anonymous asked:

asskick- you called me out but that is absolutely fair. On the one hand, this anonymous thing we got going on is our sacred bond. On the other hand, you do seem pretty cool to talk to. And on the third mystical, floating hand my crippling lack of social skills (and an actual tumble) stops this from being the start of something absolutely majestic. ALSO how are you sure I'M trustworthy, I could be a serial killer. Who kills people and kellogg brands. Or pours the milk in the bowl first.

boy howdy did i ever leave you on read buddy sorry abt that i was charging Social Energy

honestly gotta say i agree, while im sure we’d get along spectacularly were we to ever allow this bud to blossom in a Private Engagement, the anon thing is kind of like. our mo. our Brand, if you will, gotta appreciate the Brand

honestly cant say you can trust me either, i could be someone who thinks pouring the milk in the bowl first isnt actually like, That Bad, people kinda overreact on that front

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