
—  We almost made it //
Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

Today finally felt like fall so have some tfc + fall headcannons! 

  • The leaves start changing and the wind scatters them across campus. Brilliant oranges and reds. 
  • One day Nicky comes in and finds Neil sleeping on the couch. He smiles and looks at the leaves bunched in his hands (he couldn’t resist picking a few up-hello nature is practically screaming their school colors).
  • He gets a devilish grin and drops a few over Neil-who wakes up, dazed and confused.
  • “Neil! It’s fall!” And Neil’s like. Um yeah. It is. You ruined my nap.
  • And Nicky’s just like, no you don’t get it. IT’S FALL. CIDER MILLS. HALLOWEEN. PUMPKIN CARVING
  • And then his smile wavers when he realizes his mistake. No, of course the change in season doesn’t hold the same meaning.  (Neil doesn’t miss the flutter of emotions over Nicky’s face, but doesn’t comment).
  • And then Nicky just stands, hands on his hips like, “That’s it. WE’RE GOING TO PICK SOME APPLES AND EAT SOME DOUGHNUTS THIS WEEKEND”.” And strides out of the room to tell the rest of the team his plan.
  • Meanwhile, Andrew was silently watching the whole scene play out from his doorway. (He was going to intervene when Nicky went to wake Neil up, but he can’t resist Neil’s “half asleep/just waking up from a nap” face so he stayed put.
  • That Sunday the team pile into the two cars and go to the cider mill/apple orchard. They wander through the orchard and Neil taste tests the decent looking apples that have fallen to the ground while Renee keeps track of his favorites.
  • After they stop and get doughnuts and cider and sit around a picnic table. Neil loses it when Andrew unknowingly gets powdered doughnut all over his face and Neil is still chuckling when he leans over to brush it off his chin.
    • “You could always just kiss it off hi-” Nicky starts to suggest before Andrew kicks him under the table.
  • The team end up splitting up. Aaron and Katelyn head over to the pumpkin patch (which is fine by Andrew). Dan, Matt and Kevin go the corn maze (ok but Kevin would make a big deal about making it through in a certain amount of time and Matt would just be like “Chill the fuck out man.” Dan would just laugh).
  • Renee, Allison, Nicky, Neil, and Andrew (because he doesn’t give two shits about corn mazes-well he doesn’t give two shits about the whole thing in general except that Neil seems happy so there’s that.)-they head over to the petting farm and Nicky takes a ton of photos of Neil petting all the animals
  • In the end they regroup and do the whole hay bale ride (they’re a large enough group they get it to themselves) and Neil is leaning against Andrew just looking around at the sun setting and his friends laughing at something Matt said, and he just smiles and says to himself, “This is nice.
  • Of course, Andrew hears him and just gives his hand a quick squeeze before turning away.
  • In the end they buy too many doughnuts and a shit ton of apples-that they bring to Abby who makes a pie.
    • And Nicky, who watched Neil during the whole day and saw his small smiles and bright eyes, gives himself a pat on the back for planning the whole thing.
The worst thing about the suffering,
isn’t that I believe the pain will last forever.

Just like the leaves change color and,
the seasons end, from life to decay.

I know that nothing will last forever,
and that there are no infinities.

And that is what I am afraid of most,
finiteness, the gradual end, decay, rot, ruin.

I fear that my finiteness will not outlast the pain,
And I don’t want to go aching.
—  “Infinite Aching” by Nicole Moon


On the show Kinney pays Tess, a paralegal on a team working to get wrongfully convicted people out of prison. She says the show will hook anyone who liked Netflix’s Making a Murderer or Serial. “Tess definitely has a secret past. She’s changed her name, and throughout the season more details come through. Every week there’s a new crime to solve, but we all have these continuing story lines and different reasons as to why we do this kind of work to help others.”

digamma-f-wau  asked:

the credits music changes every few episodes: there's 5 variants during season 1A: Gem Glow-Together Breakfast, Frybo-Serious Steven, Tiger Millionaire-Lars and the Cool Kids, Onion Trade-Coach Steven, and Joking Victim-Ocean Gem (as well as Beach Party)

That’s pretty cool, altough I wonder why they do that. This last one though felt pretty fitting for the end of a season.

Angel Season 11

Turns our one of the big announcements coming up for Dark Horse at NYCC October 6th-9th is that writer Corinna Bechko (Laura Croft) will be taking on Angel Season 11 for the publisher. She will be joined by Deadpool and Ghost artist Geraldo Borges and Buffy Season 9 colorist Michelle Madsen on the series.

Angel goes solo in the new series as he is tormented by memories of his past and they link to a big bad coming in the future. The goddess Illyria intervenes and assists Angel as he discovers that it might be possible to change the future by traveling back in time to change the past.

The first issue of Angel Season 11 goes on sale January 18, 2017 and will have twelve issues total. Scott Fischer (Angel & Faith Season 10) and Jeff Dekal (Journey into Mystery) both created covers.

Read the interview with Corinna Bechko here.


~ ❧ Autumn Magick ❧ ~

There is a special magick to be had at the changing of seasons from light to dark. The air grows colder, the shadows deeper and the nights longer. The leaves turn from green to gold, red and ochre. With so much change, energy flows abundantly ..witches energy, the kind of energy for spells and enchantments.




When the seasons change

Made with Vine

         As the last warm breeze of summer drifts through the forest and the ice of winter grows closer the forests enter a still an serene state of calmness unlike any other time of the year. Predator and prey alike prepare for the oncoming hibernation and trees shade from vibrant greens to more earthy hues. And much like them does the wanderer change too. Moving in stride with the seasons amber overtakes the forests protector as he helps prepare for the oncoming chill.